(KAI) Mello and Near. Mero and Nia. I like them both, and so...
(But not related to "Fevered".)
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His lips were there, like lips often were, trailing and pressing and making their way to more exotic ground- far and across his belly and legs. He shivered, gripped the sheets a little and tried to suppress the next shudder that quivered and zagged up his spine.

His heart gave a leap- dark, pale pink lips there, near, then there, and the soft warmth of a mouth going around it. Soft, wet, warm, shiver shiver shake- "No..."

A little harder, little bit of teeth; almost almost almost- he moaned again, lower, more desperate, "No, please...!"

A bite, softly, possessive, ordered, and the boy arched into the next intrusion as though it were fire in him. A purr. "Nia... "

It could be a hiss.

The name arose when Mello had sputtered more than one word or another along with Near's name, and he had held onto it, as though in anticipation for moments like these. Near cried out.

"M-e-llo," he seemed to beg, almost twisting over, almost noticing the tears.

Fierceness over him-- two arms locked down, nervous, undulating heat between them, and cool air running between where there were no shirts to guard against the cool tremors which could become. "Stop it," the other said, nuzzling gently at the side of Near's neck, where a pool of tears broke and slipped past the smaller's collar bone.

A whine- somewhere low, deep in the back of Near's throat- Nia's throat- where Mello owned him. He had done this before- only twice- and he would do it again. Right now.

Near shrieked into Mello's shoulder, bit and clawed up at intrusion. Invasive, corrosive.

He was worn down. Simpler parts.

People fit together... almost like puzzle pieces.

Mello smiled and sped, and Near gave over to uncontrollable mewling- punctuated by the gasps that made their bed groan. It felt so bad--

--to feel so good...

Wet and slip and Nia held on, because this person above him wouldn't let him do otherwise. Still- would he run? Could he?

Mello hissed, Near's right ring finger cutting into his skin. Tremble, push, release.

A moment.

"Don't cry... Nia," sickly sweet, words full of everything. Jealousy and possession and that secret thing, that thing that neither of them could afford to have. "I love you."

"I... I..."

Gentlest fingers in his hair.

"I love you, too, Mero," a managed, horrible whisper that was true.

Sometimes, like puzzle pieces, people fit together. The patterns didn't always match- but they could fit.