Chapter 7: Cody, I Want You

Zack sat by Cody. Cody lay in a hospital bed, his eyes shut, his pale body cold. He was still living, but barely. Carey was still to hysterical to see him.

"Cody? If you can here me bud, I love you, and I'm here for you. I need you Cody, I can't live without you. I am so sorry if you think I abandoned you. I do want you Cody. I want you!" Zack whispered into Cody's here.

"I need you too." Cody whispered very hoarsely. His eyes remained shut, his mouth barely moved.

"Cody? Your alive! Thank god. Cody, hang in there. You'll pull through this." Zack said trying to smile through his tears.

Suddenly the machine Cody's hooked to starts beeping really fast. Seven doctors and nurses run in and push Zack aside.

"Hey! What's going on? What happened?" Zack yelled. No response. Zack watched as the doctors and nurses pushed his brother out of the room.

"Is he dead?" Zack though as fresh tears left his eyes. Zack joined Carey in the waiting room.

"How is he Zack?" She asked crying into his shoulder.

"He talked, but then his machine went crazy and the doctors took him. I don't know what happened. I'm scared." Zack said, his tears gaining speed.

"I am too, honey." Carey said looking into Zack's watery blue eyes.

Hours passed. Nothing. no doctors, no explanation, no Cody. Zack and Carey were getting ready to sleep in the lobby when Doctor Shaps approached them, looking stern.

"Ms. Martin?" He asked gently.

"Yes? How's Cody? How's my baby?" Carey cried.

"Yeah, how is he?" Zack joined in.

"he's fine. He had a near death situation today, but he was strong, and pulled through. He asked to see Zack first, Ms. Martin. Then you can come in." Doctor Shaps said taking Zack's arm and leading him up the hallway. Carey touched her heart in relief.

As Zack entered Cody's new hospital room, he saw Cody sitting up, looking healthy, and he had regained his color.

"Zack, I am so sorry." Cody said looking at the floor.

"For what? Needing attention? Needing your brother? Cody, I am the one who should be sorry! I left you for a girl. I'm sorry. I had no idea that you were...hurting yourself. I'm glad i found you before...Well before."

"I died?" Cody asked cutting Zack off.

"Exactly. I couldn't have made it without you Cody. Your my everything. I love you more than any girl." Zack said sitting by Cody's bed.

"I love you Zack." Cody said smiling as Carey walked in.

"I love you too."

"Can I come in yet?" Carey asked.

"Sure mom. I'm sorry." Cody said ashamed.

"No, I'm sorry. As your mother I should have seen this. I should have known." Carey said quietly.

"The doctor said I could go home soon." Cody whispered.

"Then, everything will be normal again. And I will be there for you every minute." Zack smiled.

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