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-:Chapter 1:-

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It was around eight o'clock when Ichigo's hollow alarm went off. He looked over at from his respective spot on the bed. At that point, Rukia decided it was a good time to burst through his door.
"Ichigo! Get up, there's a hollow!"

He looked over at her, and decided it best not to argue. Ichigo knew that there were more than 5 shinigami in his city that could deal with it, since he wasn't in the mood. His relaxing was once again interrupted by a hollow, and he accepted that.

"Right, I know."

Ichigo picked up his shinigami badge from his desk, and pressed it against his chest. His body fell on the floor, with his shinigami form standing, waiting for Rukia to do the same. Rukia took the badge from Ichigo's limp hand, and repeated Ichigo's act of freeing the soul from the body. Her gigai falls into Ichigo's desk chair, and her standing ready as well.

"C'mon Rukia!"

"I'm coming, dammit. Who's the one who was trying to ignore the alarm just now, anyway!"

"Tch. Just hurry up."

Rukia jumped out the window and landed next to Ichigo. They ran off in the direction of the hollow.
By the time they got there, there were two bleeding female bodies on the cement, just outside of the mall. Rukia ran toward the two injured girls, while Ichigo brought out his sword and faced the hollow.

"Well, well. Two shinigami. Trying to save the girls, eh? Don't bother, I've already eaten their souls. Now it looks like I get to eat yours!"

The hollow jumped at Ichigo, who jumped out of the way. However, the hollow didn't stop, it was going for Rukia. Ichigo, flash stepped in time, and put himself and his sword inbetween the hollow and Rukia.

"Idiot! Ichigo, you need to pay more attention to your surroundings!" Rukia yelled, irritated at Ichigo for having the hollow go after her and the two girls she was trying to heal. "There is still one with her soul still intact, so be careful!"

"Shut up. I know."

Ichigo pushed the hollow away from their tiny group. He then started to summon reiatsu to his hand, and he pulled it across his face, bringing out his hollow mask.

"What's with that mask, shinigami?" questioned the hollow, voicing some surprise.

"Why do you need to know?" asked Ichigo, as he pulled his mask off to the side, so his face was visible, as well as his now black and gold eyes. "Besides, can't you tell?"

Before Ichigo could finish his last question, the hollow was charging. Ichigo, charged when he was finished talking, and cut off the hollow's left arm. A long, bone chilling howl was released, which caused Ichigo and Rukia to cringe for a minute. In that window of weakness, the hollow vanished, and reappeared infront of Rukia. Ichigo was the first to notice.


She turned around to see Ichigo standing infront of her, with part of his body in the hollow's mouth. Ichigo raised his arm, and stabbed its throat with Zangetsu. This caused the hollow to rip its mouth out of Ichigo, leaving large parts of Ichigo's right arm bleeding, badly. He fell to his knees, dropped Zangetsu, and held onto his shoulder. There was a large puddle of blood appearing around Ichigo, and his left arm fell off his right shoulder. He had lost enough blood (and flesh), so that he couldn't do much with his body, due to shock. The hollow noticed his dulled state, and attacked again. This time, Ichigo's right arm darted forward and stopped the hollow's jaws from advancing.

"I-Ichigo!" stammered Rukia, shocked at Ichigo's sudden speed increase and how he didn't back down in his injured position.

"Sorry, Ichigo ain't here." His voice was 'syrupy' compared to his usual rough voice. It also held a tone that Rukia recognized, since her older brother explained to her how Ichigo sounded when Ichigo's hollow took over, soon after Aizen left with Gin and Tousen. "He's too weak to kill this piece of shit, so I found this as a good time for me to finish the job."

Ichigo picked up Zangetsu as the hollow backed off, curious as to the orange haired shinigami's change in attitude.

"I…I thought Ichigo got ride of you. He beat you, didn't he?" stuttered Rukia.

"Tch, like he could ever get rid of me. We are one in the same, Rukia. Remember, the only way to get rid of me, is to kill him."

Before Rukia could respond, Ichigo used shunpo, and landed right infront of the hollow.

"What…what are you dammit!" Screeched the hollow just before Ichigo sliced its mask in half.

