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Chapter 14

Tsuzuki wanted to run after the teenager as he fled to the castle, but the other members of the harem were waking from their 'naps'. If the others thought for a moment that Hisoka and he had gotten into another argument, he didn't know what they would do to the young man. The last time, their reactions had caused him so much mental anguish that he fell into the pool and almost drowned. The lord of the manor was not going to have that happen again. No, he would have to stave off any trouble before that started.

Once everyone was fully awake, Tsuzuki got up and called to the others. "Would everyone please gather around me." He waited until his attentive but still somewhat drowsy harem came over to his blanket and sat down all around him. "Everything here has been wonderful today. You made me feel so special. The food was delicious and all of you were splendid with your offerings today. The dances were the best I have ever seen, the songs were sweeter than any birds and the rest of you.." He started beaming from ear to ear. "It's obvious that you have practiced very hard to make this the very best entertainment for me today. I appreciate it more than you can imagine and I truly love each of you. Thank you so much, you have made me extremely happy."

Then, his mood became solemn. "As you can see, Hisoka has already gone back inside. As far as this being a date for the two of us, well, that part didn't go quite the way he expected, or I, for that matter. It has nothing to do with any of you, I want you assure all of you of that." He stopped to look each member of his beloved harem in the face. "You did everything you could to make this day perfect for us. I'm the one that needs to make this up to Hisoka. So, from now on, my dates with Hisoka will have to be just the two of us."

Everyone kept silent as they listened to Tsuzuki's words, but it was his feelings that they were reacting to. They could feel his love for them, but they could also feel he was hurting inside. Something about Hisoka being upset was causing his heart to ache and everyone there could feel it. It was hurting each of them and they all wanted to surround their beloved master and cradle him in their loving arms. Wakaba was the first to break the silence. "Tsuzuki, we would never have come today if we had known you two wanted to be alone. It's only because..."

She was cut off by Tsuzuki. "No, Wakaba, I invited all of you. I don't want any of you think for an instant that you weren't welcome. I wanted everyone to have a good time." As he looked at all their faces, he could see all of them were crying. They felt his anguish, and only then did he realize that he too was crying. He fought back his tears. "I am planning another date with Hisoka for tonight, it's a dinner date."

"Hisae, how are his dance lessons coming along?"

Sniffing back her tears, she perked up at the question and gave a smile, "He's doing much better now."

Tsuzuki was happy to hear that. "Good, do you think he might like to try his routine out soon?"

One of the boys laughed and then another and finally everyone else started laughing, with one quipping, "Yeah, if you want a comic routine."

Hisae stood up, put her hands on her hips, "Who said that? He's actually pretty good, so don't you dare..."

"Okay, that's enough." Tsuzuki started laughing. "I get the idea. Hisae, just let him practice between dates, ok?"

The young lady nodded.

The mood had lightened and that was just what they needed. Tsuzuki even was able to lighten his mood which enabled everyone to stop dwelling on the sadness and talk among themselves about the fun they had. Then they started packing up to return to the castle. Before they went in, Tsuzuki had a final word for them. "I really want to thank everyone for today. You really made today special. When you go inside, please check up on Hisoka for me." Then he gave each one a kiss as they headed back home.

Hisoka was sitting on the edge of the pool, his feet dangling in the water when the others came back inside. He looked up at them but didn't say anything. As they all walked in, they came over toward him, but their shielding was up so as not to inundate him with their emotions and visa versa. Each one came and gave him a hug then went to put their things away. Wakaba was the last one in. She put down her basket and blanket, walked over and sat next to Hisoka. "Tsuzuki is worried about you. He said he ruined your date and he upset you. He said that's why you came inside before the rest of us woke up." Hisoka remained silent so Wakaba continued. "I think your date wasn't ruined, it just didn't go quite as you and he wanted because we woke up when we did. And If I am not mistaken, we all took that nap because Watari put a spell on us."

The teen's eyes grew wide as he turned to look at the headmistress. "So, it was a spell. And your actual date was cut short because the spell was timed and time ran out, right?" Hisoka nodded. "Well, young man, I suggest you stop moping around here. You have a dance to learn and then you need to get ready for a date tonight. That's right, I said a date tonight. Now, Hisae is waiting for you and Tsuzuki will send for you later. You won't be eating with us this evening." With that, Wakaba got up, got her belongings and walked off toward the kitchen.

