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Save Me From Another Day

Know one knows exactly why they got married, except of course his family and his closest friends. When you saw the couple together, though it was rare, you would immediately assume that

their roles were reversed. That he was the wife and she was the husband. It was justified. After all, he was small, fey, and strangely beautiful while she was tall, dark and handsome.

They had been married for only ten months before their first child a boy, had been born. His best friend, who he always confided in, was there that day as he showed the baby boy to his family.

With dark blue eyes, like the wife's, and midnight black hair, it was love at first site for most.

Five years later, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. That's when things started to go rapidly downhill.

A/N: Try to guess who I'm talking about. The wife is an OC.