WARNING: Sexual content!


Almost a month had passed since graduating from the Quidditch Academy, which was in April. He remembered that day very clearly; his heart still ached at the thought of walking away from Draco without another glance back. He had been afraid to pour out all his feelings to the blond, especially after waiting so long with his emotions bottled up inside. He remembered visiting Hermione that day. She had tried to comfort him, seeing the sullen expression on his face as he told her what happened. Lucas had tried to comfort him as well a week after that when the three of them had gotten together for Butterbeers celebrating Hermione's graduation from the sorcery academy. Although it helped, it didn't make him feel much better.

He had found a small, single apartment in the wizard world in Luxembourg close to the Luxembourg National Team's practice field. Although it was a small apartment and not very glorious in its architecture it was enough to satisfy him. In fact, it represented his gloomy mood. The first time he went to practice with his new team he was welcomed warmly by the captain, Amycus Dearborn. After the captain introduced himself, Harry remembered the surname from the old Order of the Phoenix photo in which his parents were in. If he remembered correctly the man Caradoc Dearborn had been standing next to his father in the picture and in fact he had disappeared approximately six months after the photo was taken but his body was never found. Harry wondered if the captain was at all related to the man who had most likely met his doom at the hands of Voldemort's Death Eaters back during the first initiation of the Order. Those thoughts quickly vanished as he began practicing daily with the team.

For several hours every day they'd go through many different strategies and plays. Sometimes the captain would just release them on their own and watch them as they performed their own strategies together without any direction. After the first month of practice, the captain gathered them around and had told them:

"We have a month until our first professional match of this year. In order to be qualified for the European Quidditch Championships we have to win ten matches against other professional teams. And then once in the European Quidditch Championships our goal will be to try and reach places one to three. Those three winning teams will move on to the World Cup. We have a lot of training to do in such little time so I want to see good work out there!"

Harry fortunately fit right in with the team and during practices he was too distracted to think about Draco. It was when he got back to his small apartment that the thoughts returned. Sometimes he'd have dreams about their time together and when he woke up he was even more anxious than the previous day. So many times he wanted to try and send an owl to Draco just to see how he was doing. He couldn't bear the thought that he'd most likely never see him again. Their first match was against a German team. They managed a pretty good game and beat them in a fair amount of time. Harry had caught the snitch with ease when it had been an appropriate time to catch it so they had their first victory.

Now the second month was ending and their second match would take place. That day, despite trying to keep his mind away Draco and how angry he was at himself for not saying anything to him, Harry went to practice and the captain gathered them around.

"Okay our next match is in a couple days. I feel that we're ready but it's best to be certain," he said, glancing into all their faces. "We'll be playing the British and Irish Quidditch League."

Harry's heart just about stopped in his chest when the words fell out of the captain's mouth. That was Draco's team. So they would be playing them in the next match, which meant…he'd see Draco. The rest of the captain's words were drowned out by the hammering of his heart. He tried to picture Draco's reaction from seeing him but it didn't register; he didn't know what would happen when he saw the blond again, but at the same time he desperately wanted to see him even if it was brief.

Over the next couple of days while preparing for the match, Harry often wondered if Draco missed him at all. Did he think about him? Had he already moved on? These thoughts plagued him so much that the night before the match he could barely get to sleep. Thankfully he had an energy potion left over so that he would be in well enough shape for the match. He flew to the field, more anxious than ever and joined his team. They did some drills and only a few minutes later the British and Irish League came swooping down. Harry tried not to glance up and search for the familiar head of blond hair, but it was inevitable. He caught of glimpse of the blond following behind a couple of his teammates and Harry forced his gaze away. It was so awkward and yet Harry wanted Draco to notice him.

The match began and Harry took off high into the sky. The Seeker was normally above all the other players in the first place; this way Harry could watch Draco speeding past his own teammates while signaling to the other Chaser to pass to him. Harry didn't think things could get much worse until he realized almost an hour into the game that Draco's team was brutal. Several of his teammates had almost been flung off their brooms by the other players or by bludgers. And a little while later when the score was 70-50 (with Draco's team in the lead) one of the opponent Beaters rammed a bludger toward one of their Chasers. Unfortunately, the Chaser had been so intent on making the goal he hadn't seen it coming. The bludger knocked right into his broom handle, breaking his broom even as it sent him flying. Harry's eyes widened with horror as the Chaser was thrown right into one of the goal posts, his head coming into contact with it. The captain managed to shout a levitating charm so that he wouldn't hit the ground hard from fifty feet high.

Medi-Wizards ran toward him and levitated him onto a stretcher and proceeded off the field. Harry figured they were probably bringing him to the nearest medical facility. The captain called a time-out and as Harry joined the rest of his teammates he saw the concern in the captain's eyes.

"All right. With a Chaser down that means Evelyn is going to be a target," he said, glancing at their remaining Chaser. "I'm going to need you Beaters to protect her out there. And Harry, find the snitch as fast as you can. Everyone watch yourselves; if we lose even one more player we'll be disqualified."

Nodding while feeling very uncertain, Harry then rose back into the air as the time-out ended. Glancing around, Harry caught sight of Draco looking in his direction. The blond, however, promptly looked away and he felt his stomach quiver uneasily. The game continued and Harry searched the entire field for the snitch. It seemed to be no where in sight. As he kept his eyes opened for it, he glanced down to see that Evelyn was being well-guarded by the Beaters who were keeping their eyes open for any bludgers heading her way. They were nearby her on different angles watching intently. What they didn't count on, though, was that the opponent Beaters knew that they would protect her and directed their attack toward a different target.

Harry had thought he had seen a glimpse of the snitch when he heard someone shout. It was then he turned his head to see a bludger heading straight for him. Harry moved fast but hadn't anticipated another bludger coming from behind. It hit his shoulder from behind and Harry winced as he let out a gasp. His shoulder was dislocated and he almost lost balance off his broom. Thankfully, the bludgers didn't do much damage. He carefully popped his shoulder back into place trying to ignore the searing pain that shot up his arm. The captain was looking at him but Harry just waved his good arm to signal he could continue. He wasn't about to have them disqualified.

Seconds later as the opponent team had the Quaffle and was heading toward their goal, Harry's eyes narrowed when they spotted a glint of gold. Pretending to loop around the field, Harry then suddenly dove toward it. The opponent Seeker wasn't nearly as close and tried to catch up with him. Harry was getting close to it, his hand was reaching out to it and then he heard a familiar whizzing sound. Glancing to his left he saw a bludger heading his way but he knew that if he moved out of the way he would miss the snitch which would probably fly away. So Harry took the risk. He snatched the snitch just as the bludger rammed into his arm, breaking it painfully. The force knocked him from his broom and to his fortune he was only about fifteen feet off the ground. However, he still fell onto his back and the wind was knocked out of him. To his relief, with his good arm, Harry could feel the snitch struggling between his fingers to break free.

