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Chapter 13

The Untouchables

No-one else had ever slept on Otohime's bed before except from herself. And now she was dragging an almost half-dead-looking Kai up the stairs and onto her mattress, despite the fact that she didn't really want Kai to stay here for any longer than he already did. She kicked open the door and hauled him in; god, he was so heavy; she dropped him onto the bed, and then lifted his feet up. She grabbed her covers from underneath him and then pulled it over him. He looked around her room first, intaking the sight of the interior that seemingly opposed his. Her room was bright, sunny and cheerful. His was bland, brooding and dark.

"What are you doing?"

He was feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous. Otohime looked up from what she was doing; she was at the end of the bed.

"I'm taking off your socks." I hope he doesn't puke on me or anything…

So there he was, sockless and shirtless, in her bed, which smelt like sunshine and daisies. His head sunk into the pillow; so did the rest of his body in her jelly bed. It was uncomfortable. She had taken his almost wet shirt and stuffed it over her radiator. His shoes were also sitting beside a hot water bottle inside her closet. She had prepared; in case her parents made an unexpected return home. She didn't want them to open the door and find men's clothing littering the living room. It would give off the wrong idea.

"You have a high temperature so I'm going to have to let you stay."

It sounded like he was a burden to her. He'd leave anyway, like he wanted this to happen in the first place. He struggled to get up, but she shoved him back onto the bed.

"You're not going anywhere, Kai. Not until your fever goes away." She sounded thoroughly annoyed again. Like as if taking care of him was some kind of obligation, something she HAD to do.

"What will your parents say?"

"They won't say anything. I won't tell them and neither will you."

He understood that she had strict upbringing, a bit like him, really, only he was spoilt enough to start smoking at a young age. She slapped a cool ice-pad over his forehead and stuck a thermometer in his mouth. He tried to remember the last time he had been unwell, and pinpointed the time – he was roughly 11 years old, his mother wasn't there, or his father, but Arkadios, constantly fuelling the flannel with cold water and letting him sit up to watch cartoons. Kai felt dreadful; it was almost as if he had forgotten what it was like to be unwell.

The room was quiet and warm, which made him feel even worse, even though Otohime didn't seem to realise. He could get even worse for all that mattered, and she wouldn't even realise. She sat beside him on the bed, staring off at the wall of her room, occasionally sending glances to him now and then. He just lay there, eyes closed.

"Why were you fighting with Tala?"

"He provoked me."


"He used you."

Otohime froze again, and looked away awkwardly. She wished Kai wouldn't do that. It was like he was getting to her; maybe it was because he was. She inwardly hated herself; why did she reject him? Kai wasn't exactly a bad person. There was nothing wrong with him; sure, they hadn't been on good terms, but that's what made her like him more. No, it wasn't that. He was untouchable. Kai Hiwatari was untouchable in her eyes.

"Kai?" She uttered out. "… Why do you… like me?" She said embarrassedly. She didn't want to say that. It felt really humiliating for her to say that to him. She didn't know why. She just thought it was.

Maybe it was because it was just typical of High school and status quo. What was the likeliness of a popular guy liking an unpopular girl, or the unpopular girl liking a popular guy? Would she be able to confess to him, even if there were the possibilities of herself becoming a laughing stock? Then, would it even be love she experienced?

"…You stand out." He croaked out. Actually, Otohime was probably the only girl he had properly 'interacted' with.

Otohime felt confused all of a sudden. "… Oh. Um. Right."

"Why did you become a fangirl?"

She blushed immediately. She knew that answer already without thinking twice. "… I thought you were good-looking. But I didn't know you."

Otohime felt shallow, and hung her head in shame. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily, and then, a pair of arms had thoroughly wrapped around her body, bringing her into his lap. Kai was unusually warm; this would be the first time she had actually seen his chest so up close. Otohime smacked herself for those dirty thoughts. Not now! She squeaked and opened her eyes, as Kai leaned closer and –

She pushed him away.

"Don't do that!" She yelled, almost sounding alarmingly frightened. "Don't do that!!"

Kai looked to the side. "Fine, I'll go."

She quietened down again, and then opened her mouth, but then –

The door downstairs began to open. Otohime panicked immediately; turning back to Kai sharply, and looked around frantically. She had already grabbed his stuff and hid them in her room, so she was safe, for now, but now the actual patient was with her, and her parents were home.

"Hime-chan, we're back!"

She paled instantly as soon as she heard her mum. "Hide!" She whispered anxiously at him.

