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Love is nothing but a mess

Summary: Boys are oblivious, girls are drama queens, cheerleaders are evil, best friends are nosy and over protective older brothers are over protective older brothers, mix that and what do you get? A mess of course! As the phrase says: "Love has this horrible habit of messing everything up." And that doesn't make it any less funny. R&R

Chapter 1

The green eyed monster

The basketball court, the movement of shoes, a swish, a cheering crowd, Takeru 'Tk' Takaishi and a three pointer.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THAT PUTS ODAIBA IN THE LEAD! GO ODAIBA!" the voice of a male teen echoed around the place through a microphone excitedly, the crowd cheering loudly behind him.

"Yamasaki, this is the last time I warn you," hissed a strong stiff voice, echoing around the room in a lower menacing tone. Yamasaki cringed, he hated having him on his tail, he was as bitter as rotten lemon, and that was saying something.

"Sorry professor, I know this is supposed to be an unbiased game, but...OH GEE, ANOTHER TWO POINTS! GO ODAIBA!" the young voice of Yamasaki echoed around the room happily again, ignoring once again his teacher's twentieth warning.

"Yamasaki..." the older teacher hissed dangerously, a treacherous shade of red filling up his face. The boy looked at him happily his smile disappearing as soon as he saw his teacher's face; he gulped while a severe looking man took the microphone from the teen's trembling hands.

"AND WE'RE BACK TO THE GAME PEOPLE!" said enthusiastically the once stiff voice of the middle aged teacher, Yamasaki stared wide eyed, the crowd stared mouth opened, the cheerleading squad gawked stopping their routine and the opposite team ogled dumbly dropping the ball to the floor in astonishment. The local team sweatdropped looked at each other and Tk scored.

"AND OUR LOCAL STAR, TK TAKAISHI SCOOOOOOOORED!" declared the booming voice of the once stern teacher. The crowd shrugged, and cheered loudly, hugging each other showing how much they loved each other, the season was over and they had won. The referee whistled. It was official. ODAIBA WON 97-90 THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

"AND THAT IS IT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, GIVE THE ODAIBA TEAM A CHEER AND LET'S GET THE PARY STARTED!" said the overly exited teacher, dancing clumsily in his place receiving odd glances from bystanders and a glare from Yamasaki, he had technically lost his job.


"OMG KARI, WE'VE WON! WE'VE WON!" Yolei yelled enthusiastically, giving her shorter female friend a bone crushing hug, getting as sometimes happened to her while excited, a little bit out of hand.

"Umm, Yolei?" the brunette breathed, feeling herself turning slightly blue. The lavender haired girl turned to her friend surprised.

"What?" she asked hugging her tighter, seeing over her shoulder a rather welcoming sight of a rather handsome guy, passing by giving her a rather good view of his...

"Yolei I can't breathe," Kari whizzed, being released instantly by her friend sheepishly. Yolei scratched her head in embarrassment, a nervous laugh escaping her lips. As happy as Kari was of winning, she did not fancied death.

"Sorry Kari, you know how I get when I get exited," Yolei replied off handedly, jumping on her spot, trying unsuccessfully to find the guy she was watching just a while ago.

"Yolei, what are you searching for?" Kari inquired curiously, trying to follow her lavender haired friend's gaze, which turned to be quite difficult over the sea of people.

"Some guy that passed by, he was really cute," Yolei replied shamelessly, jumping from her spot trying to get a better sight, after all, Odaiba had just won their first State Championship and people were more than eager to celebrate. The brunette frowned.

"I thought you liked Ken," Kari commented bewildered, giving her friend a quizzical look. Yolei stopped jumping, giving up hope, and turned to her friend skeptical, some kind of shadow obscuring her face. Kari sweatdropped.

"I do, the thing is that, there is a whole bunch of cute boys out there, and Ken doesn't seems to notice me in the littlest bit, I mean come'n he preferred leaving with Davis to who knows where instead of sitting here with us," Yolei said, sighing just afterwards in spite of herself.

"You know, I don't think he wanted to go with D—

The brown-haired girl started, trying to comfort her precarious friend but was soon cut afterwards.

"Kari, the fact that I don't have a date to go to whatever party there is going to be today, doesn't means you shouldn't have one, come'n let's find Tk!" Yolei exclaimed chirpily, doing more than willingly of matchmaker. Kari's crimson eyes widened in surprise. Yolei was sure to be cheeky AND nosy.

"WHAT!" Kari exclaimed horror stricken, feeling her body get stiff, million of uncomfortable, awkward and quite surprising thoughts popped on her mind. Tk and I, on a date! WHAT?

