Warnings: Shounen ai/ yaoi (malexmale relationships) Angst

Pairings: Harry/Draco

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chapter 1: the insomniac and the planner

Harry had never been afraid of the dark. He never thought of the ghosts and the ghouls and the demons than many other humans obsess over when the sun goes down and the moon bathes the land in its eerie luminescent glow. It was only after Harry first met Voldermort that he had become scared. He had felt resentment of the setting sun for the first time.

He wasn't scared of the darkness specifically, more of what it entailed. He was more afraid of sleep. And the dreams or rather nightmares that it would; without fail bring to him. Many of the dreams kept hurry awake for hours, before the darkness once again crept over him and washed him away with it's deceitful soothing.

Recently it had gotten worse, with the threat of war and having to face Voldermort again, the dreams often made him refrain from sleep for days on end. Harry had eventually become an insomniac.

It was three thirty on a Saturday morning when everything crashed down on Harry. Blatant as dropping a piano on someone's head, all his mixed up emotions hit him full force. It made him confused, it made him ache and it made him run right out of the common room in to the empty halls of Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. Tears streamed from his eyes as he dashed out of the portrait hole, everything swam by him in a dizzying swirl of blue, gray and black.

He went crashing though the halls, uncaring of the others who were asleep. Not caring if he woke the others up, he ran. His longing footsteps screamed through the halls in front of and behind him occasionally making it sound like Harry was running toward himself. His head was so messed up, a thousand thoughts fought for his immediate attention.

His whole body ached and soon it escalated to an unbearable pain that made him drop to his knees in the middle of the corridor. One of his hands came up to tangle in his hair as he whimpered at the intensity of his newly acquired headache. His other hand pressed to his chest in an attempt to still his heart, it felt like it was going to burst through his rib cage if he didn't fight to keep it in there.

Every time he inhaled it felt like his head would explode. He held his breath in an attempt to make the pain stop but his lungs burnt his whole body felt like it was burning from the inside out. He gulped air in greedily and his hand pulled in his hair as he felt what seemed to be a bolt of lightning pass through his head. What was happening to him? He had never felt like this in his life

So caught up in the pain and the confusion was he that he never noticed his archrival step in to the corridor.

The owl fluttered impatiently outside Draco Malfoy's window waiting for entrance. Draco looked at it skeptically as he opened the window, wasn't it a little late for owls? As the owl flew in he realized that it was one of his father's private owls.

He took the roll of parchment from the owl and it flew abruptly out of the window. The blonde sat at his desk and unfolded his letter.


As you well know your initiation to the dark lord is coming soon, this is a very important stage of your life. This will prove that your loyalties lie with the dark lord and you must in no way, let me down.

I want you to deliver me Harry Potter before the end of the school year. This will be a good opportunity to buy the favor of the dark lord, delivering what he wants so much straight into his hands. It is very important that you don't fail, Draco.

I don't care how you do it; I want him, by the end of this year. I expect you to have come up with a plan by the end of this week and I want it to be flawless, this must not go wrong.

I will await your reply that will contain a full proof plan.


Draco smiled as he hid the letter in with the other piles of paper on his desk. A chance to catch Harry Potter, and in anyway he wanted. Perfect. He sat back in his chair he could just make it easy and put a paralising potion on a dagger, stab the bloody idiot and then use a port key, or floo powder to get away, but that was such a waste.

Draco hated the bloody boy-who-lived with a passion but he would admit that he was a formidable enemy, and he deserved a formidable defeat. Plus, he sensed that his father wanted a spectacular plan, complex but not too risky and he would deliver.

Draco slipped soundlessly out of his room and down the stairs, it was late and he was sure that filch would no longer be making rounds and the other prefects would long be in bed. He was sure he was safe.

He glided through the halls without making a sound. He was just starting to gather the remnants of a plan when the heard a crashing to his left. He ran the expanse of corridor and rounded the corner. He found himself standing in front of none other than Harry Potter.

He panted for breath his blonde fringe tumbling unchecked over his forehead. He had heard someone running about and thought it might be filch but when he heard the voice that moaned and whimpered in to the supposedly empty corridors, he had run straight over. He looked down at Harry Potter, oh, for so long he had wanted to see the boy on his knees in front of him and now he had it. My, whatever would he do?

The boy on his knees seemed to be totally unaware of the blonde boys presence as he moaned and mumbled things to himself so, the-boy-who-lived has finally lost his mind, has he? Oh, glorious, glorious day. Chirped Draco in an over joyous, sarcastic tone. Finally the unruly devious blonde had had enough of not existing in Harry Potter's eyes and decided to announce his presence.

"Well, well, if it isn't Harry Potter." He sneered, a resentful lining entering his tone "so nice to see you down on your knees." Harry whimpered a little but otherwise there was no reaction.

