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Summary: Inuyasha rescues Kagome again. However, something has happened-something that changes Kagome. How can Inuyasha help her get back to normal? InuKag

I'm warning you readers now-this story is very dark and angsty in the beginning chapters. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn back now. It will eventually turn into a much happier InuKag story, but no lemons. Just splashes of citrus.

I know this has probably been done before, but I'm going to try to make it as original as possible.

"…" is speaking

'…' is thinking


Kagome opened the door to the Higurashi shrine a little apprehensively. She was late, and she knew it.

Mr. Katsuki, her math teacher, had kept her 15 minutes late to speak to her because of her absences. Since she had been absent during the last test, he wanted to make sure that she wouldn't have a recurrence of her 'nasty toe fungus' to make her absent for her make-up test that she was supposed to take in two days.

'Damn Jii-chan,' she thought. 'Why did he have to tell him it was toe fungus? I've told him at least a thousand times not to make up excuses for my absences. The least he could have done was make up a disease that wasn't so disgusting.'

She knew that Inuyasha would be waiting for her to come back to the Sengoku-Jidai. He would be more than willing to drag her back to look for more shards of that cursed jewel.

"Mama?" she called into the house. "Souta, Jii-chan? Where are you?"

The house was dark, so unlike it usually was. Surely her brother was home, at least. A light was on in the kitchen, so she went towards it.

She turned the corner, and found herself face to face with a sight she never expected to see in her home in the future.

Mrs. Higurashi, Souta, and Jii-chan lay on the floor, seemingly unhurt but unconscious.

Before she could even scream, a figure advanced upon her out of the shadows. It grabbed her by the shoulders, and dragged her, kicking and screaming, towards the direction of the well.


Inuyasha paced back and forth impatiently in Kaede's hut, kicking at the ground in anger.

"Damn wench, she's late AGAIN. What in the hell could she be doing that's more important than looking for shards, anyway? She was supposed to be back three days ago!"

"You could always go and get Lady Kagome, you know." Miroku said as he strolled into the hut.

Inuyasha turned to glare at the lecherous monk. He wasn't aware that the monk was anywhere in the vicinity, nor did he notice the kitsune or demon slayer that were leaning against the door, eavesdropping.

"Oh, right. Inuyasha's scared that Lady Kagome will sit him, isn't he?" Miroku teased. He was trying what Lady Kagome had called 'reverse psy-chol-egy.' She claimed it had many successes in her time, and Miroku was going to try it on Sango if it worked on Inuyasha.

Inuyasha growled, and said, "Monk, I'll show you who's scared." He bowled over Miroku on his way out of the hut in the direction of the well.

Miroku chuckled. 'Inuyasha was as easy to see through as a chain link fence, as Lady Kagome would say.'

Inuyasha stopped about fifty feet in front of Kaede's hut.

He was beginning to have second thoughts about going to Kagome's time to retrieve her. What would he say to her once he got there? If he mentioned the shards, it would surely end in him getting sat by an angry Kagome. That wasn't an experience he wished to repeat, having endured it many times before.

The truth is, he missed Kagome. He liked it when she was around. He enjoyed arguing with her, except when it ended with him being sat. Even though he wouldn't ever admit it to the monk, he fought better when she was around. The thought of her getting hurt was enough to make his blood run cold, and his heart to skip a beat. He never felt this way when anyone else was injured, even himself.

Inuyasha inhaled deeply, catching a strange scent. "Kagome's blood? DAMN IT!" He bounded off in the direction of the scent, praying he wasn't too late.


Inuyasha ran full speed towards the east, passing by villages, farmland, and desolate forests. Before long, he could detect the scent of the demon who had taken Kagome.


'If he's done anything to harm her, I'll fucking kill him on the spot.' Inuyasha fumed, over and over in his mind.

He also noted that the scent was faint, at least a couple of days old.

'How could I have missed this? I should've smelled her scent the moment she came through the well! Now she may be seriously hurt, and it's all my fault…'

He was so absorbed in his own thoughts that it took a couple of minutes before he realized that Kagome's scent had changed. He sniffed the air, trying to place the new scent that went along with her blood. Suddenly, it clicked.

Terror. Absolute terror. She was terrified. Inuyasha's heart dropped in his chest, and he sped forward in an adrenaline-induced sprint.

Before long, Inuyasha reached the edge of a village that had been recently burned to the ground. Smoke still billowed out of many of the rubbish piles. The thick scent of smoke still clung to the air, disguising any other scents that were within the village..

Inuyasha circled the village. Naraku's scent led east, away from the village. Kagome's scent, however, did not. It led into the village, but not out.

Fueled by panic, Inuyasha began to search frantically for his missing companion.

He tried to smell her blood, her lilac shampoo, anything that would lead him to Kagome. All he could smell was the smoke from the recently extinguished fires. The smoke was beginning to burn his eyes, and clog his nasal passages.

He had to find her fast, or he was going to pass out himself.

He skidded to a stop in front of what appeared to be the largest hut in the village. At least, that's what he suspected, since it was the largest rubble pile. That, however, is not what caught his eye.

What caught his eye was lying next to the pile of rubbish. A small pile of what looked like blankets had moved. Not a lot, but enough to catch the eye of the half-demon boy. Upon closer look, he realized that these blankets had not been in the village long-they weren't singed or burned or smoke damaged.

He immediately leapt into the air, landing gracefully next to the bundle. He pulled aside the first blanket like it was nothing. The next blanket, however, was wet with a sticky substance that had already started to dry in the humid air.

Inuyasha leaned forward, and inhaled. The scent was one he knew all too well, and made his stomach drop painfully in his abdominal cavity.

The blanket was wet with Kagome's blood.



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