The Suite Life: A Road Trip To Remember

Author's Note: I don't own the Suite Life...if I did all of Sprouse-Fan's stories would be episodes!

Characters: Zack Martin, Cody Martin, Carrie, Bob

Summary: Five years from now, Zack and Cody are 18. When Carrie lets them go on a trip to see their dad with Bob, they get horribly lost. Can they make it back before Carrie has a cow?

Rating: T for language and a little adult content

Chapter One

"Check this!" Zack Martin exclaimed as he rapidly smashed buttons on his wireless XBox controller.

His twin brother, Cody Martin, let his jaw drop in awe. " the hell did you do that?"

Zack paused the game. "Hit B, B, left, X, Y, A, left, R, L, up, up, down, B."

Cody raised an eyebrow. "Cheat code?"

"Duh!" he said. "How the hell do you think I did that?"

Cody rolled his eyes. "Practice?"

Zack laughed. "Fuck no! I am not one to practice...except for certain things...only I didn't have much time to practice as I was thrown right in..."

Cody gagged. "I don't need to hear about your sex life, Zack. Especially not when the one you are having it with is yourself."

Zack smirked. "Nice comeback...been practicing?"

Cody tilted his head. "Not answering."



A Few Hours Later

"So guys," Carrie said, clicking STOP on the CD player she had hooked up in the kitchen, "You think I could have a record deal?"

Zack looked at his mom, "If we say yes...what's in it for us?"

"Um..." Cody said. "Our cars?"

Carrie smiled. "That's my boy!"

The phone rang suddenly. Carrie bent her arm back, not realizing the phone was a ways away. "Crap."

The twin's mother collapsed on the floor. "I'm ok...if you consider having a concussion ok, then I'm ok."

Zack and Cody nodded at each other and continued eating their dinner.


Later That Night

Zack was busy on the internet looking at pictures of Ashley Tisdale while Cody was in their room sleeping. Carrie walked by Zack and looked at the computer.

"She looks like Maddie..."

Zack looked at his mother. "'s almost like a different part of me knows her...wierd."

Carrie told her son, "Night Zack. And don't order anymore squirrels off of eBay."

"I swear, it was an accidental click!"

"Good night, Zack." His mother entered her room. Zack turned back to Ashley.

"Sweet thang..." he said. "Wait...I just betrayed Maddie! But wait...she is Maddie! Haha!"


The Next Morning

The phone rang. Cody got up from the breakfast--also the snack, dinner, and lunch--table and walked to the phone. As he picked it up he could already hear Bob ranting and raving about yet another crisis.

"Yeah, Bob?" Cody asked.

"I finally passed my driver's test!" Bob said, really excited.

"Congratu-fucking-lations!" Cody said, equally excited for Bob. "So...what do you want to do?"

"Can I drive your convertable?" Bob said.

"Hell no!" Cody exclaimed. "Not that I don't have complete Fiath in you driving abilities..."

Zack ran in. "Bob got his--"

"Driver's liscense!"

Zack continued, "And I suggested a--"

"Roadtrip!" Bob and Zack said at the same time.

Cody smiled. "Why not? We can go see dad in New York! He's been saying he wanted to see us again!"

Cody suddenly remembered Bob. "You. Over here. Now!"

Bob hung up.

Cody hung up.

Zack...stood there!


Zack replied. "Hell yes!"

Zack and Cody said together, "Let the fun...begin!"

Author's Note: Hope you like it so far! I'll update soon!