Fox Hunt!

Author: Ashrey

Pairings: Not telling.

Rating: M for safety

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Yaoi ---- MalexMale relationship.

M-Preg ---- Mentioning of Male Pregnancy.

Hetero ----- MalexFemale relationship.

Blood ---- Some battles with bloodied content

Language --- Cursing, retarded tenses and grammar.

AU ---- They're not ninjas here guys.

OoC ---- They do tend to slip sometimes

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Chapter 4 -- Fox Anger

A very beautiful woman sat in the middle of the silent room. A cup of steaming green tea was placed besides her, getting slowly but surely colder every second. The woman was too busy arranging the Tsubakis to notice her tea.

Flower arranging was one of her hobbies. She smiled after adding extra flowers to the display.

"AHHHHH!!!" A loud shriek came from the Uzumaki's main house, followed by a loud bang and a massive crashing sound. Kyuubi no Kitsune sighed, rubbing her already sore temple.

People tended to overestimate her power as the most powerful she-demon (or spirit as some people called her) in Fire Country. She could not handle her own offspring's nasty habits when he was pissed.

The paper door was opened rather harshly, and a maid rushed in not long after the door was opened, "Kyuubi-sama, th--"

"What did he do this time?" Her employer cut in quickly. The maid blinked slowly, before she snapped out of her surprise.

"Erm- Naruto-sama tied chakra strings in all the cupboards and connected them into the door, so when somebody opened the door he would stumble and trigger all other strings and all the cupboards would fall down." Her eyes were cast down as she explained what her employer's only son had done.

Kyuubi almost groaned at that, almost being the keyword. She did have a reputation to maintain, "Which room was it?"

"Ah- Um-- It was the scroll room, Kyuubi-sama."

This time Kyuubi did let out a groan:Out of all the rooms in this house, he had to choose the scroll room! It will take a long time to re-arrange the scrolls to their rightful place.: She rubbed her temple again.

I knew the courting thing was a bad idea.:

Suddenly, she sensed an enormous flare of a very angry, familiar chakra from the south, which was the Hyuuga's clan area.

She smirked. At least somebody would pay for her son very foul mood.

"Uh- Kyuubi-sama?" The maid called hesitantly, not wanting to anger the already irritated fox spirit.

Kyuubi's gaze flickered back to the Tsubaki arrangement in front of her and then to the maid in front of the door, "Go fetch some other people to help you clean the mess, dear." She smiled softly, her anger already subsiding a little with the knowledge that Naruto was going to go back to his usual self soon enough. The maid nodded and excused herself from the room.

"Ah, wait-" Kyuubi called her and the maid stopped her retreat and waited, expecting another command from her. "Who opened the scroll room?" she asked and managed to stop herself from saying "and caused the commotion".

"It was Ebisu-san, Kyuubi-sama," the maid replied and after she was sure that that was the only reason why Kyuubi stopped her, the maid excused herself.

After the maid closed the paper door behind her, Kyuubi let out a small barking laugh, "Oh God! Naruto must hear this!" A twinkle of amusement was clear in her ruby eyes.

Knowing that it was Ebisu who stumbled had made her mood brighter.

A lot brighter.


Naruto gaze did not waver when the Hyuuga boy's white, milky eyes glared at him.


It was clear that the prissy girly boy was offended that Naruto dared to do such a thing and destroyed whatever plan he had in that arrogant brain of his.

:-2 for arranging this fucked meeting, -3 for calling me a fucking girl.:

"Any objections?" He asked, tilting his head in haughty manner, raising an eyebrow in a mocking gesture.

"Ye-" Before Neji had the chance to say anything, one of Naruto's tail slammed the ground, shaking the area rather ruthlessly. Naruto sneered at him, showing his elongated sharp canines.

"If disrespect is what I'm going to receive if I play nice, I think I better play nasty, don't cha think?" He made a griping motion with both of his hands and elongated his blunt nails, making them a lot longer, sharper and harder.

And in a blink of an eye Naruto vanished.



A man who had been reading a scroll glanced toward his caller. His dark hair that was tied loosely in a ponytail swayed slowly. "Yes?" he answered, voice sounding cold and distant.

"Tsunade-sama summoned you," a woman told him; it was her duty as the right hand of the Hokage.

"Thank you, Shizune-san." He nodded at her as she excused herself, and rolled the scroll before tucking it back to the cupboard. He sighed and walked toward the Hokage's office.

It was not a rare occasion that Tsunade summoned him through Shizune. The busty Hokage often did so when she wanted to discuss something important with him, or just to force him to accompany her in drinking sake. Itachi was hoping that it was not the latter.

When the raven arrived in front of Tsunade's office, the two ANBU guards gave him a slight nod and let him pass them. Itachi opened the door after knocking it twice and hering Tsunade's approving answer.

"I heard from Shizune-san that you summoned me, Tsunade-sama?"

The Godaime looked up from her paperwork and grinned, "Yes, I summoned you, Itachi-kun. I've got something for you." She gave him a scroll.