"-lp…" Harry attempted but his voice failed him. Draco lifted Harry's face with his foot not wanting to touch the boy with his hands.

"What was that Potter? I don't speak lowlife scum." Draco laughed haughtily but it was cut short abruptly when Harry lifted his head lethargically to stare at Draco. The blonde had never seen Harry's eyes like that. Shining with resignation and defeat. The great 'undefeatable' Harry Potter was resigned and down on his knees, looking tired and withdrawn. Draco couldn't help but laugh. "How proud I am that I'm the only one who gets to see you like this." The blonde stated with a superior tone.

Draco quickly moved his foot from under the other boys chin and kicked him in the side of the head. Harry muttered quietly as he rolled sideways under the assault. His head flopped toward the wall, facing away from Draco. "Look at me, Potter. And show only me, the sight of you as you fall apart."

Harry breathed heavily, his head turning back to fix a stare on Malfoy. A blank look played in his eyes and a thinly disguised look of feeling lost lingered over his face. Suddenly Harry jerked and a stomach curdling wordless scream was elicited from his throat. Draco jumped startled by the sudden sound. He had never heard Harry scream before.

Before he knew it and had time to mull on the thought, there were teachers all around him and Harry taking in the scene as it unfolded. Harry on his back near the wall screaming with tears pouring down his face and. And his archrival, Draco Malfoy, standing over him.

Questions were fired all around and he had a hard time keeping up with the rapid-fire words. The headmaster's calm voice cut through the barrage of chaotic syllables.

"Severus, you will accompany Mr. Malfoy back to his room, Minerva you will accompany me and Mr. Potter to the medical ward where we will ask Poppy will look over him." Dumbledore said no more as he collected Harry off the floor. He swept out of the corridor, his arm wrapped supportively around Harry's shoulders. McGonogal closely followed him. Snape turned to Draco once they were out of sight.

"What was this Draco?" a smirk passes briefly over Draco's lips lips, he was not going to take the blame for this. A sweet 'I'm oh so innocent' smile came to his lips, but never reaching his eyes.

"I needed to do prefect rounds sir." His face then turned devastatingly sorrowful "I heard someone whimpering and came to see," he stole a glance up at Snape to see if he was buying his story, his face looked skeptical but accepting "I saw Harry on the floor and when I asked if he was okay, he started screaming." Draco paused for a while and then for effect he added, "I was terribly worried." Snape was silent for a while just studying Draco with a blank expression. He let out a sigh.

"Very well, Draco. Although I am not so sure that Albus will so willingly accept your story." Draco smiled; this was too easy! The two headed back to Draco's room in silence. It was true; the headmaster would know that some thing more went on between the two in the corridor. He wouldn't believe that Harry screamed at Draco's mere presence. Draco needed another story, more convincing and yet further from the truth.

The two stood at the alcoves that lead to Draco's private room. Snape regarded the devious blonde with a dark look.

"Good night, sir." Draco muttered to the professor before starting up the stairs to his room.

"Draco," Snape called up to him, the blonde stopped but didn't turn around "it wasn't your turn to do prefect rounds tonight." The dark haired professor called up to the boy. Said boy remained silent and only continued up to his room when he heard the potions professors foot steps turn and head away.

Of course! The teachers know who does prefect rounds on what night, how could I have been so blind? He couldn't say that he switched with one of the other prefect that would get them in trouble and he couldn't find someone to go along with his story in time. He needed a plan, and fast.

He knew that with Harry in this state the headmaster wouldn't come to see him until tomorrow. He had until then to concoct an utterly brilliant and cunning plan. He smirked. No problem.

Harry refused to lie back in the bed he was put in, he refused to take any of the potions that Madam Pomfrey tried to give him and he refused to close his eyes for long periods of time. And he would by no means relax. Albus watched as Poppy and Minerva fought with the struggling boy.

Harry was in a frantic almost frenzied state, his eyes shot around the room in an unsettled wild manner he was thrashing his head from side to side and he seemed to want to pull his hair out by the roots. Minerva held his arms down to stop him from hurting himself.

"Harry," Albus called softly to the boy. Said boy stilled instantly and looked at the headmaster who stood calmly by the side of the bed. "You haven't been sleeping well, my boy." Dumbledore stated knowingly. Harry sighed dejectedly he stopped struggling with Minerva and drooped back against the bed. "So, what ever is the matter my boy?" he asked calmly. Harry sighed in defeat and he closed his eyes briefly. Shutting out the world.

"I've been having nightmares." He admitted into the still air of the medical ward, he looked straight at the ceiling, carefully avoiding the accusing stares he received from the professors. "They made me afraid to sleep." He closed his eyes again shortly.

