Chapter 5

The final episode of the series had arrived and Jet, Wave and Storm were sitting backstage waiting for Ant to bring them on stage.

"I don't know why we have to do this," Wave moaned, crossing her arms.

"I don't particularly want to do this either but this could be the only chance to shake off those bashers," Jet replied.

"I wish they would hurry up," said Storm, banging his fists together.

Five minutes later Ant appeared on stage.

"Welcome to the last episode of the current series of 'Why do they', today we will be chatting to the Babylon Rogues as well as bringing out the rest of the characters towards the end so please welcome Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross,".

Wave forced a smile at the audience as she, Storm and Jet walked in. and sat down.

"Right then lets start with you Jet," Said Ant who was nervous due to the annoyed look on the Babylon Rogues faces, neither of them seemed to want to be there.

Jet opened his beak to speak but Wave gave a loud tut.

"What's up Wave?" Ant asked nervously fearing a rant coming on.

"Jet seems to do everything first, he acts like the big leader but his nothing but a lazy good for nothing bas-"

"THANK YOU Wave," Ant interrupted, not wanting her to swear "So what do you want to say?" he asked her. Wave stood up and faced the crowd.

"For all you Tails fans out there I want to get one thing straight, just because I dissed Tails does not mean you all have to hate me, not everybody has to like to Tails, no offence to him, but just because I was a bit mean to him doesn't mean you should hate me, it's not fair, it's like saying you hate Shadow because he tried to kill Cosmo, it's just plain wrong,".

She sat down again, breathing heavily.

"Thank you Wave," Ant said and turned to Jet.

"What would you like to say Jet?" he asked. Jet looked round at the audience but, unlike Wave, he didn't move.

"My voice may sound like it got caught in a blender and my appearance may look freaky and I may be a bit lazy but that is no excuse to laugh at me, and I am having the same problem as Wave, people are hating me just because I like Sonic, not everybody has to like Sonic you know and how can you say I am interfering in Waves relationship with Storm, Wave is the one who is mocking Storm not me,".

He sat back down as Storm stood up, knowing he'd be next.

"My skills do NOT suck!" he shouted angrily " Alright, I may not be as good as Jet or Wave but just because I'm not perfect doesn't mean you can all diss me," He glared at Wave "and you didn't help things by announcing that my skills sucked,"

"Truth hurts?" she remarked coldly. Storm banged his fists together furiously and Ant could see a punch coming on.

"Okay Storm if you'd like to sit down," he suggested nervously. Storm sat down glaring angrily at Wave.

"So clearly the problem here is that people are hating you because you diss a particular character, well nobody is liked by everyone so maybe if fans stop bashing you just for hating other characters things should be calmer, I'm not saying they have to like you but I think that they shouldn't hate you purely because you diss one of their favourite characters," Ant declared. The audience cheered as Ant stood up.

"So the characters have given us their views and they will each give us a message each to finish up the series so please welcome all the characters!" Ant announced and as each of the characters walked in he shouted out there name...ROUGE...SHADOW...KNUCKLES...CREAM...COSMO...TAILS...SALLY...BLAZE... AMY AND SONIC!".

They all stood in a line and bowed, Jet gave a very forced bow and Shadow merely nodded his head. Ant walked to end of the line and stood next to Sonic.

"So what is your final message to the fandom Sonic?" Ant asked.

"I want people to respect other opinions, if they dislike a couple you like you shouldn't force them to like it, their entitled to their own opinion" Sonic announced.

Ant moved to Amy. "What would you like to say to the fans Amy?" he asked.

"I want all Sally, Blaze and Elise fans to stop bashing me,it's horrible," she replied, on the verge of tears, Ant moved on to Blaze.

"We did nothing to hurt you so please don't hurt us," Blaze said. Sally then announced ".

"Same as Amy, just quit the bashing," she responded. Tails was next.

"Remember we are only characters so don't take your support for a couple too far," he said.

"If you support Taismo it doesn't mean you can't support Taiream too," Cream said. Ant the moved to Cosmo.

"I just want the fandom to live in peace and harmony," Cosmo sighed.

"As I said before, don't judge a book by it's cover," Rouge announced.

"I AM NOT AN EMO!" Shadow shouted, Ant quickly moved on to Knuckles.

"Don't diss my shoes and stop accusing me of being gullible, I can't help it," Knuckles declared. Shadow started to whisper the barbie girl song in to his ear.

"SHUT IT!" Knuckles said angrily, going red and raising his fist at Shadow.

"Don't fight please," Ant said quickly and he moved to Jet.

"Stop dissing us," he said.

"Don't hate a character just because they diss a character you like," Wave added.

"And I don't suck," Storm finished. Ant thanked them and faced the camera.

"Well that's the end of the series, I like to thank all our guests who have appeared on the show, I want to thank the audience for coming and I want to thank you for watching, until next time goodnight!" he called and the audience cheered as the theme music sounded for the last time.