Lost in Space 4

Authors note: The Robinsons, a family lost in space, and stuck with the ever troublesome Dr. Zachary Smith too. I have written 3 chapters in this story, and again I thank you the reviewers for your job. Sadly, all stories can't last forever, so it is with a sad heart that I tell you chapter 4 is the finale. I have grown to like the series, and hate it for the reasons I stated. Read and Review (or R&R). I had fun. Just a little thing, death has been known to happen unexpectedly or with little warning, to mourn and move on is the hardest thing to do. Just a little thought as the final chapter begins.

CH.4: A final parting

Don West put his whole body into a roll as an explosion hit the dirt sending green into the air. An hour before this he and Judy were enjoying a sweet and intimate kiss, but then Smith and his wife came to ruin what tranquil moment they had. "Hey Smith come to finally show us the wife?" Judy elbowed him and he held up his hands still with a smile on his face.

"Major it is good to see you, and to you Judy I welcome as well. Judy be a dear and fetch your father for me," Dr. Smith said with a smile. Judy rushed up the ramp of the Jupiter 2 and caught her father just as he came out from under the Jupiter 2's flight controls.

"Dad Dr. Smith is here…and he brought his wife," when Judy brought this to his attention he frowned and ran outside to catch his first glance of Ella. Judy went to Don and held his arm, he can be mean, she thought, but I still love him…perhaps he was right about Dr. Smith all along.

"Ok Smith…I know you didn't come here for a truce, so how are we going to do this?" Dr. Smith drew a map of the planet and began to tell them about the many rare jewels stored beneath the planet's surface. John listened, but when it got down to it…he and his family didn't have Smith or Ella's powers. Sure I beat aliens who took back their word, but Smith…he's about as unpredictable as the next coward.

"You must simply gather the jewels…before you are exterminated by me or Ella. If you win…then I shall let you leave. If you lose…then you will die." The Robinsons didn't like the odds, neither did Don…so he reached for his laser pistol. "Don't be foolish Major, you know as well as I do that I am the quicker draw. Take care…" Dr. Smith vanished along with Ella leaving the family to think of the next step.

"Dad we can't just let Dr. Smith get away with this…I know I'll go-." Will saw his father's disapproving face and kicked the ground. Dr. Smith was his good friend; now after all the turmoil they suffered…it came to this final parting. "Dad…how do we defeat someone with no weakness?"

"Will…I wish I knew. I remember reading a few of your comics before we left; you know the ones about Spider-Man and Superman? Well in the comics they too were depicted as having no weakness, but Spider-Man could be hurt, and Superman as well, so there is a way. Dr. Smith…well we'll just have to finish the race to live and see him return to normal now won't we?" Will smiled and for John Robinson it was a sign of relief from him saying the truth.

"I'll go get the shovels," Maureen said bringing her family back to the present. The groups were: John and Maureen, Penny and Will, and Judy and Don. All six were armed with laser pistols and shovels, and all of them had their own section of the planet to dig up. Penny and Will went west and both kept their hands to the handle of the laser pistol.

"I can't believe Dr. Smith would sink to this kind of level," Penny said. Will nodded his head and Penny gave her brother an understanding smile. "Don't worry Will, like dad said once we win Dr. Smith will return to normal. Then that mean Ella will let us go…" An explosion appeared on a ledge above and Dr. Smith stood there.

"My dear children, if only it were that simple. I am who I am, and so…it grieves terribly to do this, but your deaths can not be avoided." Will brought out his laser pistol and before Dr. Smith could raise his hand a bright blue beam emitted from Will's weapon into Smith's shoulder. There was pain in his shoulder, but he ignored it as he raised his own laser pistol. The blast sent chunks of rock off the cliff's wall and into Penny and Will who were sent rolling. "Oh my dear William…goodbye."

John and Maureen had found their jewels early on in their digging, but the sound of an explosion made them drop their jewels. When they arrived they found Penny and Will lying on their stomachs. Maureen fell to her knees completely aghast to find her young babies dead, John brought out his laser rifle; his very face was tearful with rage. "Damn you Smith…you won't even stop for the spirit of youth…if you're so serious about this come face me!"

"John I don't think-." The clap of thunder silenced her and standing a few yards away was Smith himself. He wore his green armor and his face seemed to show no remorse for the dead Robinsons…or the growing anger on the father's face.