Minerva and Albus exchanged a worried glance over the boy's bed before they turned back to Harry again. When they realized he was going to say no more, Albus tried to coax his problems out of him.

"Why had you not informed us of this before?" he prompted. Harry let out a small yet bitter chuckle.

"I honestly didn't think it was a problem. I thought I could deal with it on my own" Dumbledore said nothing for a long moment.

"If you're lying in abandoned corridors at three in the morning, there's definitely a problem, my boy."

"Sorry sir." Was Harry's immediate reply, as if he'd taken it as an accusation and had been expecting it. The headmaster shook his head mournfully.

"If you don't mind my asking my boy, what is Mr. Malfoy's involvement in all this?" Harry studied his hands. 'What was that Potter? I don't speak lowlife scum.' His hands tightened in the duvet that covered him. I should get back at that lowly…Harry shook his head; he couldn't bring himself to get Draco in trouble.

"He- he found me. He heard me scream and came over to see if I was all right." Dumbledore looked a little skeptical.

"He did nothing further?" Harry started. 'So nice to see you down on your knees.'

"No sir." Harry replied quietly. Dumbledore observed Harry over the tops of his half moon spectacles. He rubbed at his beard for a short moment before speaking again.

"How did you get that bruise my boy?" Dumbledore motioned to Harry's head with his own. Harry's hand flew to his temple. He felt dried blood matting with his hair. He lowered his hand to find his fingertips smeared with blood.


At that minute Madam Pomfrey came to stand next to Harry's bed with a tray of potions in hand. Harry regarded them cautiously.

"You're dehydrated and malnourished Mr. Potter. And lack of sleep certainly does not help." She said accusingly placing the potions down on the table beside the bed. "These are to revive your strength, after you've taken the I want you to get some rest." Harry dumbly nodded not really listening as he picked up the first of the three potions. Madam Pomfrey handed to him.

"Will you be okay my boy?" Harry plainly nodded as he swallowed the last potion. He immediately started to feel sleepy as he took the last potion. His eyes widened. A sleeping potion! His eyes started to droop and his vision blurred, blackness kissing the edge of his vision. He turned frighteningly quickly to Dumbledore.

"No!" he muttered desperately as sleep claimed him completely and he fell back on the bed.

The sky overhead was dark, heavy raindrops fell on to the earth and every thing that dwelled upon its vast surface. Harry was on his knees in a river. The temperature of the water was extremely low and the water burned as it lapped at his clothed thighs and wrapped around his legs. His back pressed against a large rock and heavy black chains made of iron bound him to it. He gasped as black-cloaked figures wearing masks stepped into the water all around him. A figure came to stand right in front of him. Harry immediately knew who it was. Voldermort.

The water level had risen considerably and it now lapped at Harry's stomach and as the rain pelted down the water lever rose higher still. Voldermort let out a malicious laugh as he looked upon the sorry sight that was Harry Potter. The screaming wind ripped the sound around in the air. Harry tried to scream as Voldermort took out his wand and pointed it right at his heart.

"Harry Potter," rasped the figure in front of him. The voice sounded disgusted, like the very words that were spoken were repulsive. A green light shone at the end of the wand threateningly pointed at him. It was the green light of the unforgivable curse; that Harry could be sure of. Harry lowered his head and waited. "So nice to see you down on your knees." The figure continued. Harry's head snapped up at that and suddenly it was Draco Malfoy that stood poised to cast the curse in front of him.

"Malfoy!" Wailed Harry, he couldn't believe it. "I know you hate me, but, wanting to kill me?" Harry's voice was small and only just carried enough for Draco to hear it. Draco just watched him coolly. The water now lapped at Harry's neck, just below his adam's apple.

"Of course. I'm afraid you've been a nuisance to the dark lord for much too long." Harry squeezed his eyes shut. He wanted to wake up; he had to wake up! But he couldn't the sleep potion was too strong and he couldn't shake off it's effects. Help me! the thought wildly wake me up! "Trying to escape?" Draco mocked.

"Draco, please-" he knew it was probably useless to try and plead with him, but he had to try. Draco merely laughed at the bound boy's futile attempts to talk Draco around. Harry sucked in a breath as the water level rose even further kissing his chin. The green light at the end of Draco's wand grew and then,

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry screamed then. The curse wound its way through his body; spiraling outward in a deadly silent dance. It destroyed everything. It devoured him whole. He felt his breath and heart stop. However it surprisingly still hurt. I'm dead! Was the only thought that Harry's mind could correctly concoct and process at that moment.

Still he didn't wake up, he found himself instead eaten by darkness. Consciousness failed him. From for off in the distance, over the expanse of the great divide he could still hear Draco laughing. The way he had before he had cast the killing curse on him.