As his teammates rushed over to see if he was alright the referee did as well. Seeing the snitch in his hand, the referee blew his whistle and announced Harry's team as the victor. He was helped into a sitting position and a Medi-Wizard came over to inspect his arm.

"It's not too bad," he said, summoning a sling for it. "A couple days rest should do. Here, drink this."

Harry drank the potion, figuring it was for the pain. As the Medi-Wizard was helping him stand, Harry glanced to the side to see his teammates and Draco's team shaking in a line as they passed by one another. He had the urge to run over there to join them so he would have a chance to see Draco face-to-face but the Medi-Wizard was pulling him aside. As he was being pulled aside, Harry turned to see Draco walking away from his team as the others finished shaking hands. The Medi-Wizard continued to pull him away until he was safely inside the building. Glancing out a window, Harry saw some figures taking off to the sky and knew that Draco's team was leaving. And he hadn't even gotten to speak with him at all.

He went back home feeling worse than he had before. The next day he went to practice per usual, despite his sore arm which was still healing. The potion had helped a lot but now he just needed a distraction. When he got there he saw some of his teammates sitting down talking quietly.

"Hey Harry, how's the arm?" Elina asked.

He shrugged. "It's fine. What's going on?"

"Well, it seems that Eli isn't in such good shape," another teammate answered, referring to their other Chaser who had gotten hit with a bludger. "He needs to stay in the hospital for at least a month due to a serious concussion and no one knows if he'll be able to play as good even after that time."

"So what's going to happen?" Harry asked curiously.

"I don't know. I'm guessing the captain will have to find someone else."

"Oh look! The captain!" Elina exclaimed, standing up.

Harry turned to see their captain coming toward them. He didn't have a worried expression at all so perhaps everything was alright.

"Harry, it's nice to see you here," Amycus smiled at him. "Glad to see that a little bludger accident doesn't keep you away."

Harry nodded, forcing a smile in return.

"Captain, what are we going to do about Eli?" one of the Beaters asked.

"Oh, don't worry, I've found someone to replace him. He should be here in a minute," Captain Dearborn said, smiling. "Anyway, Harry why don't you sit out today and just watch since your arm is still in the sling. I'm sure by tomorrow you'll be able to play but we wouldn't want to strain anything otherwise it could make it worse."

Harry nodded and proceeded to go sit down in the front row of the stands to watch. Harry adjusted the sling and sat watching the team carelessly. He honestly wasn't even paying attention. His mind was focused on Draco and how he would most likely never see him again. Harry was angry with himself. He had had a chance beforehand to tell Draco how he felt strongly about him but he didn't; he was too afraid. And he had a chance to run up to Draco after the game the previous day, but he didn't; he had let the Medi-Wizard pull him away and now his chances had run out. He bit his lip hard to try and distract himself from the painful thoughts, but his stomach was squirming tensely and his chest had tightened painfully.

Harry had never before had a deep and serious relationship before but being with Draco had not only opened him to new and emotional experiences but he had felt happy. It was a different kind of happiness than just being free of the war or being with friends; this happiness was the combination of that plus the strong sensations that went with caring for someone more than anyone else. But now...Harry knew; Harry knew what it felt like to want to be with someone romantically; he knew now what he had been missing over the years while growing up around death, betrayal and loneliness. And he had let it slip away; he hadn't even fought for it and he wasn't the kind of person not to fight. He could only stare at the ground as he tried to figure out why he had been so afraid. Perhaps it was because he hadn't had much happiness in his life that when he found something that made him happy he automatically assumed it was temporary. And being with Draco, despite their arguments and slowly progressing relationship, had made him feel fulfilled. From what Hermione said, it was hard to find true love even once unless one was patient, careful and had an open mind. So now he was afraid that he'd never feel the same way about someone like he had for Draco.

"I see you're still alive, Potter."

Harry's head jerked up so fast and at first he thought his mind was playing tricks on him. He thought perhaps because Draco had been on his mind constantly that he was imagining him standing before him. But Draco was there no more than five feet from him with his arms crossed over his chest. It seemed that he had had his hair cut recently for his bangs were shorter than he remembered, but they still ghosted on either side of his face remaining longer than his hair in the back. It framed his face nicely, bringing out his elegant cheek-bones and beautiful silver-blue eyes.

"Draco?" Harry murmured, still in shock. He blinked several times just to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.

The blond's eyes trailed down to Harry's injured arm which was less sore but still in the sling. "It's just like you to try and do something heroic like that and nearly get yourself killed. You still crave that attention just like back in Hogwarts."

Harry opened his mouth but he didn't get a chance to reply. The captain jogged over to them grinning as the team did laps in the air to warm-up.

"There you are! I'm sorry, what's your name again?" Captain Dearborn asked, holding out his hand.

"Draco Merlin," he answered, shaking his hand firmly.

"It's a pleasure. I see you both know each other," he smiled, glancing at Harry. "Harry is definitely the most daring one here! I bet you can't wait till you start playing again, right?"

"Yeah," Harry nodded, still trying to piece everything together. His stomach was fluttering and he was looking back and forth between them.

"Alright, well the team is just doing warm-ups now so get dressed in your uniform and join us for practice!" Amycus exclaimed brightly, holding out a uniform toward Draco. "Welcome to the team!"

The captain smiled at them both and blew his whistle as he headed toward the area where the team was practicing. Harry's eyes widened as he stared at Draco, who had glanced behind him to watch the captain walk away.

"You're on the team?" Harry blurted out, feeling his breath come in a short gasp.

Draco turned back to him and shrugged his shoulders. "This team seems more likely to get to the championships than the team I was on. And I want to be recognized."

Harry nodded, feeling his throat constrict with anxiety. What should he say? He had his chance now and he didn't want to give it up.

Draco stared at him for a long moment and then snorted. "Well Potter, I suppose we'll have to be on the same team again," he said, turning to walk away.

"Draco, wait!" Harry exclaimed, jumping up from his seat.

The blond slowly turned back around and tentatively Harry took several steps forward. They were only a mere foot apart now and Harry thought quickly for something to say. Knowing that this could be his last chance, Harry decided that being completely honest, no matter how ridiculous he sounded, was the best option.

"I'm sorry," Harry said softly, staring directly into his eyes.

"For what Potter?" Draco asked casually, staring back with a blank expression. It wasn't cold or harsh but at the same time Harry couldn't tell what the blond was thinking. Whether he seemed surprised that they had a match against one another or whether the blond was ecstatic to see him…Harry couldn't discern if there was any of that. Draco was calm and quiet; completely unreadable.

