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Naruto fainted.

Kakashi's nose bled.

And Sasuke blushed.

"What's wrong, everybody? Don't you like my new outfit?" Sakura asked, claiming her triumph inside her with her Inner self.


There she stood, with the most absurd set of clothes on! But of course, all of us have different points of views. For Naruto, she looked different. For Kakashi, she looked like the one he saw in the new cover of Icha Icha Paradise. For Sasuke…

She looked hot, beautiful, adorable, inviting, gorgeous and… you get the point.

Sasuke cleared his throat to keep himself from squeaking.

"What do you want?" He asked, barely a whisper.

Sakura giggled in that annoying high-pitched tone. "Well, to train of course! What else?"

"I'm sorry, Sakura, but you can't wear that inappropriate clothing while we're training. The effect will get unbearable!" Kakashi stated while he drooled, his mask already dripping his slimy saliva. Okay, that was disturbing.

"Aw, why not?" Sakura pouted and neared the silver-haired Jounin.

"Those garments are not suitable while training because its temperature to the body is bad."

"It is? Why? Could I catch, um, something like, pneumonia? A cold perhaps?"

Kakashi fanned himself. "No, it's bad for me." Finally, his nose exploded with loads of blood! (I can't believe I'm writing this)

"Sasuke-kun, are you all right? You look awfully… red." Sakura whispered seductively by his ear.

Sasuke twitched, trying desperately not to…

Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down.


His naughty eyes took a glimpse and witnessed those enormous… you-know-what.

Sakura inwardly trembled with annoyance. She couldn't believe that she would do something like this. But it was either be a slave, or be stuck with this embarrassing situation!

The miniskirt that was waaayy up her knees, the top that makes you think "CLOTHES ARE MADE TO COVER YOURSELF! Why wear them when it's outrageously small?!", the ridiculously high heels that made her tall enough to reach Sasuke's height.

This wasn't her plan when she was young.

Not at all!

"Enough of this nonsense, Sakura!"

Sakura blinked as those five words escaped from Uchiha Sasuke's lips. He looked angry, and at the same time embarrassed.

"Just what do you think you are doing?"

Sakura grinned sheepishly, no longer the daring woman earlier. "Um, seducing?"

"Seducing?! Why would you do such a thing?"

Fury overflowed within Sakura's system when she remembered once more all about that Deal. "WELL, IT'S ALL BECAUSE IF I DIDN'T,I WOULD BE YOUR SLAVE! FOREVER! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!"

"So what? Being my slave is a good thing."

Sakura snarled, "no, it isn't, you bastard!" She spat. "MY PRIDE'S ON THE LINE HERE!"

"Do you think you have some more left?"

Sakura fell silent afterwards.

"You are such an idiot, Sakura." He declared coldly with his stiff expression. "You're annoying."

He walked away, leaving her ashamed and full of remorse.

Defeated, she went back home.

Changing into her normal clothes, she reflected all the things that happened to her earlier. She still couldn't believe how she managed to find the courage to do that.

Was she that desperate? Determined to prove herself?

Did she act that pathetic that even she, herself, was humiliated by herself? All she could ever think about was how lame she had acted.

But the deal…

What will happen now if she stopped? She'll have to bow to him! Maybe he'll torture her with many unreasonable errands like opening the door for him, spoon feeding him, making his feet walk, make his hands move, or maybe even… give him a bath, and clothe him, and fix his hair in that IMPOSSIBLE hairdo!

For the love of humanity, save us!!

Inner Sakura screamed in agony as she cried dramatically.

Sakura sighed.

And while she lied on her back…

An insolent grin crossed her face.

"That's only the beginning, Uchiha Sasuke."


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