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Title: Our Bloody Mark

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Horror/Possible Tragedy

Summery: It's tradition in Konoha to place a bloody mark on the one you lust after. It sounds dangerous, not knowing who will mark you, and you scoff, thinking it's a joke. It's not, it's real, and it's pure terror when the one who wants to mark you is deadly. A bit AU. A little SasuSaku

Note: I combined this story with another idea I wanted to enter in the White Wolf Challenge. I didn't really want to enter the challenge, but just test myself if I can scare all of you, in any way.

Another Note: There will be SasuSaku in here, possibly fluff or lustful things, if you get my drift, but no lemons. I don't do those.

For a while now, possibly one hundred years, a deadly tradition has taken place in Konoha. It's no normal tradition, such as taking off your shoes before entering someone else's home; no, this one is deadly. It is not taken place out of respect.

This is out of lust.

The truth of it all, is that no one really knows what this tradition is, only the ones who undergo it. You might be wondering how this so called tradition is so dangerous if no one actually knows about it. Oh, people know about it all right, but those are only rumors. They never realize that what they think is factual in any way.

This tradition is actually a ritual, called Yohil de Jilin as Mokain, otherwise known as "The Tragedy of Jiya and Mokar" in an unknown language. Apparently, long ago, a young, beautiful female, Jiya, was a believer of mythical creatures, and she always wanted to meet these fantasies she creates in her dreams. She was only fourteen, walking down an abandoned alleyway, her thoughts filled with excitement of proving her classmates wrong, for they always tormented her, pointed at her and laughed, telling her that she was stupid and too innocent to be thinking these things.

It was winter at the time, tiny snowflakes dancing through the air as her boots crunched on the snow beneath her, the only other sound was the wind running past her. Midnight was the time she snuck out of her parent's home, hoping not to wake them from their slumber, because she knew how much trouble she would fall into trouble if she were to be caught.

Pity she did not know of the trouble ahead of her.

Jiya knew how dangerous it was to be walking around at night, her only company being the snow that fell from the gray clouds above her. She bit her lip, having second thoughts about this idea of mythical creatures.

"No Jiya." She whispered to herself. "You will prove your classmates wrong and laugh at their faces when they see you are right! You came this far, you're not going to back out now!"

Feeling better because of the small encouragement given by herself, she walked deeper into the alleyway, ignoring the fact that it was indeed dark, not even the moon was up and about tonight. Silently wishing she brought a flashlight, she rubbed her arms, trying to provide herself some warmth that her jacket was not giving to her.

Her eyes, used to the darkness, flickered around her, taking in her surroundings. Some smelly garbage, rats scurrying from here to there, brick walls with faded graffiti, with some disapproving language, and darkness. Pure, terrifying darkness surrounded her quickly as she walked further into the alleyway. Shattering glass caught her attention, and she looked into the direction, and thinking she saw blood, she turned frightened.

She looked around, forgetting her reason for being her in the first place, her breathing heavy, as she turned around quickly and ran away, truly scared of the vision before her. She brought her hands in front of her, both of them shaking madly, as she reached out to feel for walls that seemed to close in on her.

She ran faster, hearing a few garbage cans shattering on the ground, only to bump into something… warm?

Jiya, with frightful eyes looked up, her teeth shaking, her body trembling in fear of what she might have seen in there. A hand was reached out to grab her own, trying to help her up, but she scurried away, trying to leave this treacherous place.

Well, she would have, if the hand didn't catch hers in a millisecond.

Looking up, she found her slight warm hand trapped in his freezing cold one. (Well, she thought it was a he) Smirking, the man pulled her up, his teeth glistening in the night. His other hand was behind him, grabbing something unknown to her. Jiya looked behind him, but he pulled her chin closer to his own, and the only thing she could think of was "He's going to rape me! Why did I come?"

She finally saw the object at hand.

And it scared her to pieces.

A dagger, with a golden handle and small rubies sprinkled around it, and something else… was that a golden bucket? Well, she didn't have time to worry about it now. The unidentified man secured her body against a wall, tightly, might she add, and used one hand, the one with the dagger, to slash his other wrist. Jiya watched as the blood poured from his wound into the golden bucket, and was afraid if he would perform the same "ritual", as she liked to call it, with her.

She was right.

His hand was covering her mouth when she screamed as the dagger made contact with her creamy wrist, scarring it. She silently watched her blood falling, rapidly, into the same bucket, both their bloods swirling together.

Hastily, the man turned her around, pushing her face onto the wall, leaving Jiya to groan. He ripped off her shirt, not caring as it fell to the ground, witnessing the act. Using the dagger to cut her bra, she felt his hands use the warm liquid of blood to draw something on her back.

"What… are you doing?" she asked, quietly though, knowing he could kill her right there.

"Marking you." he responded, his voice giving off a dangerous aura. And with that, he finished marking her, his clan's symbol painted with blood on her back. Jiya screamed as she felt something digging into her skin from her back.

This is a act so vile, that nothing can compare to it. For you see, once Jiya was marked, no other man was allowed to touch her. If any man other than Mokar, (the name meaning devil for the bastard who did this to her), touched her, their fingers would burn into a crisp, and eyes would turn swollen, and the flesh ... oh their flesh would rot, leaving black markings all over the male's body.

And since Mokar had no care for Jiya - he only wanted to see her suffer - he left her there to bleed, knowing the she would not die.

But Mokar was wrong. Jiya was dead. See, at the time, there were no female doctors, and Jiya was in danger of dying thanks to her slit wrist - the same wrist which was cut to mark Mokar, as the ritual commands. The two must mark each other completely, with their own family's clan symbol. Mokar had no idea that Jiya would die of a cut wrist, and so she died, and he died along with her - because their souls had bonded, if one were to get hurt, so would the other.

Because of this tragic incident, the golden dagger and the golden pail, where the blood was to mix, were hidden in an unknown location, and the man who found them had killed himself to keep the secrets.

But now, a group of expeditioners found them, the cursed items, and intended to use them, because they too had heard of this curse.

And Uchiha Sasuke, one of the expeditioners, was looking for a mate.

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