'Date tonight?' he whispered to himself. Thinking about the afternoon in that secret garden, Hisoka's heart started pounding again. He closed his eyes, trying to remember every aspect of that place, the hedges, the flowerbed, the trees, the pergola, the daybed, Tsuzuki, the kiss...

The imagery was broken by "Hisoka, are you listening to me? We have a dance lesson you know!" Hisae was standing only a few feet away. Apparently she had been talking to him and he was lost in his daydream and didn't hear her.

"Uh, sorry Hisae, I didn't hear you."

"Didn't hear me? The entire castle staff could probably hear me yelling for you, Where were you, Timbuktu?"

Hisoka giggled as he got up to go to the dance studio. "You're right, the staff probably did hear you, and the people in Timbuktu."

Hisae humphed, and followed her student.

Tsuzuki walked down the long corridor that led to his office when he saw Watari. "So, how was the date?"

How could Tsuzuki tell his friend and alchemist that all his hard work didn't net the results he had so hoped to get. "Well, the food was great, the harem entertainment was wonderful. Thank you for all your help today."

"Wait a minute Tsuzuki, food and entertainment? What about you and Hisoka? What happened there? Come on now."

Tsuzuki sighed, not for the first time today. "Everyone fell asleep right on schedule. Hisoka and I made it back to my secret garden. Everything was going great and then," he sighed again.

"And then what?"

"And then the alarm on the watch went off and we had to go back before the others woke up."

Watari clasped the sides forehead with the palms of his hands and he held them there. "All my hard work was for nothing! Why do I even bother?" Then he let out a little laugh "Tsuzuki, did you really have to go back? What would have happened if you two weren't there when the others woke up? They would have known you two had gone off on your own to be ALONE. And who would question the master of the castle?"

The scientist had a point. Who would have questioned him? Sometimes Tsuzuki wondered himself why he let what others would think dictate what he did with the harem, rather, with one particular member of the harem. "Watari, when it comes to Hisoka, I just don't know sometimes."

"My friend, you are head over heels for this kid. You need to act on your feelings. He loves you, right?" Tsuzuki nodded. "You love him, right?" Again, Tsuzuki nodded. " Well then, do the right thing. A nice romantic dinner and then a nice romantic dessert. And by dessert, I mean..."

Tsuzuki cut him off. "I know what you mean. But do you think it's too soon?"

"Too soon? Too soon was the night of your birthday party when he first arrived. Now it's almost too late." Watari just nodded. "Dinner and dessert- but make sure that dessert is very sweet. He deserves that, and so do you, my friend."

Tsuzuki stood there silently in thought. Dinner and dessert. Watari made some valid points, Yes, perhaps this dinner date would be the right time.

A staff member took a large box down to the harem and knocked on the large doors. Wakaba opened the doors, took the box and got the message the staff member had for the recipient . After the staffer left, Wakaba walked over to the stairs and called up "Hisoka, please come down."

Wasting no time, the green-eyed teen sprinted down the steps, jumping down the last two and came to an abrupt halt in front of the harem headmistriess. "You called Wakaba.." His demeanor was much happier than earlier when she had come in from the picnic, she was glad for that.

She handed him the box and gave the message. "Tsuzuku will be down here at 8:00 sharp to get you for dinner. You are to wear what is in this box."

Not waiting to go upstairs, Hisoka put the box on a nearby chair and opened it. Inside was a pair of white silk harem pants and an emerald silk haori with white tie. As he pulled them out of the box, Hisae was walking out of the dance studio. She took one look at the outfit and went "Ooo la la. Someone's getting laid tonight." He blushed and quickly put the clothes back in the box.

Nagi and the other boys were coming out of the room reserved for martial arts training at that exact moment. "Hey, what's in the box?"

"'Soka got 'I'm getting laid' clothes from Tsuzuki," Hisae proudly announced.

They all ran over to Hisoka, Nagi shooting a disapproving look at Hisae. He grabbed the box from Hisoka and the boys turned the teen around and all four boys ran upstairs to the boys quarters. Upstairs, they headed to Hisoka's room. Once there, the box was thrown on the bed and opened again. This time, the boys took great care in removing the items and holding them up to Hisoka to get a good idea how they would look on him.

Azumi stood back and tilted his head from one side to the other. "Yeah, we can make him look good in that."