Swallowing, Harry kept eye contact. "I should've told you sooner…much sooner. I wanted to…to tell you how I felt. But I was…afraid," Harry said quietly after a hesitation. "I know it seems silly to be afraid of expressing emotions after being in a war, but I just couldn't bring myself to say anything. I thought I had plenty of time and I kept putting it off…but then senior year came and I finally got a sponsor and…well, that night you seemed so quiet and distant and by the tone of your voice, I don't know…," he trailed off as Draco stared at him silently; there was a glint of something but Harry didn't notice it.

"Even though I was afraid I should've told you…," Harry licked his lips, "how strongly I felt about you. But I thought if I said anything like that it might be too much and I didn't want you to pull away. So…I'm sorry."

Draco glanced away briefly, still with an unreadable expression, and Harry felt his stomach quiver. Perhaps it was too late. At least he had made an attempt.

"Draco! Let's go!" the captain's voice rang out.

Draco swiveled his head around and nodded toward him and turned back to Harry but he remained silent. Taking his silence as a sign that it was definitely too late, Harry gestured to the field.

"You should probably get to practice. He doesn't like to have really long practices in one day so he likes to use the time wisely," Harry said.

Then, Harry turned around facing away from him and began making his way back to the stands.


Stopping a few feet from the stands, Harry turned a bit surprised. Draco crossed his arms casually across his chest, a habit that he did quite often.

"Where do you live?"

Harry blinked a couple times. "Er, I live just ten minutes from here by broom in the Pararouge Apartments."

Snorting, Draco shook his head. "And yet you get paid a fair amount for being on this team, plus any other money you had in your vault, but still you choose pathetic living quarters. Really, Potter. Look, I just moved into one of the Crystalline apartment complexes. It's very spacious and more up to my standards than the one I had with the other team but it's ridiculously expensive. I was thinking about finding someone else to live with me so that way the cost is cut down."

"You' want me to live with you?"

Draco shrugged his shoulders. "I'm used to your messy habits and sometimes annoying personality. Plus it might take too long to try and find someone else. And it'd be far more worth it than the dump you're living in."

Feeling his chest loosen a bit, Harry nodded. "Alright. Is it far away?"

"Not that much farther," Draco said, unfolding his arms. "The apartment is 303. Meet me there tomorrow morning at ten."

Nodding wordlessly, Harry watched as Draco waved his wand to put on his uniform and went to join the team. He couldn't believe that Draco asked him to move in with him. So now not only were they on the same team, but they would be living together as well. Harry didn't want to get his hopes up, since he knew he had obviously waited too long to reveal his feelings (which he didn't even really do except to say he felt strongly about Draco), but at least this was another opportunity. Perhaps this meant Draco at least wanted to be friends.

After practice, Harry went back to his apartment and began to pack up all his things. He sent an Owl to the apartment manager to let them know his apartment would be empty. He was grateful it hadn't required him to sign a lease, which meant he could leave any time. The apartment complex was fairly cheap so they never really had trouble getting people. Once all his belongings were packed, Harry slipped into bed and stared up at the ceiling for several long minutes. He wasn't sure if Draco was still interested in having a relationship, but at least they hadn't been separated for good.

When morning came, Harry put on his favorite tight, velvet-black plants and a soft, crimson long-sleeved shirt. And then he headed in the direction of Draco's apartment complex. It wasn't difficult to find, since he vaguely knew the area it resided in, and he was surprised to see although they were apartment complexes they weren't attached to the other apartments. This was a fancier apartment complex, as Draco had hinted to him, and each apartment was its own building. It wasn't quite as big as a normal house, but it was a fairly large apartment building. Harry easily found Draco's apartment number and he got off his broom and trudged to the door. Licking his lips nervously, Harry rapped lightly on it. Moments later the door opened and Draco appeared dressed in his tight dark jeans and silky, silver shirt which showed part of his chest.

Harry walked into the apartment slowly and the door closed on its own. Draco led him through the kitchen and gestured to it.

"This is the kitchen. The living room is in there," Draco pointed to the room connected to it. "A small study room is over there," he gestured to the opposite direction of the living room; a door on the other side of the kitchen. Upstairs there's a master bedroom and a large bathroom connected to it. You can look around if you want."

Harry nodded, swallowing thickly as he went into all the rooms Draco had mentioned. The living room was a decent sized room with a large plush couch and two floating chairs, plus a small fireplace. As he ascended the stairs he noticed that there was only one bedroom, as Draco had mentioned. It had a huge king-sized bed and the bathroom connected to it had a small Jacuzzi tub in it. Harry came back downstairs and after glancing at the small study room he joined Draco back in the kitchen. The blond had charmed a tea-pot to make some tea and currently it was floating over to him.

"Do you want the upstairs?" Draco asked after a minute.

Harry shook his head. "No, I'll take the couch. This was your place first."

Nodding, Draco stirred his tea. "Alright. Well, since it's the weekend I guess we won't have to worry about practice for a couple of days."

"Yeah, that's a relief," Harry said.

Standing up as he took his cup of tea, Draco brushed back his bangs from his face. "You can unpack. There should be an extra bureau in the study room that you can levitate to the living room. It's not very big but it should do."

"Okay, thanks," Harry replied quietly.

Draco moved his head silently in response and then drank the rest of his tea before summoning his broom. Harry wanted to ask him where he was going, but he didn't want to appear nosey or rude so he watched silently as Draco left through the door and flew away. Almost instantly Harry began to wonder if perhaps Draco had a new love interest, or even some sort of relationship, with someone else. Had he found a new boyfriend? Perhaps even a girlfriend? Or even just someone, whether male or female, to provide sexual release? Was it really over between them for good?

Sighing as his shoulders slumped, feeling disappointed again and angry at himself, Harry levitated the bureau into the living room. Then he un-shrunk his trunk and began unpacking his clothes and belongings. He took his time and even flew out and got himself some lunch and brought it back. Then he proceeded to study some of the techniques on a parchment that Captain Dearborn had made for them. Several hours later, as it was approaching six in the evening, Harry figured Draco might not come home till late or perhaps not until the next day. So Harry undressed until he was clad in his boxers and looked in the cupboards to find something for dinner. Draco had some groceries but not very many; he had milk, cereal, pasta, rice, some chocolate frogs and wizard snaps, plus tea, bread, eggs and a few others. So he had enough to make something.

Harry surprisingly remembered a recipe Aunt Petunia had forced him to make when he was only nine years old. It was when Aunt Marge was coming over to visit during the fall and he had been forced to prepare an entire meal for eight and then was only allowed to eat the left-over scraps. Shaking his head, Harry let the memory passed. He no longer felt angry about the way he was treated because he was never going to see the Dursleys again. They hadn't gotten a last word in and in fact right before Harry moved in with the Weasleys (the day after the war had ended) Harry had told them what despicable people they were, with his wand pointed at them, and how he had saved an entire Wizard World was famous and was rich with the wizard fortune his parents had left him. And Harry had told them that he was going to have a wonderful life in the wizard world and never see them again. Uncle Vernon had about turned purple with rage, but he was too afraid to yell at him. And Dudley had his mouth dropped open and asked about the wizard fortune, but Harry didn't answer. He had left, having the last word, and had gone to the wizard world.

