Fox Hunt!

Author: Ashrey

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This chapter term(s):

Kabuki: A traditional Japanese drama (?) show. (Correct me if I'm wrong TvT I dunno much bout Kabuki;;;)

XxXxXxX – scene change.

'blah blah' – thinking (in italics).

"blah blah" – Sentence that said in past/memories.

Summary: Uzumaki clan, known as the great fox clan, gives a shocking announcement to the village! That, their only heir, Uzumaki Naruto, will only get marry with the strongest clan's heir! What will happen if Konoha's most wanted bachelors decide to practice their seduction skills at him? AU, SasNar, othersNar.

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Chapter 1 – Fox Announcement

"YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?.!" A loud roar could be heard from the Uchiha compound. Blocking out the roar with earplugs, Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto just smiled sweetly at their second son, known as the infamous stoic and asexual prodigy, Uchiha Sasuke. The usually stoic raven hit his pale hand on the desk, scowling darkly at his parents. "NO," came the flat rebuff from his mouth.

Mikoto let out a thoughtful sigh, already knowing what kind of reaction that would come from her younger son. "But, Sasuke-kun, you already at that age, so your father and I thought that it was the best for you." Sasuke scowled again. Yes, he already reached the mating age, but so what? His older brother was past the regular marriage age and still had not found someone yet either! "Of course, Itachi will entered too after he finished his training." Mikoto added, knowing what crossed in his son's mind. Sasuke's ears perked at that; he always found entertainment when competing with his brother.

"And it's our chance to strengthen the power of Uchiha clan. If one of you manages to get married to the Uzumaki's heir, our clan's prospect will be significantly brighter." His father added, making Sasuke's dark aura come back at full force. Mikoto suppressed her groan and the urge to elbow her husband irritably.

"I've heard that Hisashi-san is entering Neji-kun too." Sasuke's eyes narrowed. Mikoto's smile grew; she definitely knew which buttons to push. "And, I've heard rumor that Gaara-kun and some other powerful clans entering their heirs too." Sasuke smirked, "You don't think you will lose don't you Sasuke-kun?" She smiled sweetly at his son, who gave her a feral grin. Mikoto laughed inwardly.


"I won't lose to a cat and raccoon or any other lowly creatures." He hissed venomously, and the dark haired women nodded happily, knowing that her son already bit her bait. "I'll enter that courting competition."

Mikoto's smile blossomed into a beam, making Fugaku shudder involuntary. Mikoto can be quite devious if she wanted to.


"I'll try my best to win this competition, uncle." A young man at the age of nineteen bowed politely. His dark hair was tied neatly and a green mark could be seen on his forehead, a seal that announced that this man was from the Hyuuga's branch family.

The head of Hyuuga's clan nodded, "I except the best from you, Neji." The mentioned brunette nodded softly, silently promising his best efforts toward the man.

"I won't lose to those filthy wolves."


"Are you serious?" A blonde woman asked, eyeing his calm brother. The man just nodded. She shot another glance toward a different man with kabuki make-up in his face. He sighs and scratches his head.

Taking a step closer to his younger brother, the man with make-up shook his head. "What will you do if you win?" He asked the redhead who gave him an innocent blink. The redheaded man frowned at that question and tapped his finger on his chin in thinking manner. His brother and sister wait patiently for his answer.

"I guess I just have to marry him then," He smiled.


Somewhere in Uzumaki's garden. –Under the biggest Sakura tree-

"So? What did you do?" A wild voice asked in cheerful manner. Two hands with tanned fingers played with sun-kissed blond strands. The blond snorted and shifted his head to a more comfortable position on the other man's lap. The fingers now caressed the blond forehead, brushing some blond strands from it. The blond boy sighed contently, enjoying the loving gesture.

"I told him to drown himself in the river." The man laughed out loud at that. The laying boy just snuggled closer to him, "It's not funny Kiba." He whined, nudging the dog boy's chest. Kiba laughed again and kissed the blond forehead lovingly.

"So did he drown himself, Naru-chan?" He grinned. A feral smirk came on Naruto's face. "I'll take that as a yes then." He chuckled, still brushing his fingers through Naruto's long blond hair. The blond sat up, embracing Kiba's chest. "I wish, I was there that time," Kiba snickered again.

Naruto puffed in annoyance, "That boy is eew." He grimaced in horror, "He did a striptease in front of me! He said he was presenting me with his body!" He groaned and burried his face deeper to Kiba's shoulder.

Kiba smirked, "Luckily, Sai was there, if not I'll kill him myself." He 'pffted' in anger.

"So instead killing him, you decided to use your pheromones and make him drown himself?" The tone of amusement was clearly heard in Kiba's voice. Naruto grinned again and Kiba batted his tail at Naruto in playful manner. "So… Will you do the same thing at the competition?"

"Maybe…" Naruto snuggled closer, still on Kiba's lap, "I wish you were competing though." He sighed sadly. Kiba patted his shoulder affectionately, and wrapped his tail around Naruto's waist. Kiba's fluffy ear twitched softly.

"I never knew you wanted to marry me that bad." He smirked. The blond gripped Kiba's tail tightly because that. "Ouch! What the hell that was for!" He caressed his hurting tail while Naruto stuck his tongue at the darkhaired boy.