Hisoka wasn't sure what was going on, but the next thing he knew, he was being dragged into Azumi's room and there his clothes were taken off, he was thrown in the shower, then the other young men were brushing and combing his hair. Finally they helped him into his new clothes. The haori seemed really big at first, but the older boys knew exactly how to wrap it and then tie the belt so it looked like it was custom made just for Hisoka. The pants, although baggy-looking, were a perfect fit at the waist and with the haori, were extremely sexy on Hisoka. Making sure his teeth were brushed and mouthwash used, Hisoka was all ready for his dinner date with Tsuzuki. Now, all he had to do was wait for the Master to come to get him.

Tsuzuki looked at himself in the mirror. His purple tunic with its gold sash matched his eyes perfectly. The darker purple, almost black slacks completed his ensemble. He twisted around to make sure everything was nice and straight, no wrinkles in anything. It was the first time in a while that he didn't allow any of his valets to help him get ready for an important dinner. Yes, this was a very important dinner. Everything was planned to the last detail. He wanted to be sure that Hisoka knew that this was not just some ordinary date, no, it was going to be very special.

Once he was certain that his look was presentable, he turned the floor-length mirror around so only the floral design showed. It was amazing how it seemed to blend in with the wallpaper on the accent wall of his bedchamber. One more tug at the hem of his tunic, he stepped into his polished black leather shoes, took a deep breath and he was out the door.

The walk to the harem seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Tsuzuki was more nervous than he was the very first time he came to the harem room to select his first partner to spend the night with him. That was a nerve-wrecking experience, but he was more mature and that was so very long ago. He had made the trip hundreds of times since then. But tonight, for some reason, the butterflies in his stomach were fluttering very quickly and his hands shook. 'Relax Tsuzuki, he's going to know you're nervous and that will make him nervous.' That's what he told himself. Finally, after seven intense, torturous minutes he saw the huge double doors that were his destination. Fifteen more steps, he placed his hand on the large brass door handle, took a cleansing breath and pulled the heavy door open and walked in.

Just inside the door was the entire harem waiting for him, everyone that is except the one he expected. He smiled and all nervousness aside, he greeted them. "Good evening everyone. I've come to collect my date for the evening."

Just like in some kind of romantic movie, the nine members of the king's harem parted in half and behind them was the object of the king's desire. The scene played out perfectly. Hisoka stood there, dressed in the outfit Tsuzuki had sent for him to wear, looking radiant with his hair perfectly combed and the light dancing on his emerald eyes creating the illusion of stars twinkling. The young man bowed his head. Tsuzuki walked over to him, lifted his chin and gave him a kiss. "I believe we have date this evening, shall we go?" Offering his arm, as any gentleman would for his date, Hisoka took it and the two proceeded to leave through the same doors as the king had entered. Like magic, the doors closed and they heard clapping and cheering from the small crowd left behind.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka walked out a side door just past the harem and walked out toward the gazebo. Peering eyes could be seen from partially pulled, white gauzy curtains as they passed by the side doors of the harem. Hisoka had noticed his brothers and sisters trying to get a look at them but didn't say anything. He knew they meant well and were just curious. However, this was their date and this time Tsuzuki wanted to make sure it was just the two of them. The king turned and gave a 'you know better than to spy on me' look and smile to the group, who quickly fled from the curtains. He turned to Hisoka, without missing a step and quipped, "They really are a curious bunch aren't they?"

Hisoka just nodded and looked back to see if they were still watching them. He was happy they weren't. "They mean well, they're just excited about this date."

Tsuzuki didn't respond, just pulled Hisoka closer to him and they continued walking along the garden path, back by the flowerbed. When they reached the first row of flowers, he said, "You remember how to get to my secret retreat?" Hisoka nodded. " It's darker now, so please be careful of the flowers." Carefully they maneuvered through the tiers of flowers, the light summer breeze wafting their mixed perfumes into the air.

When they finally reached the clearing, Hisoka stopped and gasped. The entire area had been transformed into a romantic scene. There were hundreds of tiny fairy lights that seemed to be suspended in midair forming a starry canopy overhead. To the right, an alabastar fountain with some kind of goddess and doves,the lights twinkled against the softly flowing water . And there, in the middle was set a square table set for two. Silver candlesticks, six of them of varying heights set around a small water bowl. Inside the bowl was one purple lotus floating delicately. On each end of the table were place settings of the finest china, white with platinum rims. The goblets, three in all, had the slightest hint of lavender hue to them, and the rims, the same platinum ring.

