By Yellow Mask

Spoilers: End of series and movie spoilers.

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA.

Chapter 1

The Child

AN: I've asked myself why I write so much about the anime (I've got several other 'happy-ending' fics in the works), especially when the manga has much more blatant Royai and Edwin. And I've come to a conclusion; the anime/movie ended badly, and I want to fix it.


The newly-reinstated Colonel Mustang grinned as he strode down the corridor. After a two year absence, he had almost forgotten what it was like to stride these halls. It felt good.

"Good to have you back, sir," Havoc grinned as he entered the office. "It's been hell – no piece of paperwork goes unfinished with Hawkeye watching."

Roy's smile sobered at the thought of the lieutenant. What would he say to her? What could he say, after...?

Roy closed his eyes briefly as memory surged, tormenting him – as it had for the past two years – with tantalising recollections of bare skin, of soft words, of love-filled red eyes. How long had it been?

Three weeks. Three weeks with Riza as his lover. Three weeks of what had been, for Roy, pure heaven. Three weeks that had lasted him two years.

What was he supposed to say? What could he say? 'I'm sorry, Riza, I really did love you, but I had an unresolved issue or ten, and decided to run to the frozen wastes to try and work them out. But I still love you, madly and passionately, and I was wondering if you'd consider marrying me?'

Roy sighed. It might be the honest truth, but he doubted it would go over well.

He was broken out of his thoughts by Riza striding into the office. "Gracia should be here soon, and she apologises for her lateness."

"Late?" Roy repeated blankly.

Fuery smiled. "But we'll still see little Eyass, right?"

Riza nodded, her eyes cautious, looking at Roy.

Breda, Fuery and Havoc's eyes darted between them, Falman looking studiously at the wall, and Roy suddenly felt the tension in the room skyrocket. Why were they looking at him like that? Why wouldn't Riza meet his eyes?

They were interrupted by Gracia walking in.

Elysia was beside her, smiling cheerfully and clutching a stuffed dog in the crook of one arm. But what surprised Roy was the baby Gracia held.

She was young, perhaps a little over a year, with the usual infant chubbiness. There was a soft mop of gold hair on her head, and her eyes were tightly closed, her face screwed up as she fussed in Gracia's arms.

"What's her name?" he asked, inclining his head at the girl.

To his surprise, Gracia's eyes darted to Riza before she responded. "Amelia...I babysit her on weekdays."

"Mama," the toddler gurgled, her eyes tiny slits in her face. "Mama!"

Gracia smiled, "I think she wants her mother."

And to Roy's astonishment, Gracia passed the baby into Riza's arms.