"Holly." Root bellowed into Holly's mike on the shuttle. "This was your fault you fix this now. I'm sending Captain Kelp. He'll be their in an hour. This ones smart she'll know not to enter the town, but Justin case are you running hot."

"Yessir" Holly said quickly. Root Terminated the link and Foaly started talking.

"Holly. It looks like she's headed for Hamburg. While you're flying why don't you read up on this kid." Holly quickly brought up the file. She switched the shuttle to autopilot and started reading.

Mikana Alda, a sprite around 100. 10 Years ago she tried out for the LEP and passed all tests with flying colors except the initiation into Recon which she failed. Many people thought she threw the test. Her best grades were in flight. She held the current record for core diving and the only fairy to beat her grades was Holly.

That was the past though nowadays she was head of the criminal empire in Haven. Her weapon of choice: Softnose laser. She has numerous charges against her and a large bounty for her capture.

She was nearing the Shuttle bay of E22. She opened up a link with Trouble Kelp. "Hello Holly. Aren't you supposed to be tracking someone?" Came Trouble's voice from the other end.

"I have a 20 mile flight to Hamburg. Just making sure you did your research."

"Of course I have. Which is why I am going to test you. Who exactly are we dealing with?"

"A LEP Trainee with amazing grades who also has the entire Haven underground at her disposal, and is armed with the latest edition softnose."

"Very good. Now I have to go I'll be at Hamburg within 45 minutes" Trouble hung up and Holly looked down. She saw Mikana fly into the city still completely shielded. She walked right into a human dwelling. Holly quickly switched her view to thermal and turned her attention to the house. Only one person was in there, a sprite.

She brought up Foaly. "What do you need Holly." He said.

"Mikana Alda walked into an empty house and is still perfectly healthy. Why?"

"The only reason I can come up with is this was planed and she already has permission."

"Well I need you to tap all calls coming from this house."

"Got it." Holly heard the tapping of keys and a minute later Foaly said "I can't get in. There must not be a single phone in that house, and she must not be holding a communicator." Foaly said. There was a few second pause and then he said "Wait you said Alda right."

"Yes." Holly replied. Holly heard the tapping of keys and then Foaly muttered something.