"Come'n Kari, don't let any of those foul and evil cheerleaders take what is for right yours," Yolei said darkly, shadows covering her face, taking her friend's stiff and sweaty hand into hers dragging her through the crowd determined, Kari following numbly. What's MINE? Since when? Kari thought, coming up with a rather frightening picture of an evil cheerleader tearing Tk's head off, the cheerleader being not exactly a cheerleader but an evil Floramon. Kari shuddered.

"Yolei, I never told you I liked Tk," Kari said matter-of-factly, trying to keep as neutral as possible. After all, she didn't like Tk in that way, Yolei being the first person who presented her with such scenario, but why did she felt so uncertain all of a sudden. I care for him and he is really cute and ...and...Oh god, do I like him? I can't like him like him…no I don't…I…

"Kari, that is not going to work with me, I mean, I can read you like a book and honestly, you've never been so interested in basketball before, is either one you've found your dreamt sport or two you like the guy; I've read lots of magazines and believe me, it's the latter" Yolei commented expertly, a strange kind of glint emanating from her round glasses, making her look horribly alike to a scientist.

"Yolei, we are friends, and friends are supposed to care for each other," Kari replied in what she hoped could be a confident voice, suddenly followed by a nervous laugh, well more like cackle.

"Dear god, SHE CAUGHT HIM!" Yolei exclaimed frantic, stopping suddenly, clasping her hands over her mouth in terror. The brunette looked at her terrorized friend with a quizzical look.

"Who got who Yolei?" The crimson eyed girl inquired quietly, a little bit amused at her friend's reaction considering she seemed as if a roaring lion had just entered the gym attacking random students savagely. She smiled briefly and followed the gaze of her petrified friend to the commotion, her eyes bulging out of her sockets as soon as she caught the scene, any sight of amusement or happiness clearly gone. And it wasn't a lion by the way but a lioness.

There he was, Tk Takaishi talking animatedly with the worst person anyone could ever imagine, the leader of the cheerleading squad and fan club, the unfandomable, quite annoying and mean, Mokoto Shirotori. Kari's eyes narrowed instantly, Mokoto was a one of the girls who specialized on making her life unbearable, from humiliating her in public to staining her white blouse with grape juice.

Kari sharpened her claws, well nails, and lunged at the annoying bugger, well not really, more like stood there watching dumbly the scene, feeling something she had never felt before. The sound of her heart collapsing against the floor shattering in very small pieces, a pang on her heart and it hurt horribly.

"Oh my god, I can't believe that...that...well you know is flirting with him, I mean, she totally knows he is – Kari you okay?" The lavender girl asked with worry, looking over her friend's saddened look.

"Oh, I'm fine Yolei, don't worry, come on let's go Tk is obviously busy," Kari said weakly, looking at the floor reproachfully, tugging her friend's right sleeve indicating her to leave with her. Yolei frowned and looked at her friend with disbelief.

"Kari, I can't believe you!" Yolei exclaimed exalted putting her arms on her friend's shoulders looking at her fiercely; Kari squirmed under her protuberant gaze. Yolei really frightened her sometimes.

"You can't leave him with that thing," she hissed, shaking her shoulders rapidly in attempt to knock some sense into her. SNAP OUT OF IT HIKARI! She thought, giving the brunette girl an unbelieving stare. Tk looked up at the small commotion, a bright smile reaching his eyes at the sight of the girls.

"KARI, YOLEI!" He called and waved to them, ignoring the useless attempts of Mokoto to engage him once again in conversation. Yolei waved back enthusiastically, removing her hands from Kari's shoulders. Kari managed to master a small smile that probably passed as a grimace.

"So Tk, you were saying," Motoko said loudly an insolent smirk plastered on her face and tugged Tk's blazer softly while giving the brunette girl a dirty look of disdain.

"Excuse me Motoko, it will have to be another time," Tk said off handedly taking off to meet the other girls, a goofy smile evident on his face, ignoring Motoko's insane ranting. The cheerleader's face reddened, green eyes suddenly taking over her "stuck-up" frame.

"TAKERU COME BACK HERE, WE'RE NOT FINISHED, DON'T LEAVE ALONE, COME HERE, IT'S AN ORDER!" Motoko yelled moving her arms wildly to get his attention, green eyes glinting, making quite a spectacle, a vain popping from her forehead. Seeing Tk wasn't coming back, she exited the room fuming like a mad dog but not before slamming the door loudly. I'm getting back on you Hikari Yagami, you're going to fall. She thought darkly before getting out sight.

"Hey, I'm glad you came," Tk said brightly giving the girls a cheerful smile, the gymnasium slowly emptying. . Yolei smiled back and nudged her brunette friend painfully in the ribs when she reserved herself to look at the floor.