Tsuzuki smiled proudly as he watched the wonder in Hisoka's face, and he gently let go his arm so the young man could get a closer look at the surroundings. As he approached the table, Hisoka could see the silverware, not the least bit ornate like one would assume from royalty. No, it was quite plain, the handles having a single T engraved on them. The teen turned around, almost bumping into Tsuzuki who caught him in his arms and pulled him close. "Do you like what you see?" Hisoka was speechless. All he could do was nod. "Good, then why not have a seat. After all, we did come for dinner." Tsuzuki gently released the younger man from his embrace and escorted him to one of the ends of the table, pulled out the chair for him to sit. Then he walked to his side of the table and took his own seat. Although they were actually about three feet away from one another.

Hisoka looked around, he didn't see any food. Suddenly, and most silently, Watari appeared with a white linen covered cart. On it were several cloche covered plates. He uncovered the first to reveal two small crystal glasses on its rim sat six exquisite shrimp. Inside the glass, a small amount of red cocktail sauce and a small wedge of lemon. Each diner was given one of the appetizers. "Bon appetite!"

Watari stepped back to give the couple some privacy to eat the first course of their meal. Hisoka was hesitant at first, did he use the little fork next to his plate or use his fingers? He was at a loss. Tsuzuki picking up quickly that his date was uneasy picked up a rather large shrimp by its tail, dipped it in the tangy sauce and took a bite. After swallowing the morsel, he coaxed Hisoka on, "It won't bite back, go ahead and try it." Since Tsuzuki ate with his fingers, Hisoka felt comfortable doing the same, and the rest of the shrimp soon followed the first.

After they were done, Watari reappeared and quickly removed the glasses. "Next, for your entree, the perfect pair for the perfect pair." He removed the two cloche to reveal identical plates, each containing a perfectly cooked, medium rare filet mignon, a rock lobster tail, several pole beans (picked fresh from the garden that very day) and a small container of clarified butter. Watari removed the plates from in front of each diner and replaced it with one containing the food. He served Tsuzuki first and when he served Hisoka, he whispered, "Use the little fork to pull the meat from the tail end of the lobster shell." Hisoka looked up and gave a little smile and "Thank you" to Watari.

As they were eating, Tsuzuki noticed that Hisoka seemed to be having a much better time. "Are you enjoying yourself so far Hisoka?"

As he swallowed his mouthful of food, he nodded, then responded. "I'm really liking everything, thank you. It's a lot better than our last date." Then he blushed. 'Why did I have to mention that? I hope he doesn't get upset.' He picked up a goblet and took a large gulp and swallowed, almost choking on the it. Wine? When was wine poured?

Tsuzuki got up and ran to his side of the table and hit Hisoka on the back. "Are you okay? You really shouldn't chug wine like that. " He handed Hisoka his water goblet. "Here drink this." Hisoka took the water goblet and sipped some.

"All better now?" Hisoka nodded. "I guess you just grabbed the wrong glass. You need to watch out for that," Tsuzuki chided. He could see that Hisoka was embarrassed. Not wanting to add to that, he just picked up from where the conversation had been going before that little mishap. "You know, I have to agree with you. This date is a lot better for me too. And I hope it gets even better as the night wears on." He picked up his wine glass and peeked over the top at the teen.

Hisoka made a quick recovery and caught Tsuzuki looking at him. "So, what do you have planned for dessert?"

It was Tsuzuki's turn to almost choke on his drink. 'Did Hisoka already know what he was planning?' He coughed a little. "Let's finish dinner and then we can talk about dessert."

They cleaned their plates, and again, Watari reappeared out of seemingly nowhere, clearing the dirty dishes. Last to be uncovered from the cart was a large plate of assorted chocolates, chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered strawberries. The plate was removed and taken over to a small table that also miraculously appeared out of nowhere by the pergola. On that table was also two crystal wine flutes. Also by that table was a silver bucket on a stand containing what appeared to be a bottle of champagne. "If you two would like to have dessert over there, I can clear all this out of here and leave you alone."

