She was afraid to run, to be honest. The Uchiha Mansion did have carpeting, but in the hallways, it was all wood. The same wooden floor that would give away her location if she ran too fast, too hard, too quick.

So she stayed put.

Covering her mouth with one hand, in order not to let out the scream she had wanted to let out since he began threatening her with a knife, she stayed put in that one place until she was sure Sasuke had left the floor and moved to another one.

Then, she would run.

She didn't expect this to happen at all. She knew she felt something wrong with Sasuke, it being the main reason she tried to stay away from him. She may not have voiced that suspicion out loud, but she knew she thought of it in her subconscious all the time.

She was scared.




What was he going to do to her? The same "ritual" she had read about on the Internet?

Was that his plan? Sasuke... Did he want to do this as his project, as a warning for her? Was he trying to tell her that he was going to rip her to shreads? Bring out her blood? Savour it?

Bond with her?

Were the clues all there, only she had ignored them?

No... there's no way I would have figured out the Sasuke was a sadist.

A sadist he was.

Evil yet handsome, (even she had to admit it). Sasuke had the perfect disguise. He may have had an aura around him that screamed "evil", but his looks were what distracted her, and many other girls, from his real intentions, his true thoughts.

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

A sound woke her out of her thoughts, her fear producing adrenaline, which in turn heightened her senses.

She could hear him even if he was five miles away at this point.

Her other hand was turning red due to the fact that it was gripping a bar handle that Sasuke had probably ripped off the bathroom wall.

If he's going to murder me, I might as well murder him back.

His footsteps were slow, she recognized them simply because she had been listening out for him, and it seemed like he was taunting her.

Come out, come out, wherever you can.

Whenever you can.

And whenever is now.

She was scared to death of what he would do to her. She had read about the ritual online yet still...

A knife digging into my skin doesn't sound that appealing.


The hand over her mouth was now tighter against her mouth, refusing to let her even breathe properly. No, she would not get caught.

Not now.

Not ever.

"Sakura, I know you're here."

Crap! She could only think, and didn't move an inch.

He's bluffing.

He has to be bluffing. If he isn't, I'm dead.

"Sakura, come out. As much fun as the chase is... I believe it's gone on long enough."

She didn't know how long it had been, but she was hiding for a while.

"Games are fun Sakura, but all games have to come to an end eventually."

She could hear his voice echo in the room.

Dammit, he was here with her.

"And eventually, is now."

Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened up to let out a scream. It all happened so fast, so quick, because in a matter of seconds, no milliseconds, no nanoseconds, no, not even the smallest unit of time could be related to how quickly it all happened.

He had found her, grabbing her by the arm and welcoming her with his smirk.

She screamed, wanting to shut her eyes to make him go away yet she wouldn't. She couldn't. She needed to find a way out of this.

Sasuke may have tricked her once into thinking her was decent, kind although quiet, but he wouldn't do it again.

She refused to fall for his lies again.

His tricks.

His false hope.

His lies.

His truths.

None of it. She'd never believe him again.

Yet somehow, in the back of her mind, she knew one thing. One simple thing.

Sasuke would never let her.

As she continued to scream, she looked into Sasuke's eyes and realized that no matter what she did, no matter how long she fought, how long she screamed, he wouldn't give up. He would kill the entire world's population before letting her go, and she didn't doubt he would do it.

How would she escape him?

How would she get him to release her?

How would she get away from him?

And in the back of her mind, she heard Sasuke, and his response to all her questions. The one thing she knew he would say in response to "how would she escape?"

Simple Sakura.

You don't.

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