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Hushed voices and soft snores seemed to surround me when I awoke. I wondered if I was at the hospital, like last time, but I doubted since I felt a rather large bump pressing against the small of my back. Yup. Good old couch at Pony's house.

The throbbing in my spine, however, was not as welcomed. Pain pounded in every area of my body, as if I was on fire. My eyes opened and my mouth parted in a silent scream as someone sat on the other side of the couch, causing it to lift upward and press the bump against my back.

"Johnny's awake! Hey! Soda, get off the couch, you're hurting him."

It was clear that I was in fact awake, and I was I was now moaning and groaning. I wished for a split second I was a little kid again, when my mother wasn't a drunken sorrow case, and would kiss my cuts and make everything better. At the thought of my mom, I remember the incident with my father and everything turned downhill.

"Hey Johnny, you all right there? I mean... do you want some water or aspirin or something? Pony, get Johnny some water. You gotta sit up, Johnnycake, we can't have you spilling water everywhere... we already had to clean up the blood..." Darry was just as motherly as ever. I felt a hand lifting me up and soon I was being propped by pillows. I looked around me weakly, taking in the pity that seemed to cloud the room.

Do they have to sit and feel sorry for me? Although now that I think about it, I did come here looking here pretty bashed up...

"Here you go Johnny. Now, let's talk about what's been going on around here lately. There's a lot you need to explain from what I've heard from Two-Bit, and from what I'm seeing. Now, we can't get ahold of Dallas, but we still wanna hear your side. Is he doing this to you without... well... is he raping you Johnny?"

Blunt as always, Darry, blunt as always... I coughed a bit, surprised at being asked so much. I'm a private person and to be asked all my business and expected to tell it all is just asking too much. But I couldn't help but groan at what'd happen if I didn't. They'd jump to their own conclusions and it would get worse, or I'd feel bad because they'd been worried about me since I fainted on their doorstep.

I decided to just come out and tell them the edited version. I kept the private details, well, private. I needed to inject some comfort into what I was giving them, so I tried to think carefully as to what to say.

"I just... Dally should be here before I spill the beans. I mean, I don't think I should…" I wouldn't tell them if Dally wasn't here. What if he didn't want them to know yet? And I wasn't going to answer their question without him. No way, he was the smooth talker, not me. I stuttered and choked on words. Hell, I couldn't even tell a decent lie to save my life.

I must have looked pretty pathetic because Darry smiled half-heartedly, ruffling my hair and getting up. He mumbled a slight "okay" before heading off into the hallway, most likely off to bed. I looked at Soda, who in the meantime had gone to sleep on the floor, snoring lightly into his pillow. Pony was lying on the easy chair, legs twisted in an uncomfortable position, yet a serene expression was on his face.

I felt my eyes drooping and soon, I too went into dreamland.