Johnny isn't as weak as everyone thinks, and thats how Dallas treats him. But as Johnny soon learns, even if something is forbidden and secret... it doesn't stop love from entering one's heart.

Chapter 1

Dancing. Our bodies danced in the moonlight as we both gave up our spirit and mind to each other each obtained what we needed. His teeth cut sharply into my neck as I groaned. Blood slowly dripped down and when he pulled back, I could see his teeth stained with the crimson liquid... making him look like a crazed vampire. It was enticing.

His lips bruised mine and soon hands traveled bodies, teeth bit lips and the shed we stood in echoed with moans. I moved my hands so that they rested on his neck; his hands fisted on my jeans making them tight. He grounded his hips on mine, making me gasp and breathless. I could feel his hardening member in his jeans, feeling so warm against my own. His hands pulled the heam of my shirt, and I quickly discarded it. His own top was disposed of and my hands moved up and down his chest, feeling his muscles and nipples beneath my fingers. He groaned as I pinched his slightly pink nipple. I bit my lip to hold back my own as he thrusted harder into my pelvis. Hot.

That's all I could describe Dallas Winston as he licked and sucked my neck. He was rough, and that's how I liked it. Most think I am soft and weak, but Dallas knows better. When he gets me, he doesn't let me off easy. I love the feel of his teeth as they graze my neck and downward to my collarbone. I love how he bites roughly, then licks my nipples apoplectically before kissing my chest. I can't get enough of how the tip of his tongue probes my bellybutton, before blowing cool air over it. He knew that it's my sensitive spot, and always makes me helpless to moans.

My breath was caught in my throat as he pulled down my jeans and nuzzled in my thighs. I gasped as he licked shyly on them, kissing them until his lips rested on the tip of my throbbing member. I moaned loudly as his tongue licked the side of dick before fulling taking it in his mouth. I almost screamed as his warm cavern caressed it, making my pre-cum leak out at a rapid pace inside of his mouth. His lips became swollen as he moved his mouth up and down my member, sucking and nibbling. He moved towards my sacks, taking care of them as I gasped and groaned once more. His lips moved back onto the tip of my dick, and soon his teasing became too much and yelling his name, I came in his mouth. My body felt worn as I spent my juices. Looking up at his face, I felt myself become hard again as he licked his lips of my fluids .

His mouth stroked mine and I tasted myself, making me moan. I felt he was too over-clothed for this situation, and took off his jeans. We both sighed as our members touched each other, making electricity run through our veins. Searching in my eyes, Dallas asked permission to enter my body, which I hastily agreed to. He was hot, and I wanted his heat inside of me. After he prepared himself, he slowly pushed inside of me and for a moment all I felt was searing pain. Dallas pulled out until the tip of his dick was inside of me before thrusting back in. My ears roared and I pushed myself back, willing my body to look for the pleasure and not pain. My mission was accomplished and all I could manage to speak was Dallas's name and moans. His cock pushed inside of me, deeper and faster. Deeper and Faster. Stars appeared before my eyes as I climaxed, Dallas's name leaving my lips. Seconds later, he was groaning and as his head jerked back, I felt his juices fill my insides, making me feel whole and warm.

My body limped to the floor as did his, his head rested on my shoulder. Pants became breaths and soon he lifted his weight off of mine, helping me up before grabbing his clothes and putting them on. I put on mine, and as I pulled on my jacket, out of the corner of my eye, I watched him look at me and sigh.

"This has to stop Johnny". I knew it did, but said nothing. Eyes bore into mine before He walked out of the shed and into the night. I watched his retreating form before letting my body fall to the ground. Silent tears fell from my eyes as I repeated his words in my mind. I wiped my eyes and lifted myself up. I winced as my backside burned, and moved out of the shed before heading in the direction of my home.

This has to stop Johnny...

Yes it did. Because it was only a matter of time before I start to fall in love with you. Dallas Winston.


A special thank you to iluvthecheat, who beta'd my story. Thank you so much! Also, as a beginning writer, My chapters DO get better as you go on---So please do. The most latest get longer and more complex then these beginning chapters and are the ones I am most proud of.