Everything that Axel and Roxas have ever done can be counted in thirteen quick steps.


First move, usually made by Axel and one of them is against the wall (floor, bed, table, counter, what fucking ever) and the other is already panting for breath.


Hands. Searching for something to find and oh god right there and it makes Roxas bite his lip and makes his hands pull and Axel's back arches right off the fucking table.


Clothes come off. It's as simple as that.


Roxas doesn't even have to push Axel down to the floor, the red head does it willingly. On his knees like a fucking church boy, only with the most perverse intentions as he willingly wraps his lips around Roxas' cock (something he won't do for anyone else).




The Devil's number itself, and Roxas is kicking Axel away even though he's close and it'd be so much easier to just come and hold Axel's nostrils shut and not let him go and make him swallow it all like the dirty little slut he is and walk away like it never happened and leave Axel hard. Push him down to the floor.


Kiss him. Tell him he means it and some bullshit he doesn't mean.


Roxas slithers his hands down Axel's body. He can count every rib. He can memorize jagged hips and he can make the red head hiss as he shoves in a dry finger.


Three fingers.



He's a lot smaller than Axel, but physically he could kick his ass in an instant. Don't underestimate him he's a lot stronger than he looks he could kill you if he wanted to Number VIII. Axel doesn't care and he still doesn't care when Roxas only uses saliva as lubricant and shoves in. He can't feel it anyway.


A groan here and there. Frantic. Rushed. Roxas finds himself grabbing onto Axel's hair, turning the man's head away so he doesn't have to look him in the eyes as he fucks him brutally.


"Fuck, R-Roxas—"


He's already got his clothes on, and Axel is still lying on the ground, panting, legs spread like a greedy whore.

"So, Roxas, are we friends yet?"




1. Being apart from others; solitary.
2. Being without anyone or anything else; only.
3. Considered separately from all others of the same class.
4. Being without equal; unique.


1. Without others: sang alone while the choir listened.
2. Without help: carried the suitcases alone.
3. Exclusively; only: The burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone.


1. to be in bad company