Tsuzuki didn't need any coaxing. He put his napkin on the table, got up from his chair and walked over to Hisoka. "I believe we can go over there now." He helped Hisoka up and the two walked over to the daybed under the pergola. Once there, Tsuzuki had Hisoka sit while he walked to the far corner, took a twisted cord from a hidden hook and pulled on it. The side cottony curtain fell, heavier than the gauzy ones from the harem, but still light enough that the breeze ruffled them slightly. He did the same with the cords at the back and other side of the pergola. When he was done, he came back around to the front to see Watari completing his clean-up duties. "Thank you Watari. Dinner was delicious. Now, if you don't mind, I would like some privacy." Watari didn't waste any time taking the not-at-all subtle hint from Tsuzuki. Their plan was right on schedule. He bowed his head, got behind the cart and off he went. Tsuzuki blocked Hisoka's view, so he couldn't see how he got out of the garden, any more than he could see how he entered it.

Once Watari was gone and it was just the two of them, Tsuzuki walked to the front corner of the pergola nearest them, pulled the hidden cord and the last curtain fell, completely shielding the pair from the night wind, or anything else for that matter. It was then that Hisoka noticed subtle other changes in the pergola and daybed from earlier that day. The daybed itself was larger, much larger. In fact, it was now double in size because when he tried to sit back, he couldn't reach the back of it. The fitted purple covering was now laid out like an oversized bedspread, and the scatter pillows had been replaced with four large velvet pillows, two set on each side. Hisoka was getting the impression that this was going to be much more than just another date and that perhaps their courting period was finally over.

Tsuzuki watched Hisoka as the young man assessed the area. He was getting a little nervous, but not as much as he had been earlier when he went to get Hisoka from the harem. Still, he wanted things to be perfect for them. "Do you like the changes I made since this afternoon?"

The tiny lights that encircled the inner frame of the pergola danced in the emerald eyes as they looked up to the older man. There was desire and a twinge of apprehension in them. "It's much more cozy now." Still he had wanted this for so long and he didn't want Tsuzuki to back away because the other man thought he wasn't ready. "Why don't you come over here and sit with me. After all, there's plenty of room now."

The invitation was given, and Tsuzuki accepted it. He didn't know how to proceed. It was nerve-wrecking. He wasn't a teenager getting laid for the first time, no, he was the king, master of the harem and this was one of his harem. Still, it was different; he felt different for this one. Never before had he taken a virgin to his bed; never before had he taken someone that he had fallen in love with either. Unknowingly, he let down his guard, and Hisoka could feel his mixed emotions. All the love and all the confusion.

"Never had a virgin before?"

The question shocked Tsuzuki. "What?"

"You never had a virgin before? Is that why you don't know what to do with me?" Hisoka was a bit confused.

Tsuzuki smiled. "No, I know. Never been in love like this before."

It was Hisoka's turn to smile. "Well, we're even then."

Tsuzuki moved toward Hisoka and as he gazed into those hypnotic eyes, drawing him in closer and closer. When he could feel the teenager's breath on his face, he leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. Taking his arms, he wrapped them around Hisoka's body, pulling him as close as possible. The kiss lasted a very long time, only the need to breathe caused them to break apart. The need and want was seen as they stared into each other's eyes. Tsuzuki could have just ripped off Hisoka's clothes and taken him but that wasn't how he wanted it. No, this was to be their first time, and had to be perfect.

Standing up, Tsuzuki took Hisoka by the hand to help him up. He gently brushed his cheek. "You are so beautiful." Still gazing into emerald pools of lust and desire, Tsuzuki gingerly started to untie the teen's sash. He then took a hand, ran it just inside the wrap of the haori and gently pulled it apart, revealing the silky smooth skin that lay beneath it. Taking his other hand, he opened the other side of the garment and slipped it off Hisoka's shoulders, allowing it to fall down his arms and drape in a puddle by their feet. Soft, supple fingers caressed the unblemished skin of the shoulders and arms. Those hands continued to caress the teenager's skin. Now his chest, so soft, and those small brownish nibs; how they perk up when he barely ran his fingers over them. And that moan, that sweet moan. Music from the summer song birds were never so sweet as Hisoka's moan at his touch.

Tsuzuki wanted to see all of Hisoka. True, he had seen him in the baths almost every day, but not like this. He untied the waistband of the pants and watched them fall, revealing the perfect body beneath. A gust of wind blew the curtain aside and Hisoka shivered at the cool night air against his naked skin. Tsuzuki smiled and sat the young man down, pulling the cover around him. "You won't be cold long, I promise." He completed undressing Hisoka by removing off his sandals and pulling the pants off. He then laid him back on the daybed, covered him completely with the blanket.