"Very well Professor Robinson, if you insist on dieing as well…then I shall oblige," he said. John Robinson met Dr. Zachary Smith in 3 steps then he swung his right fist hitting Smith in the jaw. Dr. Smith caught John's left and kicked him in the gut with his kick. "I am more of a fighter then you Professor Robinson…fall down now so I can-."

"Smith…I challenge you to a sword fight," John said still holding his bruised hand. Smith obliged and musketeer ear swords appeared in their hands. Both did a bow with their swords then circled each other. John swung his sword and met Smith's blade. The clang of metal was heard in the silent terrain and both combatants were neither tired nor sweating. "Your good Smith, but if you were the mere coward you've always been…then I'd have you in 3 swipes," John said rolling from Smith's lunge.

"That in some theories is possible…my former self considered his life and happiness of the up most value. But with my newfound power…my skill in swords is far beyond yours." Smith gave an example by putting John in defense, and then he gained ground and did a low sweep cutting John's leg. John side stepped the next slash and with a forward roll stabbed Smith in the stomach. "Just like your son…"

"You killed him Smith…now you will pay for it…for it all," John said barely containing his fueled anger. Yet as he made another lunge Smith sped behind him and stabbed him in the back.

"Dr. Smith please let him live!" Maureen had watched the fight tensely from her spot and now that her husband was wounded she rushed forward. There was a blinding flash before her eyes…then a pain filled with a fiery burn. The ground met her before she knew it…and the last thing she saw was her husband fall also.

"The wound I inflicted on Professor Robinson will end your life…spend your last moments with your wife." Dr. Smith chose that time to make his exit leaving John and Maureen Robinson bleeding to death.

"Well Maureen…we did our best…" John said and tried to smile as his wife touched his face. She was clinging to life just as much as he was, and soon they'd join their children. Before I got here Will shot Smith, John thought, and then I got him…maybe Ella's powers can only go so far…ugh…Maureen…I can't see anymore…

"John…hold on…don't die now…Judy and Don are still in…" Maureen felt the cold fingers of death and swallowed trying to loosen her throat. It had no effect and with one more look at her children she managed to smile before sinking into the dark depths.

Don West dug into the green soil of the planet and beside him Judy did the same. Since they were miles ahead they didn't hear the explosion…or the laser fire. Don shoveled more dirt to the side and when he shoved the shovel in again he heard metal. Gesturing for Judy to dig in his spot the two worked feverishly until a jewel of crimson red popped out. "Well Judy…that leaves 2 left."

"Yeah…I wonder how they are doing," Judy said. Don nodded his head and loosened his holster where his laser pistol lay tucked up. Judy walked up to him and he pulled her to him, their bodies pressed together. He then kissed her; she leaned in to add tongue and he hugged her in a tight embrace. That's when Smith took aim and fired…

Don West by now had his laser pistol in his right hand and had his back to a green boulder. Dr. Smith was standing on a rock and had the laser pistol with the explosive cartridge. Don peered around the corner and saw Judy at the rock where she was holding her laser pistol in shock. "Judy…stay there…I'm coming over-."

"Do you care for her Major?" Don looked behind him and found Ella there. She licked her lips and she rubbed her hips trying to tempt him to lower his guard. Don raised his laser pistol and shot her hip grazing her hand too. "The pain…it does wonders to the body…for that Major…suffer a pain far greater then my wounds." Ella flew over to where Judy stood and pinned her to the rock. Her green hands seized her throat and choked with an iron grip. "Is it true that you don't know how much you miss something till its gone? Well Major…is it rue?"

"Yes…just please don't harm her," Don said. Judy's eyes locked with his and though he couldn't hear her words, he read her lips. Tears burned his cheeks and Ella threw the corpse of Judy Robinson to the dirt. Don was furious and as he was about to shoot her…a blast from the side hit him. Turning around he was staring at Smith, the one who betrayed them all.

"They are all dead…there is nothing for you to live on for Major. Surrender is now your only option…if you do I will give you back your ship…and the clumsy clot too. You will find love again Major…if and when you return to Earth-."

"Dammit Smith…I loved Judy! Can't you see that you've won?" Dr. Smith gave him a blank expression, like an android caught in an emotional struggle. "Smith, I know we've been on opposite sides before, but you have powers that can change that. Bring back the Robinsons…redeem yourself…and we'll go back to Earth together. What do you say Dr. Zachary Smith?"