"I only keep you because you smell nice." The blond snuggled into Kiba again, "And I'll be damned to make Hina-chan sad." He puffed, and Kiba just smile at his friend. Naruto sighed again, "Why I have to inherit kaa-chan figure? I want to be more manly like tou-chan." He sniffed, and Kiba just let out a desperate sigh and hugged Naruto closer. "And now I've to be the prize in a courting competition." He groaned.

Kiba winced, remembering that, "Do you know who will be competing?"

Naruto shook his head, "Sai should be bringing the competitors list." He sighed.

"There you are. I've been searching both of you for past half hour." A familiar voice startled the two boys. Heads spun around and they saw a familiar brunette head poking from the side of the cherry tree.

"Speak of the devil. Hey Sai, did you bring the list?" Kiba asked the brunette that plopped down beside them. Now the blond latched to the other brunette's arm. Both brunettes were used to Naruto's leech antics since they were knew Naruto from when they were all little boys. A scroll was tossed to the dog boy, who opened it impatiently.

"Whoa, I'll be damned!" Kiba cried, very surprised. Blue eyes perked at the exclamation, and glanced the scroll from next to Kiba's shoulder.

"WHAT!" A loud shriek was heard at the Uzumaki's compound.


After receiving the competition information from his mother, Sasuke could not wait patiently until the day had come. It's almost a week and the day was finally here. He sat in the guest room alone, it seemed the other competitors had not show up yet.

The paper door was opened slowly, and a boy about Sasuke's age entering the room.

Sasuke snarled viciously when he saw the pale-eyed cat coming to the room. He always hated that smug cat. He swished his white-grey tail angrily, hating the familiar smell that reeked from the pale-eyed boy. But, instead attacking the other boy, Sasuke tried to suppress his irritation. He had dignity and an image to keep.

"Uchiha." The pale-eyed boy stated.

"Hyuuga." Sasuke answered, sending him the infamous Uchiha glare™.

And the glaring contest officially started.

Before both boys could start punching each other, the door opened again. A boy with red head entered the room calmly and plopped down on a cushion, not caring about the glaring contest between the Wolf and the Panther.

"Sabaku no Gaara." Both brunettes stated grimly.

Green eyes flickered in amusement, "Uchiha, Hyuuga. I never knew both clans were… untamed." He smirked, making both prodigies scowl darkly at him. Both boys sat back down on their seats. Gaara managed to suppress a haughty smile. Well, the competition did not start yet, but he already was seeing something interesting. It was indeed a right choice to enter this competition.

Maybe Gaara would have to say his sorry to him for this, but it was a competition that he decided he wanted to win.


After waiting almost an hour, the entire competition finally arrived. Sasuke's dark orbs eyed the room, seeing some familiar faces. It seemed that only invited clans could enter the courting competition. The door was opened once again, but this time a tall blond man entered the room, his eyes is amazingly blue, and his toned body completing the well-build body he had.

Sasuke knew this man; of course, it was Uzumaki Arashi, the leader and the strongest demon of the Fox clan and Konoha's leading figure. Behind the man, the most gorgeous woman that Sasuke ever seen (beside his mother of course) walked slowly. Her peach kimono blended nicely with her golden-red hair, her ruby eyes twinkled with cheerful expression, and her cherry colored lips formed into a small smile. Sasuke knew immediately that this woman was the infamous Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful woman demon in the country and the wife of the most lucky man in the world, Uzumaki Arashi.

Both adults sat in their cushions, in front of a room of occupants. "Thank you for coming to our residence, and I assume all the occupants here want to enter the competition, yes?" Arashi spoke, and almost half the occupants nodded in agreement, some of them murmuring soft yes. Sasuke himself keep silent of course. "I see, before we start, I have some rules that all of you must obey." The room fell silent.

"First of all, there will be no killing; I want a supportive, clean and happy competition." Arashi stated. A small group of occupants groaned, Sasuke was quite disappointed too. The chance to get rid the Hyuuga would be nil. "I'm searching for a son in-law here, not a blood bath." He cleared his throat. Well, Sasuke could live with that.

After the room fell silent once more, it was Kyuubi's turn to speak, "And I don't want any forced will to my kit." Her voice was so sweet and Sasuke sure that almost half the occupants melted at the sugary voice. Now Sasuke was really curious, two attractive demons mated and had a progeny…

How alluring was their child anyway?

"My son will test you by himself, and if you can pass the test you'll be allowed to do anything you feel needed to gain his affections." Arashi spoke again. This time all the occupants started to whisper, shocked. Sasuke himself was astonished, a son? His offspring was a male? Well, actually in demon's mating, the gender is not a problem; they still could be pregnant and give birth. But still…

A son?

Who ever thought the sole heir of the famous fox's couple was male? Well, they never showed their heir to the world. Sasuke even heard that the child never stepped outside Uzumaki's courtyard at all. And it was weird enough that he would be the prize in this competition…

Wasn't there any unwritten rule that male demon have the right to search their mate by himself?

Kyuubi cleared her throat, gaining their attention back, "And the last rule is... There will be no other rules." She smiled, and all the occupants roared in spirit, ready to compete each other, Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. It seemed they already forget that the child was a 'son'. He sighed, glancing around the noisy room, only few people kept their calm gesture.

Sabaku no Gaara, Hyuuga Neji, Nara Shikamaru, and Aburame Shino.

Things would be interesting…. The raven let out a feral smirk, tail batted slowly, waiting for any challenges ahead.

How he loved challenges!

And the door was opened again.

--------- To Be Continued ------

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