The older Uchiha examined at the rolled scroll that Tsunade gave him, and immediately recognized the crest that was used to seal it. "I assume that it's already the time, Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade grinned rather cheekily, her hazel eyes shining with something akin to mirth. "Yes, it's already the time, Itachi-kun. I already prepared the place for them in Konoha."

"We just have to wait for them then," Itachi replied and Tsunade nodded in affirmative.

"I'll look forward to it. This is definitely will be very interesting," she grinned, and Itachi suppressed the urge to sigh. Anything that was interesting for Tsunade was bound to cause him a major headache afterwards.

"Thank you for the information, Tsunade-sama, and if we're finished, I'll excuse myself." He bowed in respect and she just shooed him, smile still plastered on her face.

"Oh Itachi-kun!" she called when Itachi reached the doorknob, "Have fun with your soon-to-be fiancИ." She smirked.

Itachi slammed the door hard when he walked out from the room.


Sasuke tried his best not to gape when he sensed Naruto's vicious aura and seeing his half-form when the fox-boy had suddenly appeared from nowhere in the middle of Hyuuga's training ground. Two familiar raven-haired boys that he had spotted back in Uzumaki compound stood behind the blond, equally pissed.

In the years he had known the dobe, never once he had he seen the dobe this livid. He had seen the dobe irritated: yes, pouting: yes, sulking: yes, but none of them had showed the menacing and powerful aura like this.

:It seems he was really an Uzumaki heir.: Sasuke mused, although he already knew that.

A harsh shaking of the ground snapped Sasuke from his musings, as he saw Naruto elongate his nails, clearly pissed at Hyuuga's attitude, "If disrespect is what I'm going to receive if I play nice, I think I better play nasty, don't cha think?"

Naruto vanished from the spot he had been standing and appeared behind Neji, one of his sharp nail scratching his slick cheek slowly, dangerously, leaving trail of bloody cut behind.

"So┘ I choose you to be the starter of this game, Hyuuga." The fox kit hissed the word venomously.

Sasuke smirked, it was the snobby cat's fault in the beginning anyway.


Arashi raised an eyebrow as he watched a few maids rushing toward the scroll room. He had just gotten back from his routine visits to the main Fox shrine when he saw the strange scene.

Deciding that it was better to see it for himself instead of asking, he followed he maids to the scroll room and was rather surprised when he heard a curse shouted from familiar voice.

"This is must be Naruto-sama's doing!" the usually smug voice now strained into a high-pitched, angry voice.

"What happened, Ebisu?" He asked the man who was standing in front of the scroll room door, and although the man's back was facing Arashi, the older blonde fox spirit knew that Ebisu was irritated, VERY irritated.

"Arashi-sama! Naruto-sama destroyed the scroll room!" Ebisu exclaimed, and whirled around in order to face his employer.

Arashi almost failed to suppress his laugh.

There, right in front of his eyes, Ebisu stood in all his glory, looking rather menacing if not for the now tape-glued broken spectacles, plasters and bandages scattered on his face.

Arashi was not a cruel person. He still felt bad that Ebisu got hurt and hoped that he was fine, even if sometimes the man often brought him headaches with his undying speeches, his never ending complains and rants.

And like what his son often said, it was too damn funny not to laugh.

"Eh?" he managed to choke out, trying to suppress his incoming laughter before he lost his dignity as the smartest, coolest, most composed, most handsome Uzumaki clan leader ever at the same time. Arashi had a little Narcissistic quality in him┘

"Naruto-sama demolished the scroll room." The smaller man deadpanned.

"Don't exaggerate things, Ebisu." Another voice butted in.

"Kyuubi-sama." Ebisu bowed at the newcomer as the blond turned his head, saw that his wife was standing behind him, and give her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hello dear. You look very lovely today," Arashi said, greeting her. Kyuubi smiled at her husband's smile and praise, dusting and straightening Arashi's slightly disheveled blue kimono at the same time.

"You too, love." She replied, and kissed him too on the cheek.

Ebisu almost blanched at the lovely-dovey pair and the maids in the scroll room giggled quietly seeing their employers' antics. The couple acted as if they had not met in a month, while in reality they had breakfast together this morning with their son, and it was barely past noon.

"What did he do this time?"

"Oh nothing, just his usual habit when he was pissed." Kyuubi explained nonchalantly waving her hand dismissively in emphasis, not even trying hiding her smirk when she saw Ebisu's face. "And the scroll room needed a little cleaning anyway." She added afterward.

Ebisu scowled at that, not agreeing at all with Kyuubi's statement. "I think Naruto-sama shouldn't need to do pranks when he is irritated anymore. He has almost reached his mature age. These childish actions of his should be eliminated."

"He was just channeling his frustration."

"By doing pranks?" he questioned and Kyuubi narrowed her eyes at Ebisu, who stared back at her, evidently not approving her reasoning.

All of a sudden the three of them tensed when they sensed a familiar burst of raw, very livid, hot chakra that was rising slowly but surely from the direction of Hyuuga's compound.

The three of them stood there rather stiffly; never ever had they felt Naruto's chakra flared to this certain level before. It seemed that he was opting to use his half-form, and Naruto seldom did that, no matter how pissed the fox kit was.