Hisoka watched as Tsuzuki undressed. He wasn't just taking off his clothes, no, he was being meticulous and deliberate. He removed his sash and then crossing his hands, grabbed the bottom hem of his tunic and as he uncrossed them, lifted his tunic off. After kicking off his shoes, he undid the side zipper on his pants and very slowly slid them down his slender hips and legs. Once undressed, he revealed his taut, perfect body.

Walking over to the bed, he unwrapped Hisoka from the warmth of the velvet blanket. "We won't be needing this for a while." He climbed on the bed, straddled over Hisoka so that his legs were on either side of the younger man's. He placed his hands on either side of Hisoka's head so he could get leverage and be able to see into his eyes. "I think we have waited long enough, tonight will be our night. Are you scared?"

All Hisoka could feel from Tsuzuki was genuine warmth and love. Never before in his life had he felt anything like this. "How can I be scared when this is what we both have wanted for so long. I love you Tsuzuki."

The older man kept looking at his soon-to-be lover. He too felt love radiating from Hisoka. Leaning down, he gave a kiss, which was met with such passion that Tsuzuki had never felt before. Gentle arms reached up to pull him down, and Tsuzuki wrapped his arms under the other. The kissing got greedy, each one wanting more from the other. Tsuzuki gained dominance, his tongue grazing inside Hisoka's upper lip, Hisoka wanted to taste more of Tsuzuki finally giving in and opening his mouth to allow entrance. A game of tongue tag ensued, Hisoka trying to suck on Tsuzuki's tongue, the other doing the same. Kisses upon kisses until both were breathless. Finally, Hisoka was getting lightheaded and pulled back.

Tsuzuki smiled a little victory smile. While Hisoka was still trying to recovery from the kissing war, he decided to attack another part of his lover. Sliding down, he ran his tongue down Hisoka's neck, nibbled on an earlobe which elicited a groan. Quite pleased with that reaction, he continued on, sucking gently at the shoulder and then working his way with little kisses to a perky brown nipple. There he tarried, playing with the nib with the tip of his tongue, first flicking it with his tongue, then drawing circles around it. He played this little game until Hisoka's moans grew quite loud and he knew the young man couldn't take much longer. He stopped and pulled back.

Hisoka looked into those gorgeous, mesmerizing orbs. He wanted to make Tsuzuki feel as good as he was being made to feel. He sat up, never breaking eye contact, and gently pushed Tsuzuki onto his back. He crawled up to him, quite seductively, wiggling his shoulders and butt, and when they were eye to eye, lip to lip, he gave a chaste kiss. Before Tsuzuki could deepen the kiss, he pulled back and slinked back down making full body contact with the other, using his fingertips to caress and gently scratch his arms, but not break the skin. He just wanted to make sure that the other's nerves were tingling. When he stopped moving and he arched his back, he raised his head to be sure Tsuzuki was still watching him. "Now my turn to make you feel really good."

Taking an already swelling shaft in his right hand, Hisoka somewhat hesitantly brought it to his lips. Peeking between his bangs to see if Tsuzuki was indeed watching, and he was, Hisoka took his tongue and gently swiped it over the sensitive tip. Tsuzuki let out a small moan. Again and again, Hisoka used the tip on his tongue to attack just the tip of the glistening head, occasionally daring to penetrate the little eye that was now starting to seep a delicious liquid. The more Tsuzuki moaned, the more vigorously Hisoka moved. Finally, he took a deep breath and hoped that all the training the other boys had him doing would pay off. He held the stiffness by the base and in one movement, opened his mouth wide and took the whole thing in. The head practically bounced off his tonsils, but he remembered to breathe through his nose and he didn't choke. Once the initial shock was over, it wasn't so difficult. He slowly started sucking, making sure there was no contact with his teeth, bobbing his head up and down so the shaft could slide easily against his tongue. Up and down he moved, sucking the cock like the slick bananas the boys had him practice with.

Tsuzuki was bring driving crazy. He had been given head before, many times by both the girls and the boys, but never like this. This was a whole new experience. Hisoka's tongue was like fire on his cock. That hot, wet mouth was slurping and pulling at his member. It was pain and pleasure at the same time. The harder he sucked, the better it felt. The more pain he inflicted with his mouth, the more Tsuzuki wanted it. He knew that if it went on much longer, he would come. It wouldn't be the only time this night, but it would be the first. Soon, very soon, Hisoka would drive him over the brink, and he wasn't going to hold back.

