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Chapter 2

Harem?! There's no way he's going to live in a harem. Hisoka mustered up enough strength to yank himself away from Muraki and tried to push open the carriage door. Muraki watched in amusement at his feeble attempt to run away. Muraki leaned over and wrapped his arms around Hisoka's waist, pulling the boy back up onto his lap. Hisoka struggled against Muraki only to have the man strengthen his grip. A loud sound of a slap echoed through the carriage. Muraki's cheek was tinged with red where Hisoka slapped him.

Silver eyes turned deadly cold as Muraki shoved Hisoka down on the seat. His hands gripped harshly on slender shoulders causing the boy to gasp out in pain.

"Listen to me, doll. I'm terrible tempted to teach you a lesson right here in this carriage but then you would be ruined for Mr. Tsuzuki and I simply can't let that happen." Muraki released his grip on Hisoka and reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box. "Here doll, open this."

Trembling slightly, Hisoka took the box and opened it. His eyes widened in surprised at what he saw. It was a silver ankle bracelet with a toe ring connected to it covered with diamonds. Hisoka pulled the bracelet out and watched as it shimmered in the light. Why was Muraki giving this to him? Was it to make him pretty for this Tsuzuki? Muraki took it out of Hisoka's hands and held it in the air.

"This my sweet doll, is a harem bracelet. I doubt you ever seen one before since the only ones who has are those who have a harem and those who live in one. These bracelets are deeply endowed with powers that ensure the one who wears it will forever be chained to their master's harem." Muraki lifted Hisoka's foot and clasped the jewelry around his ankle. Gently kissing Hisoka's ankle, Muraki continued, "This anklet is filled will Mr. Tsuzuki's essence so as of now you solely belong to him."

Hisoka shivered as he felt the power course through his body and empathy. The bracelet was binding itself to him, showering the unknown man's essence in his flesh and blood. It was a strange feeling.

"There, you look perfect, my beautiful boy," Muraki said with a hint of pride. "And just in time. We're nearing Mr. Tsuzuki's home."

He pulled back the curtain for Hisoka to peek outside and the boy's eyes widened. That was no ordinary home, it was a palace. His parents' house was large, yes, but by no means could it compare to the lavish beauty of this castle. The castle stood tall with several towers and a couple of balconies. The entrance was marked by a path surrounded by roses and by a few tall columns that lead into the building. The palace was made entirely of white marble. In other words, it's simply breathtaking.

Hisoka felt his heart sank as it dawned on him that he will never be free. The castle's gorgeous, yes but it's still nothing more than a cage. Long gone are the days when he dreamt of leaving his parents' dwelling to find a home of his own. No, they had to ruin his plans by selling him to the demon in white.

"Now, now, doll, don't make that face. I want Mr. Tsuzuki to see what a beautiful harem boy he's receiving for his birthday."

Hisoka glared daggers at Muraki, who simply laughed.

"Ah, yes, my Tsuzuki will most certainly be entertained by you."

The carriage stopped at the gateway for several minutes. There was some talking but Hisoka had to strain his ear to hear what's being said.

"Mr. Kazutaka Muraki has arrived for the birthday celebration," the driver announced.

"Of course, you may drive forth," Hisoka heard the gate guard say.

The carriage began to roll again and it felt like an hour before the carriage was stopped again. This time though, the carriage door opened and Muraki stepped out of it before offering his hand to help Hisoka get out. The scent of roses drifted in.

"Can't let my present hurt himself," Muraki whispered into the boy's ear as he helped Hisoka step out of the carriage.

One of Tsuzuki's servants appeared before, asking if they were ready to be escorted into the castle. He then led them through the impossibly high columns that kept the roof up.

The white marble looked even more beautiful up close, Hisoka noted as they passed into the castle. They were lead to what seems to be a waiting room.

"Wait here till your name is announced then you may proceed to the ceremony hall," the servant said.

Muraki simply nodded and turned to Hisoka to fix his yukata and smooth out his hair.

"Kazutaka Muraki," a voice ranged out, startling Hisoka.

"Its time," Muraki murmured.

Hisoka and Muraki approached large French doors that opened up before them. As they went in, Hisoka was hit by joyous emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. Immediately, he thrusted his shields up. He couldn't keep all the emotions out but at least now he could stand being in that hall. The hall was quite spacious and had a number of tables set up. Muraki nudge Hisoka to follow behind him as they walked towards a table that was situated close to a grand fire place, it was obviously the main table. As they continued to head up to the main table, Hisoka could hear whispers.

"Oh, what a pretty boy! Who is he?" Were the most common things he was currently hearing.

After they reached the table, Muraki gave a little bow. "I trust that you're having a nice birthday, Mr. Tsuzuki?"

Hisoka peered from behind Muraki and saw a man with dark brown hair, wearing a violet yukata, staring down at Muraki. From this distance he couldn't tell what color the man's eyes were.

"Yes, thank you for coming," came a cold reply from the dark haired man. He clearly had a dislike for Muraki but Muraki obviously didn't care.

"I have a special birthday gift for you, Mr. Tsuzuki," Muraki drawled. He motioned for Hisoka to come forth.

Hisoka stepped up from behind Muraki and bowed to Tsuzuki. Keeping his head down, Hisoka felt his cheeks turn red from embarrassment. Never in his life did he ever expect to be given away as a gift.

"My gift, Mr. Tsuzuki, is this boy for your harem."

Tsuzuki's eyes widened at this proclamation while whispers of awed appreciation for this gift spread through the great hall.

"Go on, Hisoka. Greet your new master," Muraki commanded.

Cheeks still tinged with embarrassment, Hisoka walked around the table and kneeled at Tsuzuki's feet. All he could do was stare at his "master's" sandals, which, he noted, where made of fine silk. Another symbol of the man's wealth.

"Hey, hey, come on now. Please stand up," a soft voice murmured.

Hisoka lifted up his head and stared into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. Purple eyes shining warmly as a hand offered to help him up. Hisoka slowly took the hand and stood up.

"There, that's better," Tsuzuki said, smiling. His smile was just as warm as his eyes. "Please, take a seat and eat. You must be hungry."

Hisoka sat down next to the dark haired man, still feeling unsure. A plate filled with food was placed in front of him and then Hisoka heard his stomach growl. I guess I better eat, Hisoka thought as the heavenly scent waffled through his nose.

"Here you go, have some nectar," came Tsuzuki's warm voice.

Hisoka looked at Tsuzuki as he poured his glass with some sort of liquid. Hisoka couldn't help but want to see those purple eyes again; they were so breathtaking. His eyes reminded Hisoka of deep pools of embedded amethysts.

What was this emotion he felt radiating off Tsuzuki? It was strange and he wasn't sure how he should feel. Why did everything have to become so confusing in a short period of time?