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Love is nothing but a mess

Summary: Boys are oblivious, girls are drama queens, cheerleaders are evil, best friends are nosy and over protective older brothers are over protective older brothers, mix that and what do you get? A mess of course! As the phrase says: "Love has this horrible habit of messing everything up." And that doesn't make it any less funny. R&R

Chapter 3

The most important principle

"WHAT THE HELL IS TJ DOING HERE!" a not so distant voice yelled from the parallel street. Motoko looked at Tk and took the flowers from him with grace.

Step three: Yagami, prepare to die!

Kari wouldn't, couldn't dare, to believe her eyes. Was Tk giving Motoko a bouquet of lilies? Could Motoko be the lucky girl who captured her best friend's heart? It was impossible (and those were her favorite flowers!), it just couldn't be because…it hurt so much.

She could feel the tears piling up behind her eyelid again, the hotness that burned her eyes and made them blurry.

"Kari, are you okay?"

She ran. It didn't matter anymore. She ignored Davis insistent yelling behind her and failed to witness Motoko's eloquently evil smile. She even failed to hear Tk running after her the first couple of blocks.

Her face was wet and the wind stroke almost painfully against her skin. She opened the door of her apartment quietly and dried her eyes with the fabric of her sleeve. Her older brother was home from college and last thing she wanted was bothering him with fragility.

He sat waiting by the park in vain. He had lost her one block away and the possibilities of finding her now were near minimal. Even when he was more than eager to blame Motoko for his current state of affairs he couldn't. He'd been stupid, and cowardly.

Her bouquet was still in his hands, half of its flowers either thorn or missing. He had disregarded them as soon as he had started running after her. He sighed.

"What are you doing here TS?" there was only one person on the face of Earth that insisted on mispronouncing his name.

"Davis?" Tk looked up; from his position on the bench his friend looked quite intimidating. His hair was as messy as always, the old pair of goggles still plastered over his head; it was in times like this when his resemblance with Tai was striking.

"You didn't answer my question," the sweat that traveled down his cheek signaled him that Davis had been running after Kari too.

"Nothing," Tk had been inclined to answer he had been feeling pity for himself but thought better.

Davis face grew into a snarl as he curled his hands into fists. Without a warning he stroke Tk's jaw with a perfectly placed hook. Tk didn't place any resistance when the shorter teen took him from the collar of his shirt and pulled him upright; the bouquet of wrecked flowers lay forgotten on the bench.

"That was for making Kari cry," Davis hissed hotly against his face and pushed Tk forcefully against a tree. The blonde cringed with pain but said nothing.

"This for being a dipshit," he jeered, finally releasing him from his grip. A flustered hand made its way through his rowdy hair almost complacent.

"I deserved it," said Tk quietly, rubbing the sore place in his jaw were Davis's hook had connected. He was quietly pleased that he hadn't busted his lip.

Davis smirked at him, "You sure deserved it TS,"

Tk smiled meekly from his spot against the tree and he too brushed his hand through his own messy hair. He had dropped his fisherman hat a couple of blocks away.

"What're you doin'?" Davis grinned to the blonde teasingly. The way he changed his mood was sometimes even more befuddling to Tk than Yolei's, especially since he used to be anything but hostile towards him.

"I don't know," he answered back truthfully, "I thought you liked her," Tk's blue eyes turned to the shorter boy with confusion; he had always thought that Kari was the main impediment for their inability to become close friends.

Ignoring the perpetual stare of his companion, Davis limited himself to gaze at the sky. "I do like her," he didn't want to use bigger words for something he didn't know how to name.

"I just…I talked to Tai the other day and I just want her to be happy, you know?" the forced smile he sent him wasn't convincing enough to demonstrate he wasn't in pain.


"I don't want to compete for something you've already won," Davis intervened, Tk wasn't quite sure what he was referring to, "Otherwise, there's no way I'm could make it out alive," he turned his eyes to him, crimson reflected in blue, and Tk understood.


The blonde smiled against his will and took out the walkie-talkie from one of his short's pocket. Davis rolled his eyes from his place by the bench.

"Hey Yolei,"

"I've heard everything, how could you be so stupid!"

Tk moved away the walkie-talkie the farthest he could from his ear. Yolei's voice resembled that of a hungry dinosaur.

