Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.

Summary: Tsuzuki receives a birthday gift to add to his harem.

Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka

I was inspired by Arabian Nights and I'm fascinated by the idea of Hisoka being a harem boy.

In My Master's Harem

Chapter 1

"Why? Why? Why?" Asato Tsuzuki moaned, burying his head into his arms. "I don't want anything from him."

"According to the Peace Union Act you have to accept gifts from other kingdoms as an act of good will. If you don't the other kingdom will see this as an action of spur. You know all of this Tsuzuki," Tatsumi lectured him.

Tsuzuki groaned. Of course his advisor was right but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Anyway, you only have to see Kazataka Muraki once a year. Just grin and bear it," Tatsumi told him.

"But, its my birthday! Shouldn't I be able to enjoy it without that leach hanging around me? And I hate to think what kind of gift he'll bring me this year," Tsuzuki shuddered in remembrance of the gift Muraki brought for his 25th birthday.

Tatsumi sighed. He didn't like Muraki being around Tsuzuki but they can't afford to make an enemy out of him. Besides, as king, Tsuzuki had to make difficult decisions that included making alliances with men he doesn't like for the sake of peace. Tatsumi has been Tsuzuki's advisor since he ascended the throne and while Tsuzuki has moments of despair and uncertainty, he had proven himself an excellent king and master to the castle and to the kingdom.

Muraki had made his intentions known to Tsuzuki three years ago. More than once he'd drop hints that a marriage between them would be most beneficial. Tsuzuki then would put on his best false smile and turn the "hints" down without being rude. Tatsumi couldn't help but shudder as well at the thought of Muraki putting his hands on Tsuzuki. Its not because they both are men, on the contrary, its quite common for two men to marry, especially if they are both from strong bloodlines. But with Muraki, there's no doubt that the man has an evil heart and to let him have Tsuzuki's hand would not only be unwise but it would be the downfall to Tsuzuki's sanity.

"By the way," Tsuzuki suddenly said, breaking Tatsumi out of his thoughts. "Where did you put Muraki's gift?"

"Oh, I had one of the guards store it in the dungeon. I do believe Muraki intended for you to display it in your bed chamber."

Tsuzuki shrugged, he had more important things to worry about such as what to do with the birthday present he'll receive this year.

15 year old Hisoka Kurosaki remained curled up in the corner of a rather luxurious carriage. It reminded him of the one his parents have but he only has distant memories of it. His parents stopped letting him go into public with them when he was 6 years old. But one thing was for certain: their carriage wasn't pure white with silver, rose-printed seats as this one. It was blindly beautiful but there was an icy coldness that surrounded and infused the very skeleton of the carriage, just like the man that sat in the seat across from him, Kazataka Muraki. The vehicle very much resembled Muraki: all silver and white and...terribly cold. Hisoka wanted to wilt away from this man but there wasn't much room for him to go very far. The sadistic coldness seeping out of Muraki was just too much for his empathy and left him weak.

Not that he had been ever been terribly strong; no, Hisoka not only had to deal empathy to deal with but he was born with a delicate constitution. Training in the martial arts for more than an hour left him breathless as well as playing with the help's children. Nagare and Rui Kurosaki wouldn't let something like their son's delicate health get in the way of being brought up a proper heir, no, he had to train even when he was at his weakest. But at least then they paid attention to him until they discovered his empathy at age six and locked him in the basement. Hisoka could never tell what was worse: the feel of their disgust and fear or the sight of horror in their eyes.

To say he was shock was an understatement when Nagare and Rui sold him to one Kazataka Muraki. Hisoka's heart once again shattered into little pieces when he discovered his parents' betrayal. That must of had been one interesting conversations the Kurosakis had with Muraki when he returned their troubled offspring at their doorstep. Hisoka had managed to escape his prison one day only to run into the silver haired stranger. The man merely smiled-- no smirked, Muraki doesn't smile, at the attempted runaway and politely asked if he lived in the large mansion. Hisoka nodded meekly and Muraki escorted him to the front door. After that, everything happened in a blur. All he really remembered was the feel of his parents' humiliation as he was caught trying to run away, then elation as well as Muraki's dark, cold joy.

Hisoka was given a finely woven, dark blue yutaka by one of the maids who helped him put it on. Hisoka stared at the soft material, wondering why he was given this.

"Let's go," Muraki's silken voice whispered into his ear. Hisoka's dark green eyes lifted up and met Muraki's silver eye. Hisoka panicked and looked wildly around the room for his parents who were no where to be seen. How did they leave without his notice.

"Its no use, doll. Your beloved parents sold you to me. You're my property now," Muraki said soothingly as he caressed the boy's soft cheeks. "Come now, I have a doctor waiting at the inn to check you over."

Tears fell from Hisoka's thick bottom lashes. He wanted to take off but the strong grip on his arm clearly told him he was going nowhere but with this man.

He was taken into a large room at the inn then was directed into a smaller room by a doctor. Hisoka tried not to cry as the doctor told him to strip out of the yutaka in a clinical voice. The only good thing about this was that Muraki didn't go in with him. He was poked, prodded and pushed by the doctor and had to wonder what he was looking for.

The poor youth pulled the yutaka back on as the doctor left the small room to talk to Muraki.

"The boy has a weak constitution but other than that he's in good health. His parents were telling the truth, by the way. The boy is a virgin," the doctor explained to Muraki in the same clinical voice.


"Good, good. Thank you for your work, doctor," Muraki said.

"I'm always at your service, my lord," the doctor gave a bow before leaving.

"Come, boy," Muraki called out to him. "Its time for bed. You have a big day tomorrow."

Hisoka walked toward Muraki cautiously. His eyes widened as Muraki gestured for him to lie on the bed.

"The bed won't bite you," Muraki said lavishly. Hisoka sat on the bed but before he could put his head on the pillow Muraki grabbed his chin and looked into his eyes.

"Ah, those beautiful bedroom eyes of yours. He will surely love them, there's no doubt he will enjoy his gift." Muraki laid down on the bed as well and pulled Hisoka into his arms.

Hisoka felt his face flush with embarrassment.

"Can't let you escape, doll," Muraki murmured.

Hisoka was staring at the rose pattern of the seat before being jostled out of his thoughts as the carriage hit a road bump. He looked up startled and saw Muraki smirking at him, happiness was radiating off of him. There was something else but Hisoka couldn't place it. Before he knew it, Muraki was by his side, petting his hair, that strange emotion was coming off even stronger. Hisoka winced and tried to pull away but Muraki wrapped his arms tightly around him.

"Oh my poor boy. Are my emotions confusing you? Well, let me explain them to you since its important for you to understand them. Its lust. I'm lusting after you because you are such a beautiful boy with baby soft skin and haunting green eyes. I just want to keep touching you and do, oh so much more to you."

Hisoka's eyes widened fearfully and began nibbling nervously on his pillowy bottom lip.

Muraki laughed softly, moving his hand to touch the boy's cheek. "I love to pluck your rosebud but you are not mine to keep."

Hisoka wanted to faint, anything to get away from the unknown feelings he's experiencing.

"Ah, I would love to see you on your first sensual night with my beloved," Muraki went on, ignoring the boy's discomfort.

"Where am I going?" Hisoka whispered, finally breaking his silence.

"Why, you are going to be the latest edition to my dear Mr. Tsuzuki's harem."