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Inuyasha waited impatiently outside of Kaede's hut. Somewhere between Goshinboku and the village, the younger miko had lost consciousness. Upon arriving, Kaede had shooed him out of her hut, a concerned look on her normally calm face.

This worried Inuyasha.

"How fairs Lady Kagome?" Inuyasha didn't even notice Miroku's presence. He ignored him.

"You know Inuyasha, ignoring me isn't going to make me go away. If anything, it makes it more interesting because you're obviously hiding something."

Inuyasha's face reddened in anger. "Go away, bouzo. I don't need your shit today." He turned away and returned to glare at the hut that Kagome was currently residing in.

"Tempramental today, hn?" Miroku smirked.

"Just go away." Inuyasha huffed as he threw himself down upon the ground, crossing his arms in his standard 'Inuyasha' position.

After a couple of hours of being ignored, Miroku finally got the hint. He left the brooding hanyou to himself and went to go find Sango, who had been sent on a mission by Kaede to pick herbs in Inuyasha's forest.

Inuyasha just shook his head as the monk left. He had bigger things to worry about than babysitting the members of his group. Like worrying about the member currently being examined by Kaede.

It was dark before Kaede allowed the hanyou back into the hut. Kagome was sleeping in a corner by the fire.

"I can find nothing physically wrong with the lass. I suggest strict bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy."

"Bed rest? How are we supposed to find the shards with bed rest?"

Kaede just glared at him.

"Anyway, do not wake her up. She needs the rest." Kaede shuffled towards the door. "I must be going...Aki and Mamoru are going to have a baby soon, and I must check up on them before tomorrow."

"Fine." Inuyasha leaned up against the wall, propping his sword up against the hut. A short time later the hanyou was asleep.

Kagome woke up covered in sweat.

It's so hot in here. I'll just go sit outside for awhile.

She stood up and tiptoed out of the hut carefully. She pushed open the shoji, relishing the cold air as it struck her fevered body. She walked out towards familiar ground, Goshinboku.

She laid down just under the sacred tree and looked up at the stars.

I wonder what the baby will look like.

It is true, she had her doubts about the baby in the past. After all, considering how the baby was conceived, it was only to be expected. However, Kagome just couldn't find it in her heart to give the baby up in any way. In fact, she was starting to look forward to the birth of her baby.

A familiar tingle had her sitting straight up in her spot.

Shikon Shards. Two of them. Kouga.

She didn't even have time to stand up before Kouga arrived.

Instead of just asking her to run away with him like she expected, he hooked one hand under her knees and the other one behind her back and lifted her up. The ever-so-familiar feeling of terror washed over her as she struggled against him, but he was too strong. He used one of his hands to cup her face, forcing her to look at him. That's when she noticed it.

His eyes were completely black.

Her mind barely had time to comprehend this before he brought his hands around her small throat and choked her into unconsciousness.


Inuyasha stretched his aching muscles involuntarily. He froze in mid-stretch when he noticed the conspicuously empty futon.


He immediately sat up, sniffing. Her scent led away from the hut and towards the Goshinboku.

He followed. Immediately after leaving the village, he noticed something strange. It smelled like a demon…and Kouga. He put more speed into his legs, willing himself to travel faster.

He made it to the Goshinboku in record time. No sign of Kagome anywhere.

All he found was a small wooden doll.