"Hey Yolei, don't shout –

"Yeah lousy cow, we don't appreciate you making our ears fall from their place in our heads,"

"D-Davis? What the hell are you doing there! And…it's biologically impossible for our ears to fall from our heads,"

"Not if you don't stop shouting!"


"Umm…Yolei?" After so many years, it had become one of Tk's duties to stop illogical bickering, after all.

"Tk? What the hell is that moron doing there?"

Tk covered Davis' mouth with his had forcibly, even if it was grossing him out, he didn't have much time to lose if he was planning to make things alright.

"He was just helping me,"

"What? To kill yourself?"

This time Davis tried biting him; Tk had to render him a nice kick on the shin which made Davis squirm in pain.

"No, he just hit some sense into me," Literally.

"Well that doesn't matter, I just…ugh, you've been so stupid, how could you fall so low? You know Motoko's a bitch!"

"Yolei…it hasn't been a good day,"

Tk wasn't in the mood to deal with nagging, especially when he had a squirming Davis under his surveillance, and a difficult feat ahead of himself.

"Why is Davis so silent?"Yolei asked behind the walkie-talkie suddenly going sidetrack of the matter at hand.

"Yolei…is that important?" Tk jeered slightly annoyed, he was sure Davis had some sort of 'evil' plan to get out of his strong grip.

"I guess not, you're right, what was I saying?" she replied back obliviously. Tk sighed.

"How I'm stupid and Motoko's you know…" the blonde reminded her slowly.

"A bitch?"


"You're stupid,"

"You don't have to repeat it,"

Tk was sure that the liquid that leaked on his hands was no his sweat but Davis saliva and it was making him quite ill tempered. Davis mischievous dancing eyes didn't deter him from his assumption either.

"No Tk, you don't understand…you forgot the 3rd and most important rule," her voice was for the first time in the day tender, even when it did have an edge of anxiousness.

"…" Yolei had never told him what the 3rd rule was.

"Always run after the bride even if she tells you not to," she summarized, her firm voice condemned him.


"I know she isn't your bride but—

"She never told me not to run after her, she just ignored me…" his voice came out a little bit too emotional but he really didn't know what he was supposed to do.

"It was implied," she snapped at him, Tk cringed.

"No, it wasn't," he defended himself quietly, although he knew that he the one mistaken.

"It was, she was crying, damn it!"

"That means…" he didn't want to feel down about the whole ordeal but his mood was definitely in the blues.

"You're going after her, of course" Yolei ordered him as it were the most logical thing in the world to do, the blonde couldn't help but to agree that it was; he had been really blind not to come up with that logical answer himself.

"…I don't know where she is," that at least was true, although he was resolute to look for her at the end of the world if it was necessary.

"She's at her house, I've just checked,"Tk felt as a burden was suddenly taken away from his shoulders. Somehow, the grass looked much greener now.

"I'll go over—

"Don't! I'll go first, wait somewhere near…and wait for my call,"

"What am I going —


The line was dead, Yolei wasn't going to answer. Apparently, (and quite unluckily) Yolei had a plan in mind, one he didn't know about. Putting the walkie-talkie back on his short's pocket, Tk finally released Davis from his grip.

"What were you biting me for?" he asked with a poker face, he wasn't about to let Davis find out about his repulsion to saliva.

"I just remember, I'd tried to tell you but…Ken went back to school to look for Yolei," Davis finished as he scratched the back of his neck with a grin. Tk rubbed his palm against his shorts; he hoped his detergent was strong enough to wipe out the irritating odor of saliva.

"Um…I guess I'll just get going," Tk finished with a smile; even when Yolei was most of the time a nervous wreck, she always had something in mind to do even when most of her plans did fail over the course of action. This time, he was determined to make it work, he wasn't going to fail.

"I'll go back and talk to Ken then," Davis said with a faltering grin. Tk nodded, he understood.

Davis hid it well; his smile was brilliant but his eyes were as blank as that of a dejected person. Tk wondered whether Davis finally considered himself defeated. If by letting him confess to Kari brought some kind of closure to the brunette.

"Thanks for everything," his voice was calm and full of gratitude; he'd always considered Davis a good person and friend.

"You don't have to thank me but if you break her heart Tk, I'll beat you into a pulp," Davis warned with a cocky smirk; Tk noticed the way he purposely spelt his nickname correctly.

"I wouldn't expect less," he replied back with a smirk of his own, he wasn't about to give up and make her cry again.


End chapter 3

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