"Your friend Motoko has a very nasty temper," Yolei said darkly, eyeing the room suspiciously, suspecting Motoko hiding under a bleacher ready to lunge at them. You never know with cheerleaders.

"Motoko?" he inquired bewildered, scratching his head with his right hand. Yolei nodded energetically giving him a skeptical look, boys where not to be trusted when it came to cheerleaders. Kari looked up warily, trying to get over all her sudden awkwardness, eyeing Tk suspiciously. He should know who Motoko is.

Then he chuckled, "You're talking about the girl I was talking to a moment ago right?" he asked, an amused smile crossing his fine thing lips. Yolei and Kari nodded.

"She is kind of weird, she kept on asking me if I could give her one of my socks, I've always thought cheerleaders were weird but not that much," he commented sheepishly. Yolei grinned. He doesn't like her! Whoohoo! Go Kari!

"You know guys, I've just remember something, I told Ken we would meet later, so I gotta go now, talk you laters, congratulations for your game Tk!" Yolei said happily, giving Kari a small push towards Tk before running to the exit. Kari's eyes widened and looked at the lavender haired girl run towards the exit. Kari gave her an apprehensive look which Yolei shrugged off giving her thumbs up before exiting the room. Kari sighed, feeling her heart beating furiously in her chest.

"So, what's up?" Tk asked casually, putting his hands inside his blazer's pockets nervously. Kari looked up at him and opened her mouth.

"Err...nothing...really," she said slowly, silently smacking herself for giving him such a weak answer, fidgeting with her feet.

Being with Tk wasn't so awkward. Kari thought miserably, returning her gaze to the floor.

That's because you didn't know you liked him. A confident voice said inside her head, sounding slightly familiar.

"Shut up," Kari mumbled lowly and looked up instantly realizing she had said it aloud, giving Tk one of her remorseful grimaces.

"Excuse me?" Tk asked waking up from his own mental reverie, looking at her strangled.

"Nothing," Kari replied blushing lightly. Tk shrugged and gave her a smile. Kari returned her gaze to the ground again, a redder blush spreading down her cheeks.

I told you so! An annoying voice said which now she recognized faintly as hers, said inside her head.

Leave me alone! Kari yelled mentally, shaking her head in an attempt of getting rid of her annoying double.

I'm still here! Her double taunted while Kari imagined a more confident version of herself smiling smugly to a Lilliputian version of herself.

"Kari, I have meant to ask you something," Tk said nervously, fidgeting with his now uncovered hands, looking at the floor. Kari looked up, feeling her face redden, getting a rather embarrassing picture of herself dressed in a Tomato costume running after a scared to death Tk.

"Yes?" Kari instructed him to continue, even though she was more than aware she looked even worst than a juicy tomato. Tk breathed and looked up a fierce blush spread down his handsome face. Kari couldn't help of his implications.

Whoa girl, what have you done to him! I haven't seen Tk blush so much since Davis thought you two guys were going on a date! Or was it when you fell over him after a bad landing in the digital world? Being truthful, that was a rather interesting landing being on top of...

Kari proceeded to ignore her more than cheeky inner voice and looked at Tk hopefully. What was she expecting? She was part hopeful and part scared. What if Yolei was right, what if Tk liked her and wanted to invite her on a date! Kari gulped, her heart beating forcefully in her chest.

"Well you see, I like this girl," Tk began, while Kari's hopes came crashing to the ground in a loud crash, while she imagined the Lilliputian version of herself falling through an endless hole of darkness and despair.

"And?" Kari asked her voice cracking. Tk likes another girl what's the big deal! Get over yourself Hikari, with luck it won't be Motoko! Shouldn't you feel happy for him? But those thought did not make Hikari feel better and unexpectedly to her a sudden feeling of anger began to overcome her, a type of anger she had never felt before.

"Well you see, I've been planning on declaring my feelings to her and I was wondering if you could help me out, I mean you know all this kind of girl stuff and..." he trailed off. He looked at her and was startled when he found his brunette friend quite errr...tense.

"What else do you need Takeru?" she asked coolly, feeling her body tremble in an attempt to control her feelings. Tk looked at her flabbergast; he had never seen Kari so exalted before.

"Errr...Kari do you feel alright?" Tk asked tactfully, moving forward to touch her shoulder which she brushed away with a quivering hand.

"Just tell me what else you need," she said, anger dripping from her voice. She tried to smile but what came out was more like a creepy grimace, closing her hands in a fist so tight it turned white. Tk was taken aback; he should have told her what all was about from the begging.

"Kari if you're jealous just let me tell you who this person is and –

"JEALOUS? TK YOU DON'T GET A THING!" She yelled frantically, before exiting the room in tears, leaving a gobsmacked Tk behind like a fish out of water, he had really screwed it up.


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