He tried to get up, but his body was thoroughly weakened. He stayed in the bed, and she was overwhelmed with worry and fear; she heard her father coming up the stairs. Otohime didn't think twice – she dived into the bed with Kai, and pulled the covers over the both of them. She moved Kai further down, and told him to lie flat against the bed so that it would look as if she was the only one in the bed.

The door opened, and Otohime's father entered. She trembled violently.

"Otohime, are you alright?"

"Uh…Uh… I'm sick, dad." She faked a weak, unconvincing cough. "I'm tired… wake me up when dinner's ready, okay?"

"Sure. You want a cup of hot chocolate?" He asked. She shook her head vigorously in return. Her father raised an eyebrow. "Let me check your temperature."

"No, it's okay, really. I checked already. See?" She showed him the thermometer on the bedside table. "It's okay, just a minor cold. I'll be fine, dad."

"I'll get your mum to check up on you later on." He shut the door behind him.

She let out a depressed sigh, and Kai moved himself back up, his head out of the covers. They both lay side by side; she turned to him, staring into his deep, amethyst eyes. Strange, she always thought his eyes were slightly grey, but not now. His subtle, smooth face and those fine, angled features; she resisted the urge to touch him, feel the supposed silkiness of his skin. Kai really was perfect. She didn't have to touch him; he lifted a hand and it landed on her cheek. She froze for a brief moment, and then she closed her eyes, inhaling gently, sighing. He swept some hair from her face, and she swallowed down, her lips almost curling into a smile and then -- Otohime's face screwed up; Kai raised an eyebrow. It looked to him as if she was having some kind of inner debate in her mind.

"… You better go." She said, after a moment or two, and Kai retreated his hand. She brushed away the sensation and clambered out of the bed. "You can use my window. The garage is beside it. You can go down, and then just leap off. It's not too tall, so there's no need to be afraid of heights."

He watched her, as she handed him back his shirt and socks. He put them back on; it was about time for him to go, the sky was darkening and Arkadios would be worried. What he was pissed off about was her. She didn't even say bye to him when she opened her window for him. Kai actually wondered if this was how Otohime felt, but he couldn't care less about feelings. He climbed out, and she slammed the window shut, locked it, and then pulled the curtains over.

Next day…

It was after school, and she was by herself.

Mariam and Queenie were still serving detention because they missed out on it one day due to personal reasons and were now making it up. Hilary was nowhere to be found after school and Mariah left with Ray… Otohime instantly wished that she could meet someone like Ray, instead of having her life revolve around Kai and Tala, maybe. She was almost nearing the stairs going down to the entrance. The corridor was empty; everyone had gone as fast as they could because of storm warnings. She couldn't wait to get home. She'd try and call Hilary. It was about time she told the girl what was happening. Hilary was her closest friend; she deserved to know. Hilary told her everything about her life and what was going on; Otohime, as a friend as well, should be doing the same.

Suddenly, Otohime's body was being pulled back, and she wiggled, trying to get free. She turned round, and to her absolute horror – it was Kai.

"Hey?!" She cried out in alarm, as he pulled her towards the direction of the Janitor's closet. She began to fret immediately. "Let me go!"

"No. I need to talk to you." He yelled back at her, as he opened the door fiercely and shoved her inside.

Otohime bounded in, and regained her balance. He had been relatively gentle yesterday; duh! He was ill! His body was inhibited, limited to what he was usually like! Kai slammed the door shut behind him, and the closet went dark. She paled and stepped back as she watched his silhouette edge closer to her. She felt her back press against the wall, and she squeaked. Kai threw a hand beside her head and pressed his face close to hers.

He had been smoking again. She coughed at the smell, and daren't look up at him. "W-What do you want, Kai?"

"I'm not taking 'No' as an answer." He hissed sharply in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Her legs trembled, as she felt his messenger bag hit against her knees.

"You can't force someone to be your girlfriend!" She yelled back at him. "Just because you've never been turned down before and you can't handle the rejection – "

"I really like you." He interrupted roughly. "And I know you really like me too."

Otohime looked like a deer caught in headlights; she just wished this moment would pass. She just wanted to get away – but Kai was completely blockading her path…. She looked away from him. "N-No, I don't! I don't like you at all!"

"What are you so scared of?" He demanded fiercely. "Me? Me liking you? Or you liking me back even though you deny it?"

