The Priestess Legacy

Chapter 1

A Touch of Darkness

"Téa!" Yugi called, slamming his fist against the stone wall.

"I don't understand, what happened to the Eye?" Ishizu wondered aloud. Suddenly, the stone wall creaked, and Yugi stepped back as it creeped open.

"Téa?" Yugi called. A slender form walked out of the white light, and Yugi smiled in relief as Téa walked out into the chamber. "You're okay!" Yugi cheered, wrapping his arms around Téa's waist. Téa stopped her stride and glared down at the little duelist.

"Get away from me, midget." She growled, putting a hand on Yugi's hair and pushing him back. Yugi fell back and looked up at Téa in shock.

"Téa!" Joey shouted, helping Yugi to his feet. "What was that about?" Téa sneered at the blonde.

"I don't have time for this." She muttered, walking towards the exit to the chamber. She stopped and whirled around as Ishizu gently lay a hand on her shoulder.

"Téa, never before has the Eye of Wdjat reacted like it did. What happened to you?" The tombkeeper asked. Téa glared at her and jerked out of Ishizu's grasp.,

"I was reborn." She told her, looking over her shoulder at Ishizu as she marched out of the chamber. Then, she hit a hard stomach, and stumbled back. Téa glared up at Odion, the six foot adopted Ishtar staring back at her.

"You assault the Pharaoh's hikari, and disrespect my family." Odion said. "Explain yourself."

"I don't have to explain anything to you!" Téa snapped, moving to sidestep Odion, who just moved to cut her off.

"Téa, you're acting very strangely." Malik commented. Téa turned to watch as the group gathered behind her.

"Yeah, what's da deal?" Joey asked.

"There is no deal." Téa snickered. "I just want to leave, but you morons seem to think there's something wrong with me. For you're information, I've never felt-." Téa was cut off by a large thump, and she slumped down to the floor.

"Thank you Odion." Ishizu said, nodding to her brother. Odion lowered his fist and kneeled to pick Téa up in his arms.

"What was that for?" Tristan demanded.

"There is something very wrong with Téa." Malik said as Ishizu led Odion to the platform. "She was clearly hostile, as you saw Yugi. It is better this way. Do not worry, Odion would not have harmed her unless he felt it was needed." Yugi nodded hesitantly as Odion lay Téa before the Eye of Wdjat.

"So, what now?" Joey asked.

"Look." Ishizu said, nodding towards Téa. The Eye glowed, and Téa's shadow spread across the floor, angling to the left of the Eye.

"So what, she casts a shadow?" Tristan asked.

"The Eye of Wdjat is supposed to be able to see the two halves of a person's soul." Ishizu explained. "But if we are to believe the Eye, Téa has only one half of hers."

"So much for back to normal." Joey complained.

"So what happened to the other half?" Yugi asked, kneeling by Téa's side.

"I do not know, but we shall try to find out." Malik promised.

- - - - - - - - - -

Téa sleepily opened her eyes and squeezed them shut again as sunlight blinded her. She shielded her eyes and stood up to close the blinds. She reached for the string, and her hand grasped air. Téa removed her hand, and gasped.

Instead of the familiar ocean blue wallpaper of her room was dark brown stone. The sunlight was coming from the balcony. Téa distinctly remembered not having a balcony. She looked around the room, her eyes widening. Wooden furniture decorated the entire room, all of it hand carved. Stone pillars held up the roof, and a pair of large wooden doors lay on one wall. A dresser held a piece of polished, golden bronze. Téa stepped forward cautiously and shook her head slowly.

"Okay…this is a dream, I'm dreaming, I…" Téa turned and gasped as she found herself staring at the bronze plate. It had been well polished, and Téa supposed it was a mirror. She raised a hand and slowly raced it over her face. Her eyes had black coal smudged around them, and her eyebrows were finely plucked. Her skin was tanned bronze, and her brown hair was longer, and hung between her shoulder blades. Elegant light-blue silk hung off her shoulders to pile on the ground. Téa looked down at herself. Silk of a darker blue was wrapped around her torso, with a strip of darker material wrapped around her breasts. The silk was tucked into a leather sash around her waist, below which more light blue silk hung around her legs.

"Oooookay…officially creepy now." Téa muttered. Then, the wooden doors to the room thudded, heavily, and Téa jumped, spinning around to press herself up against the dresser at the doors slowly creaked open.

- - - - - - - - - -

"I hope she'll be okay." Yugi mused, looking Téa over. Joey nodded.

"She'll be fine Yug, you know Téa better than anyone. She's tough, she'll be okay." The blonde assured him. Yugi sighed.