Of course when he had told them he was going to have a wonderful life he had only said that to make them see that no matter how much he had suffered with them he was going to live "happily-ever-after" while they struggled because Vernon had lost his job and was trying to find another one (and Aunt Petunia was too sick to work) not to mention they had sold many of Dudley's toys for enough money for that month's bill. But Harry hadn't actually believed he was going to find true happiness until Hermione suggested the Quidditch Academy. And even while he was having a good time there he hadn't ever imagined finding a relationship (least of all with Draco) that would make him feel…complete. With Draco it didn't matter what hardships in life came, Harry had been happy just being with him even despite their arguments. And any hardships and arguments that did come hadn't measured up to what he had suffered in the past anyway, but with Draco there it made it even more tolerable.

Scrambling some eggs, Harry waved his wand to get the rice cooking in the other frying pan on the stove as he made the rice dish he remembered. He made extra in case Draco wanted some. He wasn't sure if the blond was coming home at all that night, since it was the weekend, but in case he was…

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door. Draco walked into the kitchen and saw him standing at the stove, having charmed the frying pan to cook the rice while he scrambled eggs, clad in only his tight, silky, forest-green boxers. Staring at Draco, Harry felt his heart nearly jump as he saw that the blond's hair was wet, probably from rain (that he hadn't noticed or heard because he had been distracted with cooking) and it was plastered to his forehead. Small droplets cascaded down his cheeks and from off his eyelashes and Harry was mesmerized for a moment.

"Er…I'm making some dinner if you want some," Harry said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Draco slowly took off his jacket and nodded. "Alright."

The blond waved a wand over himself to dry his clothes and hair and Harry turned back to the stove. Once Harry was done he summoned two plates and walked over to the small table where Draco was seated. The blond glanced up at him and as Harry filled both plates he noticed Draco's eyes trailing over his body. Feeling heat rise to his face, Harry pretended like he didn't notice. He knew he had become even more toned because of the intense Quidditch practices all through the week (minus the weekend) and because he had begun practicing with the team in the summer his skin was still a crisp golden-brown. As Harry sat down to eat with him he stole glances toward him. The blond was just as attractive as he remembered him with his long bangs that framed his face and fell in front of his eyes giving him a sexy model-like appearance, and with his finely toned muscles and smooth, fair skin. Although both of them were old enough now that they stopped growing, Draco still remained an inch or so taller than he was (Harry had reached 5'10'' thankful he was a good, average height and Draco was about 5'11½'').

They ate in silence, for the most part, but Harry could feel Draco's eyes on him occasionally. Finally, after at least five minutes of silence Harry decided to try and start up a friendly conversation with him.

"Do you like the team so far?" Harry asked.

Draco glanced up and moved his bangs back as he nodded casually. "Yeah, the team I was on is most likely never going to make it to the championships. They have in the past when they had a different captain but not anymore unless they replace him. The captain was a complete asshole, drilling us for hours doing the same techniques over and over again without actually forming coherent strategies! And since your Chaser was knocked down I decided to just quit that team and join yours. I saw an opportunity and I was getting sick of the other captain ranting at me so I approached your captain at the end of the game."

"Oh, er…I'm glad it worked out then," Harry said awkwardly.

Draco nodded in agreement and they elapsed into silence once more as they finished their meal. Once Harry was done he got up with his plate and Draco followed seconds after.

"Was dinner alright?" Harry asked him as they both grabbed their cups as well.

"Yeah, it was good," Draco said shifting uncomfortably. "I didn't actually think you could cook."

Harry smiled softly and shrugged. "I suppose that's the one good thing that came out of growing up with the Dursleys."

The two of them levitated their dishes into the sink and Harry then began backing toward the living room.

"Well, er…I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," Harry said, not knowing what else to say.


Harry turned, surprised. "Yeah?"

The blond pursed his lips a bit and crossed his arms almost nervously. Then he came a bit closer. The two of them were still in the kitchen and Harry felt his throat constrict instinctively but he wasn't sure why.

Draco hesitated for a moment as he leaned his hip up against the table. "You said the other day, at practice, that you were sorry for not telling me that you felt strongly about me."

Harry felt his cheeks heat up as he glanced downward for a minute and nodded. "Er, yeah. I…"

"What did you mean?" Draco asked quietly.

Inhaling deeply, Harry took a few steps forward until he was only a couple of feet away. "It's…hard to explain in words, but even a year ago I felt something between us. I mean, something different from when we first started…going out," he said quietly, licking his lips nervously. "You know, I just…I know this might sound lame, but I felt…happy for once. Even despite the arguments we had or the stress of school nothing seemed to be bad compared to what I had gone through."

Draco stared at him silently with unblinking eyes as he continued. "I really never had much happiness in my life, till I came to the school and until…you know, we became friends. That's why I had so much trouble learning the Patronus Charm because it was difficult to find a truly happy memory that would work. And the brief happy encounters I did have didn't seem to be enough. Somehow I managed to perform the charm, but I still had only two or three small memories that were vaguely happy. And…I don't know, I just felt like…I guess, you understood me better than anyone," Harry said, shrugging his shoulders in embarrassment as he tried to explain how he felt.

Draco was staring down at the table and he snorted softly. "I'll bet Granger and Weasley wouldn't be happy to hear that."

"Yeah," Harry shrugged with a half-smile. "I'm not saying they're not good friends, but at the same time it was really hard for them to understand everything I went through even though I explained it to them. It's because they didn't go through similar hard circumstances. The way you grew up was similar to how I grew up and we both had met Voldemort face-to-face so…that's probably why. They did help me as best as they could though."

Nodding wordlessly, Draco turned away again and stared at nothing in particular. They were both lost in their own thoughts and then Harry began turning around to head toward the living room.

"Potter," Draco said, stopping him in his tracks.

Harry turned back around to look at him and he saw that Draco was still looking away with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Look, Potter, if you want we could…you know, go out again," Draco said casually, his tone sounding a bit uncertain.

Harry took a couple steps forward, feeling his heart skip a few beats. "You…want to go out again?"

Draco turned to him and shrugged casually, looking a bit uncomfortable. "We don't have to, Potter. If you have someone else—"

"I don't," Harry interrupted before he could finish. "But, are you doing this because you feel obligated since we're living in the same apartment or do you really want to be together again? You can be honest with me, Draco."

The blond was silent and he looked away again. Harry approached even closer till he was standing less than a foot away.

