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Normal Pov.

Tyson lept off the deck of his house and landed in the soft white snow. Daichi followed behind and sank down to his waist in the soft powder.

'Ha ha! Hey Daichi!' called Tyson compacting a snowball in his hands. 'Catch thi-'

Tyson was sconned in the face by a snowball, which Daichi had pegged at him as he'd turned aroud.

'You gotta be quicker than that Tyson!' Daichi laughed.

Tyson wiped the snow off his face in annoyance and threw his snowball at Daichi, getting him in the chest.

'Was that quick enough for you shrimp!'

Daichi gritted his teeth and wimed another white ball at his opponant. He threw it with all his might. At the last minute, Tyson ducked. The compacted ball of snow flew over Tysons head and struck a pretty, brown haired girl who had just walked into Tysons yard.

'Oh no!' said Daichi fearfully.

The girl raised a trembling hand up to her face and wiped away the snow, revealing her furious face. Tyson and Daichi looked at her fearfully.

'I'm sorry Hilary!' said Daichi. 'It was Tysons fault!'

'What! How was it my fault!'

'You shouldn't have ducked! If you'd stayed still I would have gotten you and not her!'

'If you didn't throw it I wouldn't have ducked!'

Tyson and Daichi glared at eachother. Hilary sighed.

I wont even bother...she thought to herself.

'So Hilary,' said Tyson, breaking her out of her trance. 'What's up?'

Hilary tightened the white scarf that was wrapped loosly around her neck.

'There was nothing to do at home,' she said, 'So I came to visit.'

'I thought you said you were decorating it for Christmas?' asked Daichi.

'Yeah, I finished doing that yesterday.' Hilary replied. 'I hope Kai likes it when he comes home!'

'Jeeze,' said Tyson lying back on the blanket of snow on the ground. 'It's like you two are married or something. I mean, you share his appartment and you decorate the house for him.'

'Oh shut up,' said Hilary, blushing slightly.

She looked up at the cloudy sky.

'Do you think Kai'll be back before Christmas?' she asked.

'I'm not sure,' said Tyson. 'He and Tala said they would be back from Russia in around three months. He could show up at anytime.'

Hilary nodded.


Start Flashback

Hilary and Kai stood apart from the main group of Tyson, Daichi, Max, Ray, Tala and Mr Dickenson. Hilary felt a small pain in her heart.

'How long will you be gone for?' she asked Kai quietly.

'It should only be around three months,' Kai said softly.

Hilary looked up at him in shock. His crimson eyes shon down at her.

'Three months!'

Kai nodded.

'But...but that's so long!' Hilary said sadly.

'I know it's alot to ask,' said Kai putting his hand on her cheek gently, 'But, I'm asking for you to wait for me.'

Hilary smiled.

'Of course I'll wait for you,' she said, 'Just be careful in Russia.'

'I'm sorry about this,' Kai said. 'But Tala and I need to know why Boris killed our parents.'

'I know,' said Hilary, 'I wish you the best of luck!'

'Fight 287 to Moscow, Russia now boarding.' said a female voice from a speaker on the wall.

'Looks like it's time for me to go,' said Kai.

Hilary flung her arms around Kai's neck and kissed him passionately on the lips then put her head on his chest.

'Promise me you'll come back to me safe,' she said. 'I love you.'

Kai smiled and hugged her back.

'I love you too.' he said. 'I'll see you in a few months alright?'

Hilary let go of him and nodded. Kai took his wheely suitcase and walked over to Tala.

'Let's go.' he said.

Tala nodded.

'Have a safe trip boys!' Mr Dickenson called.

Kai and Tala smirked then nodded, walking towards the check in gates.

'Make sure you call us!' Hilary called.

Kai waved his hand above his head.

'Bring us back souvenirs!' Tyson called.

'Lots of souvenirs!' Daichi added.

'I hope you find what your looking for!' said Ray.

'Be careful guys!' called Max.

Hilary watched as Kai's white scarf fluttered behind him then disappeared from sight.

End Flashback


Tyson and Daichi had begun singing their own version of the Christmas carol "Santa Clause is coming to town" when Ray and Max walked into the yard.

'You better watchout, if ya don't wanna die! Better not pout I'm telling you why! Santa Clause is killing, the town!'

Ray and Max stood by Hilary looking at Tyson and Daichi who were singing happily.

'He's making a list! Checking it twice! Chopping up kids whether naughty or nice! Santa Clause is killing, the town!'

'Nice...' said Max watching them.

'How are you Hilary?' asked Ray trying not to laugh at the other two.

'Alright,' she said, 'Oh yeah Max, how's your dad?'

Max smiled.

'He's fine,' he said, 'Just a little more cautious of his food now though.'

Hilary smiled and nodded.

'You're worried about Kai aren't you?' asked Ray seeing the concerned looked on her face.

'Yeah,' she replied. 'I just can't help feeling like something is wrong. He hasn't called me since he arrived in Moscow three months ago.'

'Yeah but Kai never rings any one unless he's dying or something.' said Tyson getting up and standing with them.

Ray elbowed Tyson in the ribs seeing Hilary's concern deapen.

'I'm sure he's fine.' said Max putting a hand on her shoulder.

Hilary smiled half-heartedly but still wasn't entirely convinced.

'How about tomorrow morning we go see Mr Dickenson?' said Ray, 'He'll be able to track down Kai's number over there in Russia!'

'Okay!' Hilary brightened up slightly at this news. 'Thanks Ray.'



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