"I don't need to respond to an embarrassment like you." Ichigo's black and yellow eyes showed a large amount of confidence, and smug-ness.

Ichigo turned to face Rukia, who was facing him, with her zanpakuto drawn. He smirked at Rukia's behavior.

"Why ya pointin that sword at me Rukia?" he asked casually, yet sarcastically.

"Release Ichigo."

"Why? It's not like he can move if I do. Besides, he's still alive, just unconscience. You shouldn't be concerned." Ichigo's eyes were holding a combination of delight and cunning.

"Let him go dam-"

Before she could finish her demand, Ichigo was behind her. He leaned forward against her cheek.

"Why would I do what you want? You can't tell me what to do."

He backed up behind Rukia, who turned quickly, as to not miss a possible attack. Ichigo threw his sword in the air, and caught it on the dull side of the blade point. In one fluid motion, he lifted a dumb-founded Rukia up with the hilt, and picked up the two girls.

"What the hell are you doing, bastard!" yelled Rukia from behind.

"What do ya think I'm doin?"

"Your going to consume Ichigo completely, and then eat the living girl's soul. I'm not going to let you!" With that said, Rukia started to struggle.

Not bothering to respond, Ichigo flash stepped and appeared infront of the hospitle. With the hollow in control, Ichigo's body could use the same techniques at an extremely higher level. He dumped the two girls just beyond the front doors of the main hospitle of Karakura, and walked away.

"Why, why would a hollow do that?" Rukia asked astounded at this Ichigo's act of 'charity'.

"I'm doing what I'm told…grudgingly." Replied Ichigo, disgust starting to fill his facial expressions, and his last word.

"Who's telling… Wait, you're listening to Ichigo!"

"Yeah… You're lucky he's keeping me on a tight leash, even unconscience. I'd kill ya otherwise, him too."

Ichigo walked back to the Kurosaki clinic, and tossed Rukia through Ichigo's window. He then jumped through the window, with Zangetsu back on his back. Rukia waited, and watched as Ichigo walked over to his body, when blood started to trickle from his mouth, and collapsed.

"Dammit Ichigo. Your damned body can't keep up with me, figures." Ichigo said to himself.

Rukia took in the image of one of the most powerful shinigami lying there dying. She slowly approached him cautiously, and knelt down.

"What the hell you doing Rukia?" asked the hollow within Ichigo.

"It's your turn to shut up. I don't care what happens to you, but I won't have Ichigo dying like this." She silently chanted healing spells, while Ichigo's black eyes watched her intently. However, he blacked out after about a minute, and returned to his world. Ichigo was sitting there regaining his breath.

"Oi, King, I'm back. That Rukia girl cares a lot for ya, did ya notice?"

"Yeah, I know that."

Benounced to no one, Ichigo and his hollow had learned to get along, which caused him to master the hollow transformation just before the last battle against the Arrancar. They figured that it was easier, since Ichigo was able to beat his hollow everytime it tried to gain control. It was Ichigo's idea, since fighting something he saw as finished was pointless. After that, they learned to like eachother; kinda like how Renji and Ichigo became friends.

"Ya don't sound to thrilled King." He sat behind Ichigo and put his arms on his shoulders. Ichigo winced, since his right arm was in such bad condition.

"I'm just not surprised. It sounds like something she'd do, healing me, I mean."

"She doesn't seem to like me…"

"Gee, and you can't think of a reason why? You're not as smart as you passed yourself off as."

Hollow Ichigo scowled. "Ya know that ain't nice King."

"The name I've got is Ichigo. Use it."

"Whatever." He stood up and pulled Ichigo up next. "You should return soon, or she'll get mad at ya, and me."

"You think she isn't now?"

The hollow rolled his eyes. "Madder."

"I guess you're right."

"I am, now go. You're presence is bothering me." Hollow Ichigo responed with some sarcasm.

Rukia was sitting by Ichigo, waiting for him to wake up. After a while, Ichigo slowly opened his eyes.


"Yeah, I'm here. Looks like you're back in control."

"I guess…"

Before he could continue, Isshin came flying through the door and kicked Ichigo in the ribs.

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