"I don't mind, Potter," Draco said hesitantly.

"You don't mind what?" Harry asked, having a vague idea of what Draco meant but he wanted to hear it. His heart was pounding so loudly with excitement in his chest but he tried not to show it.

The blond raised his head and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't mind going out."

"So it's not that you feel obligated?"

Draco snorted in annoyance. "No Potter. I do not feel an obligation toward yo—"

Harry cut him off by grabbing his chin and forcing him to look at him. Instantly, he crushed his lips against the other boy's. Draco lips didn't respond for a brief second, showing his surprise at the unexpected move, but soon his lips were moving in rhythm with Harry's. As Harry pushed his body closer, the blond uncrossed his arms from his chest. Harry put a hand on the back of Draco's neck, trying to force their lips even closer. And as his fingers trailed up into Draco's hair he felt the blond's arms around his waist. Harry pushed even closer and parted his lips through the kiss. Draco's hot, wet tongue slipped inside his mouth and the two let out soft groans.

Trailing his fingers down his back, Harry lifted Draco's shirt wanting to feel more skin. Draco's fingers went to his hips and he yanked Harry's boxers down with ease. The two of them stumbled backward a bit until Harry felt the table on his back. Draco pulled out his wand and waved them at his own clothes so they would disappear. Then suddenly their tongues were sparring and their fingers were ghosting over each other's skin, not having felt each other's touch in a while. Harry's hand tangled back through Draco's hair pushing their naked bodies even closer as he raised a leg. Their kisses and touches were needy and passionate. Without warning, Draco lifted him up onto the table and Harry spread his legs, groaning as he felt the blond climb atop him. As Harry wrapped his legs tightly around Draoc, the blond lifted him up and carried him over to the couch. The second that Harry felt his back on the arm rest he leaned back, causing them both to fall over.

Breaking apart as they gasped for air, Harry pushed Draco even farther on top of him as he tightened his legs around the blond's waist. Draco grabbed the back of both of his thighs and began lifting his hips. Harry released a loud groan. Draco began entering him right away although he made sure not to just thrust in. Even so, the fact that they weren't taking it as slow as they used to was so much more intense. Once Draco was fully in, he lifted Harry legs up, even as they tightened around Draco's waist, and began thrusting his hips forward. Harry's head tilted back as he gasped loudly in pleasure. It was desperate and rough, but passionate and as Draco thrust inside of him, Harry let out a shout of pleasure as he dragged his nails down Draco's back.

Draco moved his hips pumping his erection in and out as Harry gripped his back in pleasure. Then Harry's hands slid down and gripped Draco's hips, feeling as the blond entered him and then came back out. Draco's lips were by his ear and he was grunting and groaning, sometimes letting out gasping pants as his erection was squeezed when Harry tensed. Their chests were rubbing and Harry's erection was caught between them, but it had never felt so good. Harry had missed this; he missed Draco being inside of him and as the blond continued to thrust Harry clashed their mouths together so their tongues could once again explore each other's mouths.

Both of them let out loud grunts of pleasure and Harry let one of his arms drop onto the couch as his hips arched up with each thrust. His other hand remained tangled in Draco's hair as the blond thrust inside of him. This time, Draco remained a few inches above him as he kept his hips angled, thrusting in constantly. Harry groaned loudly, panting and he gazed up into Draco's face. The blond's whole body was covered in perspiration. His bangs were sticking to his forehead and his eyes were glazed over, but they were bright and full of emotion. There was desire and passion but also…Harry could see something else. If he had been in the state of mind to use his Legilmency he would've tried to read the emotion but he was lost in a euphoric trance as the blond continued to push in roughly.

Their voices became a bit louder and Harry let out a soft hiss, followed by a groan as he climaxed between them. For the first time he whispered Draco's name as he orgasmed. Draco pushed in deeper inside of him and continued to thrust a few more times before he stilled and Harry felt his erection quiver inside of him before he orgasmed. Then Draco was beginning to pull out of him, but Harry stopped him.

He wrapped his legs even tighter around the blond's waist and began rolling his hips up and down. Still out-of-breath, Harry watched as Draco's eyes closed and his head tilted back; a groan escaped his lips and at the same time Harry felt Draco's erection begin to swell inside of him. He moaned loudly and wrapped both arms around Draco's back, bringing the blond close. Slowly, Draco began to move again and soon as he was hard and throbbing he began thrusting in and out once more. Harry cried out as Draco grabbed the arm of the cough and pushed in deeper while keeping the fast pace.

Once they both reached climax again they lay exhausted on the couch. Harry had had to use his wand to expand the couch to fit the both of them comfortably and as they lay sweating and panting Harry felt more relaxed and content than he ever had in his life.

"That was intense," Harry said quietly after some moments of silence.

Draco snorted and moved his sweaty bangs out of his face. Harry turned his head to gaze at him and then moved his body so they were up against one another firmly. Draco glanced at him and Harry raised a hand to push some strands of blond hair from his forehead.

"I was such an idiot," Harry said softly. "I should've told you how I felt, but that night you just sounded like you wanted to end it. So I thought maybe it would be for the best and I didn't say anything. I should have."

Draco stared at him with his bright, silver-blue eyes. "It doesn't matter now, Potter."

"Yeah," Harry said, smiling softly. "So, are we exclusive then?"

Draco rolled his eyes a bit. "I thought having sex twice in a row would have made that obvious," he drawled sarcastically.

Harry let out a soft laugh and put an arm across Draco's chest. The blond stared at him, their faces inches apart, and Harry saw compassion in his eyes.

"I'm glad you kept your earring," Harry smiled, moving his lips toward the blond's ear as he pressed a kiss beneath the lobe.

He felt Draco shrug his shoulders. "I guess I've grown attached to it."

Smiling, Harry then moved to press his lips to the blond's cheek. "Good."

They fell into a comfortable silence.

"So, are you looking forward to your birthday? It's in a couple months."

Draco shrugged. "I guess."

"We could curl up in front of the fireplace together, maybe order some special food and eat it together."

"Potter, you sound like an extreme romantic," Draco drawled in amusement, raising an eyebrow.

"I can be mushy sometimes, can't I?" Harry said, smiling.

Snorting softly, Draco stared up at the ceiling. "Fine, Potter."

Grinning widely, Harry pressed a kiss to his cheek again before finding his lips. Draco's eyes shone with amusement as he kissed back. Their tongues intertwined once more before the two of them soon fell into sleep, having been exhausted from the day's activities. As Harry closed his eyes, he was at ease knowing they were back together hopefully for good.


One month later…

Stretching, Harry opened his eyes to the morning sun which shone through the bedroom window. Glancing to his left, he saw that Draco was still asleep. Smiling, he pressed his lips to the blond's neck and was rewarded with a soft sigh as Draco shifted in his sleep. Getting up, Harry was grateful that it was the weekend. He went into the large bathroom connected to the master bedroom and slipped into the large shower.