"Don't listen to him Zack; kill him now…I order you as your wife!" Dr. Smith shot Don in the stomach and the Major fell to his knees. Dr. Smith was about to deliver the final blow…when around the boulder came…John Robinson blindly fumbling for a hold on the rock. He had several wounds (all critical) and it seemed like he went through hell to get there.

"Ella…you may be Smith's wife…but every marriage has commitment. Smith gave up a lot to be with you, and in return you gave him powers. People with powers can only be entertained for so long, and since I've known Smith longer then you I know he'll want more. He killed my family…but was it really him? Fact is Smith was a normal cowardly human till you gave him false empty emotions and tried to make him something he's not. You gave him the power…let him do with it as he pleases!" Ella by now was full of hate and with her hand extended shot out an electrical bolt right into Professor Robinson…ending his existence.

"John! Smith, you saw what she just did…use what you have that is still caring and end this marriage!" Dr. Smith shook his head…but at the same time (without knowing he was doing it) raised his hands up and materializing behind Don were: Judy, Penny, Will, Maureen, John, and the Robot. "You see Smith…you had it in you…" Don fell forward and Judy let out a loud cry.

"The human got what he deserved…but for you to bring these worthless beings back…that will earn you more of an eternity with me then you'll ever live through!" Ella summoned up a huge amount of power and the ground shook sending rocks down in boulders. Judy was kneeling by Don, but both parents had to pull her away. The last thing any of them expected was Ella running at them, what surprised them even more was Dr. Smith intervening.

"I realize I am in this marriage till death do we part, fact is I don't want to die…nor do I wish to see my former comrades obliterated. Let them go…and if it won't hurt bring back the Major. He has his faults, but I realize I do too." Ella lowered her arms and Dr. Smith faced his fellow teammates for the last time. "Professor Robinson I am sorry-."

"Don't apologize Smith…though I don't know how many times I've heard that," that earned him a few chuckles, "you have been a huge help and cause for our lost in space trip, so…goodbye." The two men shook hands and Dr. Smith went to Maureen.

"My dear Maureen, how I will miss your cooking. You had such courage under stressful times, and to put up with my presence all these years means a lot."

"Oh think nothing of it Dr. Smith," she said trying hard to keep cheerful, "your more then welcome to visit us-."

"I'm afraid I can't," Dr. Smith said with his most humble of apologies. Then he turned to Judy whose face was wet from crying and her body shaking. "Judy…words of my sincerest regrets will not heal these wounds. The fact that neither I nor Ella can bring back Major West is-."

"I understand…but why did he have to die? We were brought back…but…but-." Judy hugged her mom and wept on her shoulder.

"Penny…make sure you keep exploring, because with exploration comes challenge and knowledge. And do take care of young William." Dr. Smith and Will stared at each other for a long time (the bond they had formed had been that strong). "And to you my bubble headed booby, keep your circuits straight…and watch over the Robinsons."

"If I had tears…then I'd be weeping like a baby," the Robot said stifling a sound resembling a cry. Dr. Smith joined his wife and with a final farewell they left.

"Ok everyone…back to the Jupiter 2!" The planet was still shaking and by the time they boarded the ramp the rock formations were blown over. John took the controls and clicked the thrusters, Will sat next to his father and helped him. The Jupiter 2 roared out of the plant's atmosphere just as the planet vanished…no explosion happened.

"Where's Judy?" The bridge was silent because 2 key members from the group had been killed. At that very moment Judy was in Don's room remembering their passion with longing. A brief flash of light caught her attention, but then it went. A pinch to her butt caused her hand to raise, but the figure she saw left her breathless.

"I missed you Judy Robinson…and I intend to make up for lost time." He pulled her to him and kissed her, this kiss was long and when they pulled away Don fell to the bed wearing a grin. "You're wondering if I'm a ghost…or a clone right? Well…if you must know I was brought back by Dr. Smith himself. I guess spending a long time lost in space can change your view on someone…even someone like Smith. Once we get back to Earth I intend to marry you Judy…because love in space is forever."

"Don…your mine forever." Judy jumped on top of Don and two kissed each other; neither let go…not even when they fell asleep. On the bridge John and Maureen were staring out into the view port that displayed more stars. Will was in his room and sighed realizing life had a short time span, the only way it lengthened was by cautious steps and careful diets. Penny and the Robot stood in silence staring into Dr. Smith's room. For a brief second they thought they saw the Doctor grinning at them, and then it was gone. The Jupiter 2 flew through space still lost, but the hopes of the crew grew stronger.