Chapter 1: The End Of Belle

Zack walks into the Lobby looking for Belle. He didn't want to dump her, but deep down, he knew that Cody was right and that he had dumped his brother off lately. Zack spots Belle at the Candy Counter. He starts toward her, but she runs to him instead.

"Hey Zack." Do you want to..."

"Belle, I need to talk to you." Zack interrupted.

"Yeah, sure, what do you want?" Belle said twirling her blonde hair with a finger.

"Belle, I am breaking up with you." Zack said looking to his feet.

"Oh, no, I did not just hear you say that!" Belle responded snobbishly moving her head and finger back and forth.

"Belle, I'm sorry." Zack said smiling forcibly.

"You,You,You..." Belle stopped and stomped Zack's foot.She runs off as Cody approaches Zack.

"You did the right thing." Cody said patting Zack on the back.

"My toe hurts now!" Zack said hoping around.

"Well, sometimes, love can be a pain in the toe." Cody joked making Zack laugh.

"Zack, think about it. You were out of your mind to date that, that home wrecker anyways. I mean, do you have a closed mind or something?" Cody asked smiling hugely.

"I had an open mind once...But my brains kept falling out, so I shut it." Zack joked.

"So, lets go back to the suite. Mom is probably back by now and wondering were we are." Cody suggested.

"Race you there." Zack called and took of running, Cody following close behind.

T the candy counter, London had just approached Maddie.

"Hey, London, what will you have today?" Maddie asked happily.

"How about, a diamond ring?" London said with a big smile.

"London, this is the candy counter, not wherever you shop." Maddie said rolling her eyes.

"Oh, I'm at the Tipton? Since when are you working here?" London asked confused.

"Um, let's see, about Two years ago!" Maddie said slapping herself on the head. "London, do you suffer from insanity or something?" Maddie asked.

"I do not suffer from insanity! I enjoy every minute of it." London said matter of factly. "Wait, did I just insult myself?" London asked a look of horror written on her face.

"You have no idea." Maddie said smiling at London's dumb remark.

London pranced off. On the twenty third floor, Zack and Cody burst through their suite door.

"You know, now I understand while wild animals eat their young." Carrie said as Zack and Cody fell onto the couch.

"Mom, that was a little weird..."

"And utterly disturbing." Cody finished for Zack.

"Well boys, what have you been doing, except wreaking havoc on Moesby's hotel?" Carrie asked taking a sip of her soda.

"I broke up with Belle." Zack said feeling better now.

"Good for you, now maybe your brother and you can spend some time in together.

"Yeah, we can." Cody said smiling.

Chapter two will be up soon!