Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. Woe is me.


This story is no longer under revision, it is being rewritten. I am currently halfway through the process, and it is clear to me that the current work as it exists now on this site will differ considerably from the newer version. For the time being I will leave the piece here as is, but upon completion it will be replaced with the final revision.

My apologies to new readers for any confusion this process may cause; to any old readers, if you're still out there, I apologize for the long delay in finishing this piece. I had always wanted to return and give you an end to the tale, and I promise that I will. But with so many years passing since its beginning, I've found it impossible to simply continue on from where I left off. I intend to complete an entire draft and do a final edit before posting any of the new writing in order to ensure no one is left hanging without a proper ending again.

This note will be updated when the rewrite/revision is complete.

Please refer to my profile page for more information/updates. Thank you for your patience.

-Goddess Althena

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