"Wow! Somebody is absolutely will be fucked up today, serves that bastard right," Arashi claimed and grinned evilly while Kyuubi let out a looming smile.

Ebisu just shuddered, at the mental image. He was lucky he just broke his glasses. Compared to the soon-to-come injuries of the person whom Naruto was mad at, his minor cuts didn't seem so horrible.

At all.


Neji shuddered when Naruto hissed those words toward him. The feeling of the fox-kit's sharp nails cutting through his pale cheek that were deep enough to draw some blood was adding the already thick tension.

This time Neji realized his mistakes.

He had forgotten that Naruto was the heir of Uzumaki.

"So be it, Uzumaki." He drawled, jerking his elbow fast and hard towards Naruto, who was still standing behind him, planning to break a rib bone or two. If the blond want to play it rough so be it.

:Maybe the blond has some masochistic streak in him?: He smirked inwardly, but frowned when his elbow met an empty space instead. :Fuck, he's fast!:

Neji spun around to see the place that Naruto had just been standing behind him seconds ago, and yes, the space was indeed empty. A sharp and hard thwack at his shoulder that made him drop down to his knees and told him that Naruto had jumped above him before giving him a rather powerful drop kick.

Naruto jumped back a few meters after kicking the Hyuuga, using the longhaired brunette's shoulder as a boost, and landed gracefully in defensive position in the ground, quite far from Neji's place. "The rules are quite simple," he grinned before charging at Neji who already on his feet was making the same defensive position.


Hyuuga's bloodline was activated when the panther spirit saw Naruto start charging. His pale milky eyes darted to the blond's body, wanting to strike his unguarded limbs. But he didn't expect Naruto to stop his charging a few meters in front of him. Naruto stomped the ground with his last step, before doing backwards roll and jumping while drawing an amount of chakra.


A surge of fire swarmed toward the surprised Hyuuga, who managed to dodge the attack right before his silky long hair burned into a crisp.

Naruto landed into the ground with a sly grin, "The person who can hold me back for the longest-" Neji took this as a cue for attacking.

The fox kit drew another amount of chakra, mumbling something under his breath while dodging Neji's fast attacks. "-or beats me down, although I highly doubt that, gains the position of first place, and so on." He mock laughed before vanished for the second time.

This time Neji was prepared and blocked Naruto's mid kick. Naruto scowled and jumped back, but Neji managed to grip one of his tail and threw the blond to the tree. However, instead a sound of a loud sickening crack, a soft 'poof' sound was heard.


"A clone, huh? Naruto wants to end this fast."

Sai smirked at Kiba's remark, "Yes, so it would seem." His dark eyes watched as another Naruto's clone was poofed by the Hyuuga, who looked rather satisfied managed to dodges Naruto clone's surprise attacks.

"It seems that the next Uzumaki leader is not that challenging," Neji gloated as he poofed another clone. Sai heard Kiba snort from his side, and let out a snort of his own.

"That Neji sure is a prick. If I don't know it myself, I won't believe that he and Hinata are related," the dog spirit snarled, showing his sharp fangs. "He even doesn't know that Naruto is playing with him."

"He deserves it." The hawk spirit said nonchalantly.

Kiba barked a laugh, knowing why exactly Sai had said that. Calming a very pissed Naruto is never easy. "How many clones did that prick destroy already?" he asked, not counting the number.

Another poof was heard, "With that, ten."

"Another clone, Uzumaki? I thought you wanted a piece of me?" The longhaired brunette mocked as another clone attacked him and was poofed rather easily.

"Eleven." Sai smirked. So did Kiba.

"Let the game begins then."

--------- To Be Continued ------

Gee, I forgot to add the suffix since the first chapter in terminology, sorry for the inconvenience.

This chapter term(s):

-kun: Is a suffix that is usually used for calling boys.

-chan: Is a suffix that is usually used for calling girls, or calling a person whom very close to you (no matter the gender).

Kaa-san/chan: A shortened (informal) form of Okaa(-san), Okaa has the meaning 'mother' while the √san here is an honorific suffix that a child added when calling their parents (using √chan was considered more informal and childish).

Too-san/chan: A shortened (informal) form of Otoo(-san), Otoo has the meaning 'father' while the √san here is an honorific suffix that a child added when calling their parents (using √chan was considered more informal and childish).

-sama: Is a suffix that is usually added when calling respected people, nobles or people with high rank and similar.

-san: Is a formal suffix that is usually used for calling people (especially when you greet a new/unfamiliar person or person that was older than you), can be translated as Mr. or Mrs.

Tsubaki: Camellia.

Kitsunebi: Fox's fire. I got this from Inuyasha (Shiipo's trick), although I don't know if the spelling is right or not.

Character's spirit:

Uzumaki clan: Foxes, Uchiha clan: Wolves, Hyuuga clan: Panthers, Sabakus: Raccoons, Inuzuka clan: Dogs, Sai's: Hawk, Nara clan: Deer. The others that were not mentioned yet will be explained later.