As he washed his hair he began thinking about random things, mostly Christmas which wasn't for another few months. It had come out to everyone, including the Weasleys that Draco was really his boyfriend. Although Draco refused to go over to the Weasleys' house again, Harry was quite sure he was relieved that they had accepted that they were dating. Ginny had finally gotten over her obsession over him and was in much brighter spirits due to her new boyfriend with whom she was in love with.

He heard a sound like a door being opened and as he rinsed soap off his face he heard the shower curtain rustle. Without even having time to turn all the way around, he felt warm hands on his waist. Harry's back was pushed up against a warm body and he felt the hard arousal. Inwardly smiling, he figured Draco must've woken up with a morning erection. They had had sex a couple times in the shower after just waking up. This time, however, Draco pushed him gently up against the shower wall with Harry's back still facing him. They had never had sex without facing one another before. Harry felt the erection penetrate his entrance and he groaned breathlessly.

"Draco…," he hissed as the blond pushed deep inside him.

Moving his hips in a slow rhythm, Draco pressed his body completely up against his and kept his hands on Harry's waist as he thrust languidly in and out. The pace was slow, deep and still arousing; the two groaned and panted as their excitement heightened. Harry moved his hips in rhythm and he could feel Draco's breath on the back of his neck. The blond moved his head closer and pressed his lips to the back of his neck, trailing down to his shoulder and Harry moved his hands to gently place over the ones on his hips. He rolled his hips backward as Draco pushed inside.

"Harry," Draco groaned deeply.

Harry opened his eyes, staring at the shower wall as he heard Draco moan his name. It was the first time he had ever moaned his name. They had been together since technically when they started dating in November until when they graduated from the Quidditch Academy in April. That was 6 months. And while they had split for a month they were back together. It was the end of May. He couldn't believe they had lasted half a year together without killing one another. Smiling as Draco released his orgasm inside of him, Harry felt his own erection, which had been pushed up against the shower wall, twitch before he released his orgasm. The water rinsed their passion down the drain and Harry turned once Draco had slipped out of him to wrap his arms around the blond.

"Morning," Harry smiled, pressing their lips together.

Draco, still looking a bit sleepy, nodded. "Are we meeting Hermione and Lucas today?"

"Yeah, in about a half-hour. They're on their way here by wizard car so it shouldn't take too long."

Draco snorted. "When did Lucas buy a car?"

"Just a week ago. He's had plenty of money to do so earlier but didn't because Hermione was doing projects for the Order of Merlin. Although…I'm not sure why he decided to get one now," Harry shrugged.

He knew Hermione had a lot of work at the Order of Merlin society. It was an organization much like the Ministry and Order of the Phoenix combined only it required those specialized in sorcery. She went on trips to different countries at times to help get riots under control or help with an infestation of creatures that required much magic to repel. She was happy with her jobs and said eventually she'd like to be in charge of the Order of Merlin, which had its own large, majestic building in the city of Chester located in Cheshire, England. Sorcery was having a come-back and with its advanced teaching there was a good chance over the next century wizards and witches would evolve and probably be able to use even more magic than before.

"What about Weasley? Is he still coming?"

"Yeah, a little bit later. He said he's bringing someone too," Harry smiled.

Draco raised an eyebrow but didn't respond. The two of them finished washing and after drying off they waved their wands to have clothes appear. Only twenty minutes later a knock came at the door and Harry opened it.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed, throwing her arms around him.

Stumbling a bit, Harry smiled and hugged her in return. Lucas stepped in behind her, grinning widely. Hermione then moved to Draco as Harry embraced Lucas. Then, as a tea-pot was magically preparing itself, they all sat down at the table. Lucas sat next to Hermione and across from Draco while Harry sat next to Draco.

"We heard the good news!" Hermione exclaimed brightly. "About how your team might make it to the semi-final World Championships!"

"We only need to defeat one more team," Harry smiled, nodding.

"Which won't be too hard," Draco drawled. "It's a Russian team and they're not so good. Saving them for last just makes it easier."

"That's great news!" Lucas said, smiling at them. His deep blue eyes were glimmering happily, but Harry had a sense that it was also for a different reason.

"Well, we have some news of our own," Hermione said as her cheeks turned a bit pink.

Slowly, she moved her hand forward and Harry saw a glimmering ring on her finger. His mouth dropped open and immediately he went over to hug her again.

"You two are engaged? I can't believe it! Congratulations!"

Draco gave them both a smile and then raised both eyebrows. "When did this happen?"

"Just a couple nights ago he proposed," Hermione blushed as Lucas took her hand. "I couldn't stop crying."

Harry sat back down still grinning as he stared at them. Looking at Lucas' boyish face, black hair and deep blue eyes and Hermione's wavy, golden-brown hair and bright hazel eyes Harry knew if they ever decided to have kids they'd turn out beautiful. They were both a beautiful couple together and extremely happy, it seemed. Rarely did they have fights but when they did usually Hermione would break down or Lucas would apologize. Only once did Hermione contact him crying and it was only because she thought they'd have to split up because of her work. He was truly happy for them.

They four of them began talking of plans and such and Hermione told them the wedding wouldn't be until after Christmas. A little while later another knock came at the door and this time Draco stood up to get it. Ron appeared with a petite blonde girl at his side. She had deep brown eyes and she had a shy smile on her face.

"Everyone, this is Lillian," Ron introduced as the tips of his ears turned red as all eyes were on them.

"Nice to meet you," Hermione smiled.

"Hi," Lillian blushed.

They all introduced each other and Harry summoned more chairs and charmed the table to expand to fit everyone comfortably.

"Ron, look at Hermione's finger!" Harry exclaimed once they were all seated.

"Blimey!" he shouted, taking her hand and looking at the gorgeous ruby surrounded on both sides by small diamonds. "I can't believe it, Hermione! This is great!"

Hugging her tightly, he congratulated her and Lillian took a look at the ring admiring it. The girls soon went off in their own topic as the boys recalled humorous events that happened in the past.

"So this Christmas we were thinking about taking a vacation to a tropical area," Lucas said. "If you guys are interested that is."

"Yeah," Harry smiled, glancing at Draco who nodded in agreement.

"I need a vacation," Draco stretched his arms over his head. "After all this practicing for the championships a break would be nice."

"I agree. As much as I love Quidditch it'd still be nice to do something else," Harry said, taking a sip of his tea. "So where were you guys thinking of going?"

"There's this little island near the Caribbean for only wizards and witches. They have magical water parks, amusement parks and of course beaches."

"I love the sound of it already," Ron grinned.

"Yeah, so how long have you and Lillian been going out?" Harry asked, smiling.

