Brennan watches in horror as Booth crumples to the floor, his hand over his stomach...she struggles against Brian but he holds her fast. The moment before Booth hits the floor seems to play itself out in slow motion, it's another beat before she is able to form any coherent words.

"Booth!...Booth!"The horror and desperation in her voice is dulled by the pain in his abdomen.

Brian starts to drag Brennan to the door, the more she struggles the tighter his grip becomes. She tries to pull back as he pulls her through the door, but a swift punch from his armed hand stuns her enough for him to drag her far enough for Booth to be out of her line of sight..Brennan scans the room desperately for some sort of weapon and seeing none watches Brian's movements...she can see signs of fatigue, obviously from her struggle and perhaps from the surge of adrenaline that he must have had before he shot Booth. Brian pulls her close to him and kisses her roughly..."Don't struggle so much Baby...I don't wanna bruise your face anymore than I have to."

Brian's proximity repulses her and almost by instinct her knee comes into contact with his groin, hard and fast. He lets go of her arms instinctively and she elbows him in the back causing him to sprawl on the floor..She reaches down and picks up his gun aiming at him.

"Did you really think that I would want you? That you could make me want you?...You're sick...Now get the hell up!"

"Dr Brennan?" She spins around to see an armed police officer standing behind her, 2 more officers appear behind him and start to approach...Brennan lowers the gun and it hangs limply at her side...she takes in a deep shuddery breath as relief washes over her, the feeling is short lived as the panic and worry for Booth set back in, she jogs past them and back into the office where Booth is starting to sit up on the floor.



She runs over ad kneels next to him, she puts her hand over the bullet entry point, he peels back his tee to show her his kevlar vest. He smiles gently...

"This is why we always take my car."

"And this is why I should have a know this wouldn't have happened if I had one."

He rolls his eyes and smiles, his expression turns serious when he notices the cut on her forehead, he touches it and she winces.

"Sorry...are you hurt in any other way"

"No...I just thought that you were dead...I couldn't let him get me away from the building."

"You did good Bones."

Their eyes meet and they share a gentle smile

Booth and Brennan exit the warehouse escorted by a paramedic, police officers lead Brian out in cuffs behind them. Booth puts his hand on Brennan's arm to stop her. She looks at him in question.

"I was just wondering about some things..."

"What things?"

"Why were you at my apartment Friday night?"

"I wasn't at your apartment, I was at your building."

She looks at the floor and he puts a finger under her chin to bring her eyes level with his.

"You were at my building, why didn't you come up?"

"I don't know."

He searches her face.

"Then what did you come for?"

An emotion quickly passes over her features and he can swear that it is fear..."I came apologise and see if we could still work together." She is lying and he is pretty sure of it, but the excuse hurts all the same, just the idea that it may be true that she wasn't there for him. Maybe she didn't have any feelings for him. The past 2 days had been a rollercoaster of emotions for him and he never once stopped to think that she hadn't been coming to see him because she was willing to let him in.

He nods and drops his hand by his side..."Consider it forgotten then."

A paramedic approaches them and nods to her..."Ma'am, we're ready for you now; if you wanna come over we'll sort out that cut."

She nods and meets Booth's eyes one more time before being led away. As she is walking away Hodgins comes up by his side. Booth puts a hand on his shoulder.

"You did a good job Hodgins."

Hodgins stares at the hand on his shoulder and Booth removes it awkwardly.

"No one's life is in danger anymore is back to normal."

Booth looks after Brennan who is walking away. He sighs and nods.

"Yeah, back to normal."

Hodgins watches him staring out after his colleague. "You know, I heard in some movie that if the girl looks back, it's coz she loves the guy."

Booth watches as Hodgins smiles and walks away towards the SUV. He turns his attention back to Brennan and her back disappearing into the distance.

"Look back...Look back at me."

It's almost a plead, the blood draining from his stomach, his head spinning, as he waits patiently. She is almost 50 feet away and nearing the ambulance...5 more feet and his face drops, the disappointment etching itself on his she reaches the ambulance, she lays her palm against the open door. He mentally kicks himself for listening to Hodgins.

Booth turns and heads over to the police car, as his back turns on her, she turns around and looks back at him.


Booth pushes his apartment door open and drops his jacket onto the floor. He rubs the back of his neck and closes the door behind him, he's hungry, sore and exhausted. He stalks into the kitchen and pulls open the fridge door, leaning on the door for support he peers inside and gives a disgusted snort when he realises that he will have to go hungry until later.

He pulls a beer from the fridge and twists the lid off throwing onto the counter. Leaning back he takes a swig and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Images from the past few days play in front of him again, Brennan leaving the club with Jack, the blood trickling down her face from the corner of her mouth, the light purple bruising on her forehead, the look in her eyes when a bullet entered his torso.

