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by Boyarina

Chapter 1: Gaara's Sand

Hinata, if it actually is applicable to her, is just about ready to kill. If it hadn't been for the legendary self-control that all Hyuugas naturally possess, she would have instantly gone for the throat by now.

Cut the air supply, and bleed the bastard dry. Yes, this poor, fumbling Hinata that everyone thought weak would have very much like to take advantage of this chance had it presented itself right now.

This is getting ridiculous. Neji-niisan had always been protective of her, but this level of guardianship should be prohibited in all villages (hidden or not).

All she did was hang out with Gaara! And that is definitely not a crime.

Okay so maybe it was a little bit dangerous considering that you could never really fathom what mood (killer or just plain sour) Gaara would be in, but still! It so does not merit the kind of behaviour that Neji-niisan had allotted to it.

Technically, the term 'hanging out with Gaara' does not even describe the time she had spent with the kazekage. Considering that she had merely bumped into him in the hallway during the time she was making her way to get some nice evening air, and had gotten trapped in his sand--well, you could hardly call that hanging out.

Neji-niisan should not have been mad in the first place for if it is at the idea that she was hanging out with Gaara-sama he had been pissed at, she definitely have not done any of the sort.

Due to the mountains of paper work that had been dumped to her, Hinata had thought that a time off for this evening is in order. The combined effects of mountains of paperwork, long hot day, strained formality (a facade of nobility for the elders of Suna) had finally driven her out of her room, lest she suffers the effects of suffocation.

Wearing the lightest of all her clothing--a light bue shirt that is held by white wide straps on her shoulders and a white skirt that reached past her knees, she slipped out of her room, checking to make sure that nobody would be there to catch the sight of her leaving.

A mere five feet from her chamber doors, and she started celebrating her luck as she had made her escape from her room undetected. It did not last long though. Dashing her happy thoughts of freedom is the trail of sand that started to snake around her ankles, pinning her in place.

Breath hitched in the back of her throat as she brought her two hands to her chest in a nervous gesture she has never really grown out of. She would have started panicking, instinct to fight and defend herself would have taken over right after if Gaara hadn't shown himself from his darkened corner.

"Where are you going, Hinata-sama?" he asked using that husky voice she had associated with him whenever he is speaking in front of polite society. He looked at her expectantly so she gave him a shaky smile in return.

"G-gonna," Hinata whispered, berating herself for stumbling on the first word she uttered to him directly. With an effort, she sucked in a lungful of air and gathered her courage to look him straight in the eye all the while ignoring the sand swirling around her legs and her feet.

"Gonna play hooky," She finally answered, smiling a bit sheepishly at how foolish her idea was.

It is nearly midnight after all.

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Gaara-sama offered, his face not sporting its usual taut mask. He didn't call his sand to retract from her...(she would have said feet but the said type of soil is now practically on her thigh)...limb though, making her a tiny bit wary.

Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. IGNORE IT.

"I'd love that, Gaara-sama," Hinata replied, surprising even herself by not trembling given the situation that she is in. He could put her inside his desert coffin right now and no one would have been the wiser.

"Where are you going, Hinata-sama?"

That's a very good question. Right now, Hinata have no idea. Before, it had seemed to her a very good plan to just simply walk out the kazekage tower and let her feet take her to God-knows-where. Since she had always done it in Konoha, she figured she'd do the same here in Suna. Never had it occurred to her that she'd be caught though for not once had she been caught in Konoha.

Well, not to her knowledge anyways.

Hinata ducked her head, feeling once again foolish and sheepish.

"I...figured I could just wander around a bit...," she answered, voice trailing off, and fingers involuntarily starting to stage a battle in front of her and Gaara-sama. Hastily, she put them away and stole a peek at him. Much to her befuddlement, she found him smiling at her very, very, very slightly.

If she didn't know that her eyesight is 20/20 (if not more), she would have rubbed her eyes and looked again at the Kazekage closely. But she knows what she had seen and she knows that there had been no mistake in it.

"Planning to get lost, are we?" he asked her, amusement very much obvious in his tone. Though she knows that he is most probably laughing at her, she chuckled along with him.

"Considering that you are going to come with me, getting lost is already out of the picture. Or," Hinata paused, looking at him slyly before faking a worried expression. "Should I be asking you that?"

Gaara-sama's face flushed pink here for a second, but quickly went back to its normal stoic expression. It had happened so fast, Hinata once again nearly doubted her eyesight, thinking that it is probably playing tricks on her.

But, again, there could not have been any mistake. It was there and she knew it. Now, the only thing she is most curious about is what exactly triggered that.

"No worries," Gaara-sama said, his tone now more subdued (probably due to that flustered moment she had witnessed)," I know this place like the back of my hand."

That husky voice is going to be permanently fixed in my mind was Hinata's last deliciously disturbing thought that night when Neji-niisan barged into their encounter looking pissed as hell.



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