Hello everyone! While I will continue the other story, I should still be able to update weekly. I might have to alternate updates between chapters, but I'll try my best to update both of my fics weekly. This story is based on Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. Although I've taken the concept of the plot, the characters will be altered to fit the cast of Naruto. If you have time, you should give it a try, it's a great book.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, or Twilight, or lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Edit: At this point I really don't know what to do. I've tried a few times to affirm that this fic is based on Twilight. I said it in chapter one, I've said it in a few of the later chapters, and I'll say it again. But, I just don't know what else I can say to tell some of you this fic is based on Twilight, meaning that yes some of the events will be identical. Maybe I'll make a flash animation. Someone said that I should state that I am copying her book, but I believe that's a mockery to Stephenie Meyer. I think it's a mockery to her saying that my fic is the same as hers because I can only dream of writing to her caliber one day. I've had the ending chapter in mind for a long time, so I've been trying to make changes in the story. I guess for some people it's just ridiculous to base your fic on a book, but I just didn't see how it was different from taking events from an anime. Because it's all someone else's work, right? Isn't that what disclaimers are for? Maybe I'm wrong /

Chapter One: Your Presence

Hinata stepped out of the cab, knees slightly trembling as she looked up at her new school. As she climbed the steps towards the building, a wave of nostalgia washed over her; this was how it always started. A new start, a new school. It was always the same...this time would be no different...

"Look at her. What a freak." She was roughly pushed against a wall.

The other girls laughed, and continued to beat her already worn out body. "Yeah. Look at her freaky pale skin. She's worse than an albino!"

Hinata stood motionless on the floor, watching a thin rope of blood meander away from her arm. Gripping the cold hard ground tightly, she refused to cry out. Throughout the years, she had learned that your pain only excited them. It gave them joy; a reason to draw more of her blood.

A hand tangled itself in her hair, roughly bringing her to her feet. She winced at the searing pain that run along her scalp. One of the girls grabbed another lock of her perfect raven hair and gave it a heartless tug. "Look at this. I bet it came straight out of a bottle. You conceited little bitch."

"Yeah. You think your hot stuff jsut because a few stupid boys whistle when you walk by? You think they actually like you? They only give you attention because you're a slut. Everybody hates you. No wonder why you're an orphan" Hinata was too exhausted to bother mentioning she had never even hugged a boy. They wouldn't listen either way.

"How many boys did you play with today, 'innocent little Hinata'? Jeez...how much hair do you have? Enough to cover those ugly gray eyes?"

After pushing her around some more, Hinata's tired eyes widened at the sight of metal glinting in the moonlight. A sinister laugh stiffened her spine as a pair of silver

shears made their way in front of her face. "Since no one likes you, we'll be your friends. And as your friends, it's only right of us to cut that shaggy hair of yours. Be proud to be a freak, Hinata. It's all you have."

Closing her eyes, she could only stand there as pieces of her hair floated to the ground. Her head become lighter and lighter as each strand of her long, shiny hair was severed from her with those rusty, silver scissors. Each subtraction made her feel emptier and emptier inside. At long last, she felt too empty to stand; she fell into a puddle, her face relishing the coolness. Everything, everything she had done to fit in had only caused her more trouble. She tried growing her hair because her silver eyes did wonders in cpativating the boys. They said she was flaunting her hair. She had tried dying it brown; her flawless, silky black hair would not be dominated by the flaky brown coloring. Nothing would work. She was a destined outcast.

Hinata sighed as she kept her head down, careful not to bump into anybody. No matter where she went, ijime(1) was a stalker that liked to follow her. It was only a matter of time until the principal would arrange a transfer. Never had she lasted for more than five months since she had started high school. Even five was streching it.


She continued to walk, looking in vain for a room 42-D. "Um...hello? HELLLOOO?"

Confused, she looked up at the brunette man looking at her with a puzzled expression. "Are you talking to me?" "No one ever talks to me..."

"Is there any other Hyuga Hinata?"

"Afraid not."

Still confused by her disheartened response, he shook it off and put on a big, friendly smile. "I'm Inuzuka Kiba, and it's great to meet you! I'll be showing you around Konoha High, it may be small, but everyone here is really nice."

A frown etched onto her pale ivory face. They were always nice, but when it came to it, they never even gave a word of protest as they bullied her. Like she was nothing more than a doll to look at. "You don't have to. I'm sure you have better things to do."

"What could be better than following a pretty girl around all day long?" Her cheeks reddened at the compliment. Sure, they always looked at her, but they were never this nice to her. Nodding her head, she slowly fell into step with him as he blabbered on about the teachers and classes. Granted, he talked too much, but he had a rough, alluring voice. Lifting her head, she nearly gaped. He had to be the most beautiful boy she had ever seen in her life. His eyes were sharp and narrow by nature, his cheek bones roughly angular. By all standards, his features were enticing in a cruel, rough way. His nose scrunched up. "I-Is there something on my face?"

"Huh, oh! No! I...I'm sorry..."

"Hey, look all you won't. Just don't drool." She smiled at the way he lightened the conversation. Maybe...just maybe...this time could be different.

She had no idea jsut how right she was...