"I hope so." Yugi whispered.

"I have an idea of what happened." The friends looked up to see Ishizu and Malik hovering over them.

"So spill, what's up?" Tristan asked.

"The Eye of Wdjat has the power to see the two halves of a soul. Every soul has a good half and an evil half, even if the two are not in balance. It is possible that the Eye somehow allowed the evil half of Téa's soul to take control of her." Ishizu explained.

"Okay, unless it includes the word 'isn't', ya can't use Téa and evil in the same sentence." Joey protested. "She's one of da nicest people I know."

"Everyone has a dark side Joey." Malik replied. "Even if it lies dormant for years, if it can escape, it will do so."

"Yeah, you'd know all about that wouldn't ya?" Tristan muttered. Malik coughed lightly as Joey nudged Tristan with his elbow.

"Okay, so we got da evil part o' Téa. How do we get the good one back?" Joey asked.

"The Eye only cast one shadow, so Téa's good soul is no longer in her body." Ishizu said.

"So where is it then?" Yugi asked.

"I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it will be in the only other place it could have access to recently." Ishizu said, looking at the Eye of Wdjat. "When Téa's evil soul took over, her good soul must have been trapped within the spirit world beyond the Eye. If so, then the only way to bring her back is to go inside and save her."

"I'll go." Yugi said instantly.

"Hold on, we can't just go." Joey protested.

"There's no choice Joey. If tea's trapped in there, I'm going to find her." Yugi repeated.

"Okay, fine, but if ya do go in, any idea how to get back out?" Tristan asked.

"I believe there is, actually." Malik said, walking towards the Eye. "I had not thought of this before, but it may work." He opened the top of the glass case, and reached inside to pick up the Millennium Puzzle. "Even if it's magic is practically non-existent in this world, if the spirit world Téa is in is the same as the one you all went to a year ago, then this Item should retain its magical energies." Malik held the Millennium Puzzle out to Yugi, who took it after a moment. Yugi lifted the chain over his head and let the Puzzle slide down to rest against his chest.

"Talk about your déjà vu." Joey said. Yugi looked down to clasp his hands around the Puzzle.

"Hey, guys, if I don't come back…" Yugi started.

"Don't go dere pal." Joey cut off. "You'll be fine."

"C'mon Yugi, you're the King of Games, and Téa's the Queen of Games! You two have beaten some of the most twisted weirdoes out there."

"Tristan is correct. The both of you have passed every challenge set before you, and you shall prevail over this one." Malik agreed.

"Thanks you guys. I promise, I'll do my best." Yugi said, letting the Puzzle go.

"Then there is only one thing left to do." Ishizu said. "To open the gates to the spirit world…"

"Oh yeah…someone's gotta beat ya Yugi." Joey said. Yugi's face fell.

"I forgot about that part." He admitted.

"Where's Kaiba's ego when you need it?" Tristan asked no one. Yugi looked up at Joey.

"Joey, you want to have one more match?" He asked. Joey blinked.

"Me?" He asked. "Sure, why not, I'd love to Yugi."

"No." Joey turned to see Malik step forward. "I will duel you, Yugi." He declared.

"Malik? You wish to duel him?" Ishizu asked. Malik nodded.

"Yes. We pledged to always serve the Pharaoh, so it should be an Ishtar's duty to defeat him so he may pass to the spirit realm." He said. Then he smiled and shrugged. "Besides, I'd like the chance to duel Yugi under less-severe conditions than our last match." Malik looked back at Yugi and held out his hand. "So, Yugi. Will you do me the honor of allowing me to duel you?" He asked. Yugi thought for a moment, and shook his head.

"Sorry Malik." He said. "But if we duel, the honor would be mine." Yugi reached out and shook Malik's hand. Malik eyed Joey's Duel Disk and pulled his deck form his vest pocket.

"May I borrow that?" He asked. Joey followed Malik's gaze and nodded, slipping off the disk and removing his deck from it. Malik slipped in his own deck and walked up to the platform before the Eye to stand opposite Yugi.

"Hey, Ishizu." Tristan asked. "Do you think Malik really has the skills to beat Yugi?"

"I am not sure, but I do know that Malik will put forth every ounce of energy he has into winning this duel." Ishizu replied. "If he is capable of winning, he will." Malik and Yugi turned on their Duel Disks.

"Just like old times, huh?" Malik called. Yugi nodded.

"Yeah, except this time, we're the ones dueling, not our other halves." Yugi said. "Ready Malik?" Malik smiled.

"Let's duel Yugi!"