"…. Both!" She screamed at him. "You're Hiwatari Kai, I'm Yrana Otohime. You're THE Kai. You're this… this person… who is completely untouchable to every girl in this school, and now… now you're saying that you want me to be your girlfriend? It does scare me, Kai, it scares me!"

"Then stop being scared and accept the fact that I like you. So what if I'm Kai Hiwatari? That's just a name. It has no impact on who I choose to like!"

"You don't get it, do you?" She murmured at him, shaking her head. "You're always used to getting what you want, and now that – "

He grabbed her, forcing her body against his. "Why are you being like this? You were practically throwing yourself at me before – "

"That was before! Now it's different!" She replied, trying to struggle. "I won't like you!"

"And why not?!" He growled, his breath tickling her.

"Because I think you're going to use me!"

Otohime went wide-eyed at herself. Idiot! You're not supposed to tell people these things! Kai knew that already! Of course he'll go into denial and start saying 'No, I'm not. I genuinely like you the way you are, Otohime'. She waited for it.

But there was a slight hesitation.

"… I may be using you, but that's what you want, isn't it?"

She now stared, still wide-eyed, but at him. "EH?!"

"That's what I am to you fangirls, right?" He said, his voice went rigidly calm. "An idol, some kind of… god. And if any girl was seen with me, she'd be instantly recognized with 'fame' from those around her. I'm not like that. I don't know if you're the same as them, but… I don't care if you are using me in return."

She stared in amazement. Kai didn't mind… being…. Uh…. used? By her…?? WHAT?

"I'm not a fangirl and… and… I don't u-understand…" Otohime croaked out. Kai sounded so unlike Kai at the moment. It was… a different side to him. She… felt assured, even… sympathetic. She shook her head. "NO! I'm not like that. I don't use people. I don't use people at all! And you're wrong." She said, as he grabbed at her flying fists that were hitting against his chest. "You're wrong for thinking of me like that, Kai!"

There was a silence after that.

"Otohime." He breathed, and Otohime couldn't move in her spot, completely immobile.

Kai leaned in; she was too scared to do anything. His hand let go of her wrist, and swam up to her face, stroking her lean cheekbones slowly. She blinked at him dumbly, her eyes trying to find his face in the dark. In return, she moved her head down, as if she was responding to his gentle caresses. She straightened herself; no, this was wrong! So wrong – it… it didn't even make sense! Who was Kai? What was this… what was this power he held over her? His words… just his mere words, and she believed him she believed every word. Even if he was using her… Otohime didn't think she would mind anymore.

"I'm an idiot." She muttered, her lips pulling back into a small, wry smile. "I'm an idiot for thinking that I like you. And I'm an idiot for thinking that you might like me back."

"… Shut up…" he murmured softly, his lips grazing over her cheek gently; they worked towards her lips.

She thought she was stepping up on tiptoe to reach him, and then –

"GAH!" Someone shrieked, and Kai and Otohime opened their eyes; light was flooding back into the tiny, cramped space, and they just stood there, staring at each other. Kai's lips hadn't met hers yet; he glanced down, to her unbuttoned shirt and the pale, smooth skin exposed. He swallowed, as Otohime looked away, backing off immediately. Kai looked away as well. That was close…

"Get out! How terrible, shameful! Go book yourself a room in a love hotel! Get out of my closet!" The janitor squawked angrily at them, brandishing his sopping wet mop at them dangerously.

Kai was the first to leave, followed by Otohime. They both stood beside each other, as the Janitor wheeled out his trolley, before locking the door shut and giving them warning glares before departing into the girl's toilets. She glanced at him; he was frowning deeply, obviously unhappy with the interruption. She cringed and looked down. Kai turned to her then, after watching out of the window, where a few grey clouds had hidden the sun.

"The sky's darkening. I'll give you a lift."

She wondered how anyone could sound so cold and menacing even though it wasn't a nasty suggestion. It even sounded as if Kai was asking her that out of pity, or because he had to. "U-Uh…"

"Stop being so scared and just nod your head." He barked at her furiously.

Otohime squeaked at his sudden outburst and then nodded, clutching her own shoulder bag to herself tightly.

"Give me your hand." Kai stormed up to her, and grabbed her hand around the strap of her bag, prying it off. "Stop doing that. And why is your hand so sweaty?"


"Spit it out. I'm not a very patient person."

"I-I… never mind." She squeaked at him.

He rolled his eyes. The girl was too timid for her own good. "Hey." He began, as they both went down the stairs, towards the carpark direction.


"Whatever happened between us in is in the past, got that?"