Kiba escorted her to her first class; English III. She was about to take a seat in the corner, but Kiba gently took her wrist and pulled her towards a group of desks in the middle. He went behind her and put both of his hands on her shoulders; Kami, he was freezing! "Guys, this is Hinata. Hinata...you guys do it yourself."

Hinata blinked at the five pairs of eyes staring at her, each with their own degree of warmth. An equally alluring blond creature smiled at her. She could've sworn she had jsut seen fangs...she shook her head. "Hey, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. What's your name?" She faltered at his beautiful, laughing blue eyes. They seemed to suck her into their own little world. In fact, he was even more beautiful than the first one.


A tall, statuesqe brunette girl smacked his head. "You idiot, we've already established what his name is." She turned her deep, chocolate eyes to Hinata and smiled warly. "My name's Tenten, Sweetie. It's great to meet you." Hinata shivered; this girl was too beautiful to be human. Her almond shaped eyes sat beneath smooth, elegantly arched eyebrows. Her graceful cheekbones tapered down into an elegantly narrow chin.

Her eyes trailed to the two guys to Tenten's left, and she felt like fainting; what was with these people? Did they hang out with each other to bask in eachother's other-worldly beauty? One of them had fiery red hair that contrasted wonderfully with his mint-green eyes. His mouth was tightened into a strained smile, which looked entirely out of place. His black-rimmed eyes stared into hers with an unexpected mix of animosity and intrigue. The one next to him was concealed behind black glasses and a high collar that reached up to his nose. From what she could see, she could tell that he was good-looking in a unique way exlcusive to himself. Kiba pointed at them.
That's Gaara and Shino. Yeaah, they don't talk much."


"And this..."

If Hinata was speechless before, now she was thoughtless as well. She couldn't even begin to register those glaring charcoal eyes and that unkept, wild hair. His pale skin was almost sporting a gray tinge to it. Everything about his face was jagged and sharp; from his eyebrows to his jawbone, there was ot a single curve on his face. Even with that hateful look on his face, Hinata could not look away. He was...captivating.

"...is Uchiha Sasuke."

His blazing eyes narrowed at her with more hate than the bullies at her old schools. It was a hate that was far beyond skin-deep. The others merely exchanged looks before sighing. "Keep glaring, Sasuke. Maybe if you try harder you can burn a few holes into her." Sasuke merely looked away with annoyance while Tenten punched Sasuke in the arm.

Though no pain registered on his perfect, perfect face, Hinata could tell from the vibrations of his skin and the stiffness in his arm that there was a lot of force behind that fit. Something clicked inside her brain, and it suddenly all made sense. Besides being breath-takingly attractive, these people were physically strong.

"Oh...did the principal tell you to protect me?"

Naruto scratched his shaggy blond hair and laughed nervously. "Well...yes. But we want to. We'd be honored, Hinata." Sasuke shot her another acidic glare. "Well...except that one. But Sasuke's a diva."

"T-Thank you...but you really don't have-"

"Yes." Hinata froze when his attractively smooth voice danced through her ears. She would have never expected such a harmonic voice to come from someone as stoic as Gaara. "We do."

"Okay..." She took the only free seat; right in the middle of all of them. Sasuke's fist clenched as Hinata took a seat next to him. Tenten frowned, but she exchanged knowing looks with all of them; this was a problem...

After lunchtime, Shino stood up and went in front of her desk. She took that as a sign, and stood up, following him. Tenten gave her a reassuring smile as they filed out of class and towards the roaring cafeteria. The six of them took a seat at a bench, and motioned her to follow suit. She sat down and watched with curiousity as all of them took drink tumblers out of their bags and gulped down the contents. "What's that?" Hinata instantly regretted her nosey-ness as they froze mid-gulp. "G-Gomen! I didn't mean to...I mean...nevermind!" She was waving her hands in front of her hysterically.

Naruto blinked, then laughed at her. "That's okay, Hinata. You know, this is the most life I've seen in you all day. Are you always this hyper?" She blushed as she sat back down and twiddled her fingers.

Tenten patted her head. "It's okay. The thing is, we're...models. Yes, and we have to watch our weight. All they let us drink are these icky protein juices."

"Ohhh!" It made perfect sense; of course they were models! That would explain why they were all friends; they probably all worked at the same agency. As Shino polished off his drink, he waved it past Hinata's face while he tried to recap it. Hinata gagged at the smell; what the hell did they feed their models?

"Aren't you going to eat something? You're thin as a rail!"

Her slender arms covered herself protectively as she smiled embarrassingly. "No, I'm not hungry..."

Hinata looked at all of their gorgeous faces, as a genuine smile adorned her peachy lips. Already, this year would be unlike any other...at least that, she was positive of.

As her eyes unconsciously trailed towards Sasuke's, he quickly looked away from her. Without looking under the table, she was sure that he was clenching and unclenching his fists in fustration. His animosity towards her gave her a slight sting, but she found that despite her best efforts, she couldn't tear her eyes away...


1. Ijime is the Japanese term for bully. I know that maybe the bullying in here was a bit harsh, but it was common for people in Japan to be bullied for their hair color or physical appearance.

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