"About a month now," Ron blushed. "I really like her. She's an amazing cook and says she wants kids too! That's really all my mum wanted to hear. But the family loves her and so far we've been doing really well."

"That's great news, Ron. I'm so happy for you!" Harry exclaimed, grinning at his friend.

Looking bashful, Ron nodded and glanced down at his cup. They all stayed for dinner, which Draco ordered from an expensive restaurant, and got talking about Christmas plans. It was decided that they would all chip in for hotel rooms, with a wizard hotel right by the beach, and amusement park tickets.

"This Christmas is going to be so exciting!" Lillian exclaimed as she slung an arm through Hermione's.

"Yes, but we're all going to need our own rooms," Hermione answered.

Harry raised an eyebrow in amusement and Hermione's cheeks turned bright red. Lillian laughed in response.

"Remember we're all taking a wizard bus there," Ron said, referring to a flying bus much like a flying car that would transport them and their luggage safely to the hotel.

"You sure your captain won't mind?" Lucas asked both Draco and Harry.

Shrugging, Draco smirked. "Not like we care. We're going anyway. We can take a break from Quidditch. After all, Harry and I are practically the stars of the team."

Harry rolled his eyes. "We're not the only famous players out there, Draco. We've got competition. And as I recall the last time someone from the stands who was cheering for the opposite team booed you, you accidentally knocked your broom into a bludger that mistakenly went flying toward him."

Snorting, Draco crossed his arms. "So? He didn't die did he?"

"No because the referees managed to stop the bludger in time. He was pretty shaken up though. And strangely no one even knew that it was your broom that accidentally hit it," Harry smirked, having seen the whole thing though Draco was very cunning when he played dirty.

"Oh, Draco!" Hermione scolded, sending him a glare. "You know that you can't please everybody, right? Just because your team is in the lead and has a good opportunity for winning the World Championships doesn't mean that there aren't other good teams out there. Not everyone is going to cheer for you. I mean look at Harry. He's still the most famous wizard because he defeated Voldemort and his legacy is probably going to be passed down for centuries to come, but still not everyone cheers for him in Quidditch."

"Yeah, but face-to-face they'd be too scared or intimidated to say even one negative thing," Ron answered as Harry shook his head in amusement.

"Not former Slytherins," Harry responded casually, leaning on his hand.

"No, but thankfully students now selected into Slytherin aren't trying to follow the Dark Lord or get your killed. I think over time the evil that is normally associated with Slytherins will die with the former pure-bloods and families that once served Voldemort," Hermione answered logically. "Already you see Slytherins nowadays at Hogwarts being nicer and getting along better with the other houses."

"Yeah, but it's going to take a long time before all the houses are equal," Draco commented as Harry and Ron nodded in agreement.

"Why's that?" Lucas asked. He was vaguely familiar with how the houses at Hogwarts worked.

"Well, just because most Slytherin families who worked for the Dark Lord are either in hiding or in Azkaban doesn't mean that they believe the Dark Lord had the right idea," Ron said angrily. "There will still be some trouble-makers at Hogwarts; probably some Slytherins like Pansy and such that will still admire what the Dark Lord tried to do."

"There will always be bad people in the world, Ron," Harry shrugged. "There's nothing we can do about that, but as long as another Dark Age doesn't come I'm fine with it."

Hermione smiled. "Exactly. Besides, after surviving all those stressful years at Hogwarts and the second Dark Age with Voldemort's second attempt at world domination, we can handle ourselves."

"Not to mention, almost half the Death Eaters were executed early last year, right?" Lillian interjected, looking back and forth between them.

"That's right," Ron grinned at her. "Macnair, Avery, Nox and lots of others."

"And Bella," Harry said softly as Draco glanced sideways at him. "Bella Lestrange."

"She deserved it most of all!" Hermione exclaimed, surprising all of them (since Hermione was not only for House-Elf rights, but also against execution).

"For Neville's parents and for Sirius," Harry nodded.

Ron nodded as well. "Yeah, er, aren't Neville's parents doing better though?"

"A little, thanks to the end of the war, but they'll never be the same," Hermione said sadly.

"That's so tragic," Lillian agreed as her eyes dimmed.

"Let's focus on happier thoughts, like the future," Lucas spoke up. "Christmas is coming soon and we can all look forward to a break."

"Alright, I'll go get the dessert," Harry said, not even bothering to get up from his seat.

He waved his wand and out of the fridge came strawberry panna cotta (a dessert delicacy popular in many England restaurants, though it originated in Italy). Harry had tried some for the first time in London when he had stole a bite of Dudley's during his ninth birthday. It was also Draco's favorite.

"What is it?" Lillian asked curiously.

"Strawberry panna cotta," Draco answered, staring at it hungrily to Harry's amusement.

Hermione smiled at her confused expression. "It's an egg-less custard that is thickened with gelatin and strawberries, or whatever flavors are added but in this case it's strawberry. It's also made with buttermilk instead of regular milk to give it an added flavor and texture. And like gelatin it needs to be in the refrigerator for a while to harden into a gelatin-like form. It's really good!"

"Sounds good," Lillian smiled as she took a bite. "Ymmm! Delicious!"

Harry summoned some more tea to the table as they all ate their desserts.

"Did you hear about the Minister?" Hermione questioned. "He resigned almost a week ago."

"That's because everyone realizes he's incompetent," Harry said bitterly. "Minister Scrimageour, while he was definitely better than Fudge, only took up the Minister position in the past because he thought I was going to do all the work for him. And no one else was willing to take the position because they were too scared. Maybe he didn't think as far ahead as the future or even thought we would win the war, but ever since the war ended after the executions he must've realized how much work and responsibility the Minster position is. Even after the war, there are plenty of things to do like rebuilding structures that were destroyed, making peace with the giants and vampires to reassure them the war is over and so much more."

"Peace is just as difficult to manage as the war was," Lucas agreed, smiling softly at him. "Even though it's a lot nicer there is still a lot to do to keep peace and take actions to prevent another war."

Ron yawned tiredly. "Yeah, well now that he resigned they either have to find another Minister, who probably wouldn't want to take over since the people are becoming angered with all the incompetent Ministers, or they're going to have to reform the wizard government and find a new way of ruling."

"That's probably going to happen in the next few years," Lillian added. "I think they should have a council of Elders, the oldest wizards and maybe remaining elderly sorcerers if there are any left. That way it would be less biased and elderly wizards, respectable ones anyway, are much more responsible."

"It's just like back in Merlin's time," Hermione smiled. "I agree with that method. That way there isn't one sole ruler but a group of the wisest wizards or sorcerers that oversee most of the decisions."

"Well, we'll have to see what happens in the future," Ron yawned again. "I think it's time to head out."

"Yeah, it's getting late," Hermione agreed.

