Rescue from Emotionless

A/N: It's set at the end of Meet John Smith. When Duncan ignores Veronica. I thought I saw a moment between Veronica and Logan.

Spoilers: Season 1, AU off the ending of Meet John Smith.

Disclaimer: No matter how many times I ask, RT just won't give me Veronica Mars, although he did sell me Logan, so I'm happy.

Chapter 1

Logan trailed behind an emotionless Duncan. He was disappointed to say the least, he felt like screaming. Yesterday Duncan had finally broken out of the stupor he had been in since Lilly died. Logan had been ecstatic, thinking his best friend had come back to him. He was sorely mistaken, today Duncan was back to his zombie-like tendencies. It was cruel, to wave the old Duncan in Logans face only to snatch him back again. Yesterday had turned out to be a cold reminder of the way things should be- could be if Logan had his say in it. And Logan always made sure to have his say. He didn't know how to get the old Duncan back yet but he was determined he would figure sommething out. He looked up and saw Veonica walk towards Duncan.

Veronica tilted her head flirtatously "Hey, how's your head?" she asked sweetly.

Duncan looked at her blankly "Better." He replied flatly, then walked away leaving a puzzled Veronica in his wake.

He glanced at Veronica and shared a look of mutual understanding. Suddenly an idea came to him. Logan grabbed Veronica's arm and dragged her into the girls restroom.

"What the hell Logan?" Veronica yelped.

"I want to talk to you." Logan replied as if she were stupid.

"Well, goody for me!" Veronica said sarcasticly.

How do I approach this?

"I want the old D.K. back!" Logan blurted out.

Veronica blinked several times. "I need to know this, why?"

"Look, I know we hate each other but I need your help." Logan said grudgingly.

Veronica didn't respond, only raised an eyebrow.

"Listen, Duncan is like this lifeless zombie. I miss the old Duncan. I need your help." Logan said briskly.

"Why would you need my help? In case you haven't noticed, Duncan and I aren't close." Veronica replied flatly.

"The only time he ever really acts like the old D.K. is when I act like a complete jackass to you." Logan said with a cheeky grin.

"Well then, he should always be his old self." Veronica said rudely.

"It's not enough! I have a plan…sort of. You are going to pretend to be my girlfriend." Logan said confidently.

"What?" Veronica asked incredulusly.

"You heard me. What better way to get a rise out of him than to have his best friend date his ex?" Logan asked reasonably.

"What you're saying is you want to piss Duncan off to the point that he explodes? And that's supposed to make him all better? Yeah, good plan." Veronica said sarcasticly.

Well, it sounds dumb when she puts it like that!

"It's fucking brillaint!" Logan defended.

"I'm leaving." Veronica began walking towards the door.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Logan smirked "People are bound to see us leave here. They're going to draw conclusions…what do you think your boy will think of that?"

"Nothing. I'll tell Troy the truth, that you're a bastard and nothing happened." Veronica responded confidently.

"Would he still believe you if I was saying something different?" Logan asked curiosly.

"You wouldn't!" Veronica yelled.

Hell yeah, I would.

"Come on, Veronica. We both know I would and that I'd enjoy it." Logan smiled

"You're blackmailing me to pretend to date you? I didn't think you were so desperate, but I guess after that whole Catlain incident, I shouldn't be suprised." Veronica snarked.

"Like I really want the school slut as my girlfriend." Logan sneered.

"Screw you! I don't need this!" Veronica yelled

"Listen, if we play this right we can both get what we want." Logan said quickly before Veronica could leave.

"You know what I want?" Veronica asked in disbelief.

"Answers. You want to know why Duncan broke up with you." Logan said knowingly.

"I'm listening." Veronica said as she leaned against the wall.

Now I've got her.

"Listen, we just pretend to date for a few weeks until Duncan snaps. Then you get your answers and I get my best friend back. Win-Win." Logan says charmingly.

Logan watched Veronica as she debated inside her head. Trying to convince her further more Logan said.

"Listen, if this is about that Troy guy, you can date him after we break up."

Veronicas eyes snapped to his. "If and I do mean If, I do this, then how would we handle the break up?" Veronica asked suspicously

"We would just say that Duncan got pissed or something like that." Logan said quickly.

She's almost convinced. Logan could practicly taste victory.

"No saying that I cheated or anything. I want to be able to date Troy after this and I don't want you to fuck it up." Veronica stated coldly.

"Okay, but no seeing anyone else while we 'date'. That goes for both of us. We have to look convincing. Also, no telling anyone about this little arrangement." Logan said forcefully.

"I'm not going to lie to Wallace." Veronica said sternly

Logan couldn't remember ever meeting a Wallace. Then he remembered the black kid that Veronica seemed close to.

"He better not tell anyone. Deal?" Logan said, holding out his hand.

Veronica rolled her eyes and took his hand "Deal."