Dear Abby,

Author notes/Disclaimer: My first 2/5 fic! Takes place as Abby is about to be decomissed. I do not own KND.

It was the eve of Abigail Lincoln's thirteenth birthday. The operatives of sector V were throwing her a party, and everyone was enjoying themselves, save for two people.
"What's wrong," asked a concered Wally as he watched his best friend gaze sadly at the stars.
"Nothing," said Hoagie as he mustered out a smile.
"Your gonna miss her aren't you," asked Wally.
"What do you mean," asked Hoagie, as he felt himself blush.
I know you like her," said Wally.
"Who do you know I like," asked Hoagie innocently.
"Numbuh five, of course," said Wally.
"What do you mean," asked Hoagie nervously.
"I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer."
"Thats for sure."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"But even I know that you like her."
"Yeah, said Hoagie, and your point is?"
"She is getting decomissed tommorow, and if I were you, I would tell her how I feel."
"Yeah, says the guy who took two years to tell numbuh three how he feels about her."
"And, that's inportant why?"
"Because, I don't think that you should be giving me advice for matters of the heart"
"All I was going to say, said Wally, is that I think it would be important to tell her how you feel before she loses all memory of the KND and of you"
"And, how do you propose I do that?"
"I don't know."
"Some help you are," said Hoagie as he went inside.

How are you doing," asked a concerned numbuh one as handed Abby a soda.
Abby sighed,"numbuh five is just going to miss you guys she said"
"We'll miss you too numbuh five, said Nigel as he gave her a hug, it wont be the same without you"
Abby shook her head sadly, even though that Nigel was one of her closest friend, she couldn't tell him how she felt, especially about a certian google wearing pilot.

"Hey numbuh five," said Hoagie later that evening as they were heading to bed, I just wanted to say"
"Yeah, numbuh two? "
"It's Hoagie."
"Sorry about that Hoagie, and you were saying?"
"That I have enjoyed all the time we had together, and that I am going to miss you."
"I'll miss you too, Hoagie, she said as she went to her room, more then you'll ever know."

The Next day, Abby waited nerously at the moonbase as she waited for her turn to get decomissed, luckily the rest of sector V was able to be there for her last minutes in the organization.
"Aren't you going to tell her," whispered Wally as Hoagie watched Abby sadly.
"Just a moment, said Hoagie as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket,numbuh five, I mean Abby, this is for you , he said as he handed her the paper. Go luck."
Abby thanked him, just then numbuh 86 called her name, and with tears in her eyes, she left her friends forever.

The next week, while Abby was babysitting Tommy since Mrs. Gilligan whom was running some errands, and as she was preparing Tommy a snack, a guy who she vaguely remember came in. "Hello, she said, my name is Abigail Lincoln, do I know you from somewhere"
"Hoagie Gilligan, he said, extending out his hand, we were in the same class in grade school remember"
Abby blushed, "Oh yeah she said, nice to see you again." Hoagie smiled, "Well, I guess I will be seeing you around, he said, see you later little brother"
He's kinda cute thought Abby as she took Tommy outside. Later that evening as she was doing her laundry she noticed a piece of paper in one of her pairs of jeans. I wonder what this is from? She wondered as she unfold the letter and read.

Dear Abby,
I am not one that is good at writing down feelings, but I just wanted to know that I enjoyed getting to know you through the kids next door, and although I know that you may not remember me, I just wanted to say that I kinda of had a crush on you all those years, and that I am going to miss you.
Love, Hoagie P. Gilligan.