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Jeff sat on the bench next to Lita who was stretching

"You ready for the match?" Jeff asked

"Yeah" Lita replied

"Good because Melina is going to pay tonight" Jeff said

Lita nodded

"Are you okay with going out there? Because I mean with Nitro being here and all" Lita asked

"Yeah, I'm just a little tired and sore but that's all" Jeff said

"Well you need to take it easy then" Lita said

"I will" Jeff said

Lita went to Jeff and she sat next to him and they kissed

Lita smiled after they stopped and she stood

"We should go" Lita said

"Okay, yeah" Jeff said

Lita and Jeff walked to the Barney and then her music hit. The crowd cheered when she walked out

Lita paused and she pointed to the curtain and then Jeff limped out and the crowd went wild and stood on their feet for Jeff. Jeff smiled and saluted the crowd and Lita put her arm around him and they walked to the ring

Once they got inside the ring, Melina and Johnny Nitro walked out to the ring and Jeff smiled and he turned to Lita

"They can't believe I am here" Jeff said

"Well most people can't" Lita said

"It's great that I'm the reason that their friend isn't on Raw" Jeff said

Lita nodded and gently hugged Jeff when Melina and Nitro entered the ring. Jeff carefully got out and he hit the apron in support

Melina didn't last in the ring long at all with an opponent like Lita. She just dominated the whole match and hit the twist of fate for the count of 3

Jeff called for Lita and she got out of the ring as Nitro stepped in and they walked backstage

"You were awesome out there" Jeff said

"Well you were out there so I had to impress you" Lita said smiling

Jeff smiled back and he kissed her on the cheek as they were walking

"Well how are you feeling?" Lita asked

"I'm feeling good" Jeff said

"You are so lying but I will have a shower and then we can go back to the hotel" Lita said

"Okay thanks but take your time" Jeff said

"Yeah but you need sleep" Lita said

"Yes mum" (That's where my Australian comes out) Jeff said jokingly

"Good" Lita said

They walked back to her locker room and they saw Steph waiting at the door

"Awesome match Li" Steph said

"Thanks, I'm gonna have a shower so we can go. I will see you later Steph" Lita said waving to Steph

"Okay, don't be too long" Jeff said with a smile

Lita smiled back and kissed him and walked into her locker room and closed the door

"Li was really worried about you" Steph said

"I know and I owe her for staying with me" Jeff said

"Well how are you feeling?" Steph asked

"I am just tired and sore but I am going home tomorrow so I can recover" Jeff said

"You could have left today and gone home" Steph said

"Yeah but I don't care, I had to stay here for Lita because I said I would be here for her tonight" Jeff said

"Well I'm glad that I didn't let you have a last man standing match" Steph said

"Edge would have gotten counted out with that Twist of Fate" Jeff said

"Yeah but you wouldn't have gotten up" Steph said

"Yes I would have" Jeff stated

"Matt would have been very proud of you" Steph said

"Yeah I know and I'm glad because I did it for Lita and Matt" Jeff said

"You really made people stand up and take notice of you in that match. No one knew that you had the strength and ability to get up from all that" Steph said

"Yeah I know" Jeff said

"Well you go home and rest and just spend some time with Li and try and relax" Steph said

Jeff nodded and Steph hugged Jeff and then Jeff went back into Lita's locker room as Steph walked off

Jeff sat down and looked at his cast and Lita walked out dressed and ready to go. Jeff sighed in relief because it was all over

Lita smiled and walked to her bag and put her stuff in her bag

"You okay?" Lita asked

"Yeah, I'm fine" Jeff said

"So are you actually going to get sleep tonight?" Lita asked

"I am going to try…actually, I'm sure I am cause I am insanely tired" Jeff said

Lita nodded and she walked to Jeff and leaned down and kissed him

"Well do you want to stay up with me for just a little bit and have dinner with me?" Lita asked

"Yeah of course" Jeff said

Lita smiled again and then she picked up her bag and Jeff stood as Lita began to walk out

At the hotel

Jeff was laying on the couch and Lita was leaning back on the couch

Lita ran a hand through his hair and Jeff smiled

"I'm glad you're here" Lita said

"Me too" Jeff replied

"You really should have told me about your feelings before" Lita said

"Yeah okay because that wouldn't have been weird and awkward. You were in love with my brother" Jeff said

"It would have saved you heaps of trouble" Lita said

"It was worth it" Jeff said

Lita smiled and then she turned and kissed Jeff

Knock Knock Knock

Lita stood up and went to the door and she smiled when she opened it

"Hey" Lita said

"Hey" Trish said "So I decided to come over and bring some movies so we can all watch them before you guys leave for a week"

Lita moved aside so Trish could get inside and Lita shut the door behind Trish

Lita sat back in the same position and Trish sat on the other couch

"What kind of movies are they?" Jeff asked

"Well they aren't movies that are going to freak us out. They are definitely not blood and guts movies either" Trish said

"Well that's boring" Jeff whined

"So I got chickflics instead" Trish announced

"Nice work!" Lita said

"That's not fair because I have to go to a lot of effort to move and I happen to like blood and guts movies" Jeff complained

"You baby" Trish teased

"Hey, I am not a baby! 24 hours ago I went through one of the toughest matches in the history of this company and I won" Jeff exclaimed

"Do you want a parade?" Trish asked

"Actually yes that would be nice" Jeff said jokingly

Lita leaned back and kissed him on the cheek

"Are you trying to bribe me?" Jeff asked

"No because you will have to watch the movies whether you like it or not" Lita said

"Your right" Jeff said, giving up "Hey, how long are you staying in Cameron with me?"

"Um actually I'm going to move back with you" Lita said, biting her lip

"Well are you sure?" Jeff asked

"Yeah, I am" Lita replied

Jeff looked at Trish who was looking at Jeff

"I think this is the part where you sit up" Trish said

"Believe me, I'm trying" Jeff said "So you really want to do this?"

"Yeah Jeff, I do" Lita said smiling

Jeff grinned and Trish put the movies on the floor

"Okay what do we watch first?" Trish asked

"Neither" Jeff said

"The girliest one it is" Trish said smiling

Trish put a movie in and Lita smiled at Jeff

"I know I asked this but I mean are you sure because I don't want to rush you to do anything" Jeff whispered

"Jeff, I am so sure" Lita said smiling and she leaned in and kissed Jeff

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