Summer Slam 2006

Edge knocked down the Ref and John Cena was down. Edge yelled for Lita and she grabbed the WWE Championship and handed it to Edge. Cena stood up and Edge hammered him over the head. John Cena fell to the ground when suddenly a man wearing Jeans, a baseball cap and I hooded sweatshirt jumped over the barricade and got in the ring and did a Twist Of Fate to Edge. The man quickly got out of the ring and he headed up the ramp as John Cena picked Edge up and did the FU. John practically fell to the ground and he covered Edge 1...2...3! Cena's music blared through the arena as the man took off the cap and the hood.

"That's Jeff Hardy!" Jim Ross yelled with excitement

Jeff smiled down at the ring. (Jeff had his blonde hair back like it was around the time when he had the ladder match with the Undertaker)

Jeff did the Hardy Gun sign and Lita looked up at the ramp and she was shocked to see her former Best friend. She took a deep breath and she ran a hand through her hair and got in the ring to check on Edge

Later Backstage

"Hardy" said a familiar voice

Jeff turned around to see John Cena with the WWE title on his shoulder

"Hey, Congrads man" Jeff said with a smile on his face

"I just wanted to thank you for what you did out there"

"Happy to help. Edge had it coming anyway but as for Lita, it was actually good to see her" Jeff looked away and then back at John.

"Well I should go but thanks again" John held out his hand and Jeff shook it and then John walked away

Jeff was about to leave when he saw Lita walking towards him and man, did she look mad. She went up to him and slapped him in the face. Jeff put his hand on his cheek

"I probably deserved that one" Jeff said as he rubbed his cheek

"Damn right you did! What the hell were you thinking costing Edge his championship!" Lita said, clearly annoyed

"With all do respect, I'm not the one who cheated on my partner." Jeff shot at her

"With all do respect Jeff" Lita said in a sarcastic tone "It's none of your Business"

"Maybe not but he is my brother" Jeff said

"This had nothing to do with you! You didn't want to get involved" Lita said angrily

"I would love to stay and argue with you but I have to leave" Jeff stepped closer to Lita "It was good seeing you again Li, I know that the real you is still in there some where"

With that Jeff walked away and Lita watched him walk out and she then walked to Edge's locker room

That Night at the Hotel

Jeff sat on his bed writing, when there was a knock on the door. He got up and opened the door to find Lita standing there. Jeff softly smiled

"Can I come in?" Lita asked

"Yeah, sure" Jeff held the door open for her and she walked in "what's up?" Jeff said as he closed the door

"We need to talk" Lita said softly

"Where's Edge?" He asked with intent

"With Mick Foley, trying to calm down" Lita said and she sat down

"Does he know that you are here?"

Lita shook her head

"Why are you really back here? Because I know that you are not here because of the whole Matt issue" Lita stated

"I'm here because I'm sick of seeing the so called Rated R Superstar running his mouth and I'm sick of seeing you act like this. A" Jeff said with a hint of anger in his voice

"Like what?" Lita shot a glare at Jeff

Jeff walked closer to her as she sat on the couch

"You're not the real Lita" Jeff said

"You have no right to say that I am not the real me. We don't even talk anymore Jeff you don't know me anymore" Lita stood up and Jeff was taken back by her comments

"Well why did we stop being Friends Li?" Jeff said, trying to make some sense out of what he was hearing

"We just grew apart and pushed each other away. We didn't keep in touch" Lita looked down

"Well I wish we were still friends because I really miss you in my life. I just want my best friend back" Jeff stepped towards her but she stepped back

"That can't happen at the moment. I have to go" She was about to walk away when Jeff took her arm

"So you don't even have time for me anymore?"

"It's not my fault that my career is going well and yours faded" Jeff let go of Lita and he looked at her with piercing eyes

"Get out, now!" Jeff watched her walk out and she slammed the door. Jeff went and sat on his bed and put his head in his hands

The Next Day

Lita went and sat at the table. She looked over at Edge who was asleep and then Lita looked back to the floor. All she could think about was Jeff and what she said to him. She stood and went to a mirror and looked long and hard

"Maybe I have changed" she thought

Lita's thoughts were interrupted when Edge hugged her from behind. He kissed her on the neck

"Not now Adam" Lita pulled away from him

"Why, what happened?" Edge asked

"I just don't feel like it" she said. She knew that he knew what was going on

"You went and saw Jeff didn't you?" Edge's voice grew with anger

"Well he was my best friend for 6 years and I went to see why he did what he did" Lita looked at Edge and she walked to her bag and she went to the bathroom and got changed

"You know why he did it! He wants to get revenge on us for what we did to Matt. That littleā€¦

"Stop!" Lita yelled "don't talk about him like that"

"He made me loose my title and you're defending him!" Edge opened the door as she put on her long pants

"Yeah I am" With that Lita walked out

Lita went into the hall and Jeff happened to be walking in the hall. Jeff saw her and he quickly turned around and walked the other way

"Jeff!" Lita said as she caught up to him

"It's cool; I got the picture last night. Just don't abuse me anymore please" Jeff said and Lita smiled

"Look Jeff, I'm sorry for what I said it was totally over the line. I feel so bad for it" Lita said with sincerity

"Li, it's not that easy" Jeff stopped walking and looked at her

"Yes it is" Lita stated

Jeff sighed and said "Is this just a cruel joke because if it is just stop. I don't want to be toyed with anymore"

Lita put her hand on his shoulder and said "Look Jeff, we may not be the best of friends at the moment but we have known each other for 6 years and you are the one person I know that I can always depend on with out fail. I would never do that to you regardless of our friendship status"

Jeff nodded and Lita put her arms out and they hugged

"We should catch up soon" Lita said

Jeff said as he pulled away from the hug "Well how about we go out for lunch today?"

"That's a great idea. I'll meet you outside the lobby at like 12:30?" Lita said

Jeff said as he nodded" Sounds like a plan"

Lita nodded and Jeff walked off in the direction he was going and Lita sat down against the hall. Something inside of her leaped at the thought of Jeff Hardy and she didn't know what it was yet.