Harry stood up followed by Draco, who was finishing off his second strawberry panna cotta.

"Thanks for coming, all of you," Harry smiled sincerely.

"No problem! Next time it should be at our place," Lucas smiled, referring to the small condo he and Hermione were sharing.

"And don't forget the Christmas plans now," Ron said as he helped Lillian up.

"Like that's possible," Draco drawled sarcastically.

Ron sent him a glare, but Harry just shook his head and smiled. "See you all later!"

Harry hugged Hermione and Lillian goodbye then Lucas. He and Ron half-hugged and patted each other's backs. Draco participated in hugging Hermione and Lillian, but he only shook hands with Ron and Lucas. After they all said their goodbyes, Harry closed the door. Smiling, he turned and wrapped his arms tightly around Draco.

"It sounds like it's going to be a fun vacation."

"Yeah," Draco agreed, shrugging. "As long as Weasley doesn't get on my nerves too much."

Harry laughed softly. "You two should really learn to get along. Oh, don't forget that Remus is coming over for dinner tomorrow."

Draco snorted and rolled his eyes. "Great, just what I want. You know he probably only wants to check up on you to make sure I haven't transformed into an evil Slytherin and am plotting to poison you."

Harry raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Really, Draco your positive outlook is so thrilling. You know that ever since last Christmas when we got back together and Remus met you personally and talked with you that he realized you're sincere. I've explained to him everything about you and he knows you chose to break ties from your family and that you were never like them. So stop being paranoid. Besides, Ron's the one who checks up on me sometimes not him."

Draco's eyes narrowed, but Harry leaned in and placed his lips atop his. Draco eventually closed his eyes and responded to the kiss. As Harry tilted his head, he slipped his tongue between Draco's lips and felt the blond's tongue lash out to spar with his. Their kissing became passionate and Harry could feel his desire building. Draco still had an intense effect on him just like the first time they began having feelings for one another. They finally broke apart and Harry smiled.

"Want to go upstairs?"

Draco raised an eyebrow but relinquished his hold on him. The two of them walked upstairs to the master bedroom that they shared. Harry waved his wand until he was clad in his boxers and watched as Draco magically changed into his boxers as well. Harry then summoned two alcoholic butterbeers and approached the plush couch that sat in front of the fireplace a short distance from the king-sized bed they shared. Draco had already plopped down onto the couch and took the butterbeer offered to him.

"So, how long until you think Ron will have kids?"

"I honestly don't want to think about it," Draco drawled in amusement as he took a sip. "You know we'll be stuck babysitting."

Harry laughed and pulled him close, bending over to press their lips together. "Not if we make excuses about needing to practice Quidditch. I think there's a good chance we'll go the championships this year. And if we win the world championships we'll have more than enough money to retire."

Draco raised both eyebrows. "True, Potter but I want to continue for a while longer. We're only nineteen after all."

Harry didn't bother to remind him that Draco would be 20 in about three months, on June 5th. And Harry's birthday wasn't too far after that, July 31st. Hermione considered the twentieth birthday to be the biggest because, although the legal adult age in Britain was 18, being twenty meant no longer being a teenager.

"Sure, I don't mind," Harry said, smiling. "I just meant that I don't think we'll ever run into financial problems."

Draco snorted softly. "Yeah."

For a minute they were both silent and Harry scooted closer until his body was resting up against Draco's.

"Draco, I'm really glad this worked out between us. I thought last year that I had completely ruined it."

The blond turned and glanced at him. He was silent for a minute before he spoke. "It was my fault too. I didn't want to break-up but I was thinking only of my career. I thought a relationship might hold me back and prevent me from becoming a famous Quidditch player. Once I was on the team though I began realizing that I was always in a bad mood. I didn't figure out why until I saw you again and then I knew…"

"Draco," Harry said quietly, putting a hand on his knee.

The blond snorted softly and shrugged. "It's nothing really. Even now I still can't believe how things ended up between us."

"Yeah, I think about that sometimes when I stop and look at how far we've come. Mostly I'm shocked how long we've been together. But I definitely am glad I went to that Quidditch Academy otherwise we would've always remained enemies," Harry said, staring into his eyes.

Draco nodded silently and they remained side-by-side being warmed by the fire as they sipped their butterbeers. Wordlessly, Harry pressed up against Draco's side. When he turned, Harry wrapped his arms around his neck and pushed him backward gently. Draco managed to keep a firm grip on his drink as Harry lay down on top of him.

"Potter if you want to have sex just say so," Draco drawled, his eyes glistening with amusement.

"Maybe in a little while," Harry smiled, moving to press his lips upon Draco's. "I just want to relax first."

Draco raised an eyebrow but Harry just smiled and leaned in again for another kiss. He opened his mouth as their lips met. Both their eyes closed and Harry moved his lips passionately over his as the sound of their kissing continued. Harry slipped his tongue through Draco's parted lips and groaned as their tongues touched and caressed. He was already becoming more aroused, but he didn't want to move to the bed yet.

Breaking away from the kiss, Harry stared down at him lovingly. Their bodies were still pressed tightly together as Harry remained atop him. Draco's hard-on was pressing gently against his stomach and they gazed into one another's eyes. Harry's forest-green eyes and Draco's silver-blue eyes were illuminated by the glow of the fire, making the gaze more ethereal.

Harry lifted his free hand, while his other kept hold of his own drink, and brushed his fingers across Draco's cheek as he moved some stray blond hairs from his face. Then Harry's lips curled into a coy smile.

"So, is there a chance we'll ever get married?"

Draco gazed up at him, raising both eyebrows. "Potter, I think seeing Hermione's engagement ring has brainwashed you."

Smiling, Harry noted the fact that Draco hadn't said anything against it. Perhaps one day they could get married, but whether or not they would ever exchange rings Harry knew for sure that there was no way they were going to break up; they had finally gotten through the last obstacle. And there were so many things to look forward to for the future.

Bending down, Harry rested his head on Draco's chest, pressing a small kiss to his sternum. A few seconds later, Draco raised his free hand and draped it over Harry's bare back. Harry smiled into his chest and after setting his drink down on the floor he wrapped his other hand around the blond's back. He knew he loved Draco and in fact he had told the blond that a year ago when Ron had almost ruined everything. Draco hadn't said it back outright, but it was understandable; Draco had never been told he was loved by his parents and therefore he had never been able to openly express feelings, at least until Harry opened him up.

Draco showed his love in many other ways, like draping an arm around him in public, or buying him gifts here and there. Despite the fact that they would have arguments and there would still be some rough times and even some doubts about making the championships, there were many more good memories to overcome the bad. And he knew that he and Draco would be able to get through anything. They had their friends, their own place, successful jobs (in which both of them were now well-known) but best of all they now had each other, for the rest of their lives.

The End


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