Here is the start of my new NCIS fic, I hope you will like it. This is mainly a Jenny fic, but the rest of the people from NCIS will be in it as well. Spoilers for season 3, you have been warned now. Pairing: Jenny/OC FEMSLASH, you have been warned here too, if that's not your thing, then turn around now. Please leave me feedback so I will know whether or not to continue with it.

Maekala, thank you for betaing it for me.

The Ghost


The sound of her heels echoed down the corridor; she was a woman with a mission or so she seemed. She was the boss, top dog in a world dominated by men. Female wit and intuition helped her along the way, but she still had to look determined and strong at all times. That was the one thing she hated more than anything: she had to be the strongest and most intimidating person and hardly ever had the time to feel vulnerable or be protected by someone else. Someone else – she didn't even have the time to find that someone else. She could hardly remember the last time she had had sex. She missed sex. Sex could be amazing. It hadn't been amazing last time she'd tried it, but she knew it could be.


"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

Jenny looked up and saw a young girl standing next to the chair pointing at it with a questioning look on her face.

"No." She answered, a little too late for it to sound casual. "Please sit down." Mentally she shook her head, that hadn't exactly been stellar agent mode from her side. She was here to do a job, she couldn't let anything distract her. She had to keep an eye out for a new agent from a different agency and do whatever she could to keep that agent distracted for the night. The agent was called The Ghost, and no one knew who he was, so how the hell should she know how to find out which of the many men in the hotel bar was him? Maybe he would come to her, she looked down at her outfit it wasn't bad at all. The skirt was just the right length to show off her legs, but still leaving something for the imagination or to look forward to. The top was low cut, maybe a little too low, she knew that, but she had to use what she had to lure The Ghost out from his hiding place. She just hoped he liked redheads.

"I love your outfit." A voice interrupted her thoughts. "It looks great on you."

"Thanks." She smiled at the young woman next to her and noticed with a smile how the other woman's eyes occasionally drifted to her cleavage. Jenny took a sip of her drink and tried to keep an eye on the room behind her. She hated being so new to this job.

"Are you waiting for someone?" The other asked.

"No one in particular." Jenny murmured into her nearly empty drink.

"Hey, let me get you another one of those." The woman signalled to the bartender.

"I'm Eve, by the way." She held out her hand. "Eve Smith." She smiled at Jenny. She had a playful glint in her eyes.

"Jenny." She introduced herself leaving out her last name. One part of her screamed to stop, that this girl was trouble, but another felt that she might just be worth it. "Thanks." She indicated to the drink put in front of her.

"You're welcome." Eve said with a smile keeping eye contact with Jenny. "Cheers."


End flashback

That night had been magical. She had given up looking too hard for the so called Ghost and spent the night with Eve. The woman had been gentle and sweet with her, taking her own good time getting to know Jenny's body inside and out and Jenny of course returned the favour. It had been absolutely amazing. They had made love all night and Jenny had never felt more alive than the morning after. Eve hadn't stayed long, but looking in her eyes Jenny could see that it hadn't been just an ordinary one-nighter, but something that had meant a lot to both of them. Or at least that was what she imagined, she hadn't had the courage to ask her directly. She remembered how the other woman had said goodbye.


"This was…" Eve was at a loss for words.

"I know." Jenny smiled. "It certainly wasn't what I was at the bar for."

"Goodbye my Wendy." Eve placed a lingering kiss on her forehead and one on her mouth before heading towards the door.

"My name is…"

"Jenny, yes I know." Eve looked back over her shoulder. "But you're my Wendy." She hesitated at the door. She opened it, but closed it quickly again and without looking back she said: "And this was what you were at the bar for." With that she left the room.

End flashback

She walked past her secretary smiling and saying good morning. Taking her messages she went to her office and closed the door behind her. Sitting down behind her desk her thoughts wandered back again. It had really been the most amazing night she had ever had; she could still feel her heart beating a little faster just thinking about it. Eve was younger than her, she would guess about 7 years, but she wasn't sure. The point being she was young, in her early twenties, so how was Jenny to know that the young woman she had spent the night of her life with was The Ghost?