Hisoka could tell something was going to happen. The other boys had explained to him what to expect. He knew that Tsuzuki would come soon, his cock was rock hard, the sweet precum was getting salty. He started sucking harder and used his hand to pump the shaft to help it along. When he started just sucking on the tender head and pumping the shaft, it happened. Tsuzuki came, hard. The salty, sticky essence spurted into his mouth. Quickly he swallowed it, every drop.

Tsuzuki couldn't believe the ecstacy he felt when he came. It was the hardest he had ever come from a blow job. The fact that it was done by Hisoka made it that much better. He was gasping for breath as he came down from his orgasm. He barely could move at first, but he grabbed Hisoka and brought him up to him, hugging him close.

As good as that was, it wasn't everything that either of them wanted for the evening. It did take Tsuzuki a few minutes, fifteen to be exact, to fully recover from that mind-blowing experience. The entire time, he kept Hisoka laying across his chest in a hug. As his breathing slowed, his heartbeat returned to normal, which Hisoka could clearly hear. Finally, Hisoka raised his head to looked at Tsuzuki and they exchanged smiles. Still there was a sadness in Hisoka's face and Tsuzuki knew why.

"Don't think this date is anywhere near over. We still have the entire night to go." There was a genuine smile, and a little deviousness in his voice.

That perked Hisoka up and he put his head back down and gave Tsuzuki a big hug. He spied the tray of chocolates on the nearby table. "Need some energy food?" The two sat up and Tsuzuki consumed all the sugar-laden, tryptophan-filled goodies, well all but two. There was just a bit of champagne left and Hisoka poured that, his nerves just starting to get a bit on edge.

Taking the champagne flute from Hisoka's hand, put it down. "I don't think either of us need anything more right now." He pushed the table and bucket aside. He spotted a small bit of chocolate on Hisoka's cheek, leaned in and licked it off. "You taste so sweet, why would I ever need chocolate with you around?" The blushing started all over again. "I don't understand why you blush with me. You shouldn't be embarrassed with anything we do or say."

He pulled Hisoka closer, put his left arm around him and started to kiss him. While kissing him, he took his right hand and casually reached down and gently separated the young man's legs. Never breaking the kiss, he continued with his hand and ran it inside Hisoka's thigh, caressing it, forcing the legs further apart, and gliding his hand onward until he found his target. He leaned Hisoka back onto the pillows, laying next to him. While still kissing him, and his left arm now above his own head, his right arm started fondling the young man. He wanted Hisoka to understand everything. Breaking the kiss, he got a little groan of disappointment. The two men stared at each other, Tsuzuki whispering, "I want you to close your eyes and feel everything. I don't want you to fight anything I do. Trust me."

Hisoka could sense the sincerity and love from Tsuzuki, so he closed his eyes. He did trust the man, and after all, this is what he had wanted for so long.

Tsuzuki continued to fondle Hisoka, at first using just one finger and his thump to gingerly coax his penis. Then, as it started getting hard, using two, then three fingers. When he was finally semi-hard, and his balls were starting to firm up, he slipped a silver ring around them. Hisoka's eyes flew open and his heart started racing at the feel of the cold steel tighten around his most private area. Tsuzuki put his hand on the other's chest. "I said to trust me. It won't be there long. But this is your first time, and I don't want you to come too soon. If I had continued fondling you for even a few more minutes, you would have come. That would have ruined the entire night for you, for us. "

Hisoka tried to calm down, his heart still pounding in his chest. Placing his hand on his chest, Tsuzuki kissed Hisoka. When he could feel the young man's chest stop pounding so hard, he eased out of the kiss. "Are you ready to proceed?" Hisoka gave a little smile and nodded. "Good. Now, I want you to turn over onto your stomach."

Hisoka did as he was told. Tsuzuki got up and straddled him, resting his bum right behind Hisoka's. He reached behind the daybed, fished around and said, "Ah, there you are," and pulled up a tall, thin blue bottle. He popped open the top, poured a liquid in his hands, rubbed his hands together and proceeded to give Hisoka a back rub. He started at the shoulders, massaging them firmly, but gently. He used his fingertips to work out any tight muscles he found. They he worked down the back, using circular motions; starting at the spine and moving outward. Again, he was trying to ease any tight muscles. He finally reached the lower back where the same type of massage completely relaxed all muscles in Hisoka's back. Moving himself off Hisoka's bum, he started massage that pert, tight heart-shaped ass. He was kind as he kneaded it with his fingers, using his thumb to separate the two sides so he could see what lies between.