He shakes his head and puts the beer down deciding that a shower and some sleep would be the best thing, he would have to face his boss in the morning and he would rather do it on a good night's sleep.

Brennan peers in the mirror at the ugly bruise forming on the side of her forehead, she picks up some concealer and dabs at the bruise lightly, she sighs and drops the concealer into the sink bracing herself against the pedestal.

She doesn't know why she lied to Booth tonight, something inside her just panicked. She'd been to the building, she wanted to talk about the previous resolve things between ask him straight out what his intentions were...and then she'd seen Tessa. Tessa had been smiling and Brennan had felt a strong pang of jealousy and hurt. She would never openly acknowledge that, but recently she found herself unable to control feelings that she would normally deem irrational.

He'd been waiting for her tonight, waiting for her to open up and be honest and she had shut him out again, just like she had that night. She remembers how his touched had burned her skin, burned her so deep that she could have sworn she could still feel it the next day. She frowns into the mirror and exits the bathroom, her mind made up as to her next course of action.

Booth exits the bathroom in a pair of faded jeans and a towel around his neck. He is heading for the bedroom when he hears a faint knock at the door. He throws the towel back into the bathroom and makes his way to the dor, on opening it he is surprised to see Brennan there,a pizza box in her hands.

He looks at her questioningly and catches her gaze on his chest. He smiles sheepishly and ushers her in. She lifts the pizza box up "I thought that you might be hungry."

He smiles at the idea of her bringing pizza to him after her last experience of a pizza delivery. "Come on in, I'll uh, just get a shirt."

She nods and makes her way over to the sofa as Booth disappears into the bedroom. As she sits down she notices a picture of Parker and Booth on the lamp table, she picks it up and stares at it, on hearing Booth coming back into the room she replaces it to it's original spot. Booth sits down next to her and smiles. She shudders at his proximity and he loks at her concerned.

"Are you cold? I can turn up the heating if you like?"

"No, I'm fine. Thanks"

She reaches forward and opens the pizza box taking a slice. Booth mimics her action and they each sit eating their slice in awkward silence. Once he finishes his slice he leans back on the sofa.

"Are you really ok? You've been through alot these past few days."

She sits back on the sofa and twists her body so that she is facing him. The light from the lamp casts an eery glow over her features and he is not so sure that he likes it.

"I'm fine."

"Why did you come here tonight? I'm pretty sure it's not to make sure I am fed, I'm not exactly going to whither away."

"I came to thank you. For saving my life."

"I don't think I actually saved your life...I got my butt kicked."

She smiles and looks at her hands. He drops his eyes to her hands and lowers the tone of his voice "Is that the only reason why you came here tonight?"

Her cheeks flame, her tongue suddenly dry and swollen in her mouth. She keeps her head bowed and feels the fear rising in her again. Time seems to freeze but the words don't seem to be coherent in her head. She nods slowly. Booth closes his eyes and smiles to himself.

"You know, I thought that you might have said that..."

She pushes up from the sofa and moves to the front door...he follows her and as she reaches her hand for the handle he places his atop hers. He stands behind her, close to her body yet not touching, their hands being the sole point of contact. He gently prys her hand from the door handle and placing a hand on her shoulder turns her slowly around to face him. She does not meet his eyes, her eyes feel heavy and her heart is racing in her chest, thumping against her rib cage so loud that she swears he must be able to hear her. He puts a finger under her chin and raises her head up until her eyes meet his just like he had outside of the warehouse. His free hand goes to the bruise on the side of her face and he touches it gently.

"I wish you had come up."

"I did"

"Thats not what I meant...Why did you come here tonight?"

"I told you..."

He shakes his head and smiles gently, his brings his hand down to cup her cheek and she closes her eyes briefly "Booth, don't...I'm no good at this. Relationships..they end horribly, I can't get involved in all..."

He leans down and gently brushes her lips with his own. Her shudder and exhalation of a long held breath spurs him on. He brushes her lips with his again, this time without such gentle persuasion and she opens up beneath him. After a few moments more they break apart.

"Now why did you come here tonight?"

She smiles and pulls his lips back to hers for a chaste kiss, he smiles and nods "That's what I hoped."

He drops his hand to hers and pulls her towards the bedroom, she shakes her head in protest but he squeezes her hand gently. "I'm tired Temperence...I just wanna lie with you..I'm afraid the performance would reflect poorly on both of us."

She smiles cheekily. "Speak for yourself."

They enter the bedroom and Booth stops in front of her, he pulls his shirt over his head and offers it to her, she smiles and without modesty changes into it as he pulls back the covers and slides in, he reaches a hand up to her and she slides into the bed next to him laying her head in the crook between his shoulder and arm.Holding her close he places a sweet kiss on her forehead and they close their eyes. Brennan opens hers quickly to have one final look at him and smiles before closing them again.