He maneuvered himself so that he was between Hisoka's legs and inched up so he was kneeling just above his knees. Thumbs pulled apart silky plump cheeks as he bent down for a closer look. What he saw pleased him greatly. Hisoka's ass was slightly pink, well-puckered and very tight. Taking the bottle in hand, he poured a generous amount on several fingers of his right hand. "Hisoka, it's important that you remain calm and not tense up. Before we can make love, I am going to have to prepare you and it may hurt a bit, but if I don't it will hurt a lot more."

Hisoka had been warned by the others that this was going to happen. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and calmed himself the best he could. "Okay." That's all he could say, he needed to concentrate on not tensing up.

Tsuzuki took one well-lubed finger and probed the tight entrance. He pushed it in, Hisoka remained calm. He started pushing in and out, to get the younger man used to the sensation. When that seemed to be okay, he added the second and eventually third fingers. Once he was convinced that the other was sufficiently prepared, he pulled his fingers out. He was about to enter Hisoka, when the teen pulled up his legs and turned over onto his back.

"I want to look at your when you make love to me."

Tsuzuki smiled and nodded. Taking the teens legs and placing them on his shoulders, he positioned himself close. "Ready?" When Hisoka nodded, he placed his cock at the prepared entance and in one swift movement, entered. Hisoka let out a gasped scream and tensed up. His body tightened up around Tsuzuki like a vice. "RELAX HISOKA!"

Hisoka immediately took a deep breath and let it out, forcing his body to relax. When he did that, the pain subsided, the vice-like grip on Tsuzuki let go. Both men just froze and stared at one another.

"I am going to move, stay calm. Trust me, it will feel much better."

Hisoka tried to remember everything Azumi, Nagi and Izuru told him. He wondered how they all loved this. Suddenly, he was brought out of his thoughts when a shock ran through his body. Not a bad one, a really good one. It felt wonderful. "Do that again." He looked at Tsuzuki. He didn't know what the other had done, but what ever it was, he liked it.

Tsuzuki smiled. "Found the spot huh?" Found the spot, what? Then his eyes flew open, oh that spot, the one that the book was talking about. Hisoka nodded. "Well, then, I guess I should try for it again." Again, Hisoka nodded. Tsuzuki took his cue from Hisoka.

Over and over, Tsuzuki moved in and out of that tightness. He was holding Hiskoka's legs high on his shoulders to get the best possible leverage and it was working. Hisoka's butt was lifted off the bed a few inches and at this angle he was able to move in and out easily, on almost every inward thrust, he hit that special spot that was turning Hisoka's world upside down. Hisoka wanted that feeling more and more, and he was getting into a rhythm with Tsuzuki. As a thrust came in, he pushed into it, and pulled away when Tsuzuki pulled out. Over and over the two performed their little sexual dance. Each time that bundle of sensitive nerves was stroked he moaned, Hisoka came closer and closer to his climax. The problem was, that silver ring that Tsuzuki placed on him was keeping him from reaching that orgasm. He was getting desperate. He needed to come, it was starting to hurt. He knew that Tsuzuki would eventually let it happen, but when.

Tsuzuki was also getting close to his second orgasm of the night. He wanted this to be fantastic and he wanted to come at the same time as Hisoka, that's why he put that cock ring on the lad. He was loving every thrust into that tight ass, and making his little harem boy moan was all the encouragement he needed to continue on. He was getting close, it wouldn't be much longer. Finally, he knew the next thrust would be it. "Okay Hisoka, together now." Tsuzuki pushed hard and as he did, he reached down and released the ring.

Both men screamed out as they orgasmed. Tsuzuki threw back his head, holding onto Hisoka for dear life, coming inside the younger man. Hisoka, his body being lifted higher off the bed by his master, his essence spraying up, hitting him on the chest. Finally, as their orgasms faded, both men collapsing on the bed, Tsuzuki landing chest first on top of Hisoka. Then he fell off to the side, pulling Hisoka to him and giving him the most passionate kiss he had ever bestowed on anyone.

The two were gasping for air, their hearts pounding as they rode out the afterglow. Sweat covered them from head to toe, and the night wind gusting blew the curtains up, causing goosebumps on both the men. Tsuzuki grabbed the sides of the velvet blanket and pulled it around the pair, wrapping them in a luxurious cocoon. As the night winds blew, they fell asleep cradled in each others arms.


What happened in the morning