Let me be your moon!

Ray decides to write Neela a letter

Hey Hey! Heres an idea that's been brewing for a while let me know what you think!


I really wanted to tell you this to your face but these days I find it so hard to get close to you, a and any time I do get the chance to be near you I choke on my words. I don't really know where to start, I guess I should really start at the beginning, but if I'm honest with you I don't have a clue when that was. I think I'm just gonna have to some out with it, I hope this sounds right and it describes the true depth of my feelings.

So her it is…

I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you with every fibre of my being, I think deep down I've always loved you and I've always known it, but I didn't realise it straight off it just kind crept up on me. By the time you married Michael I knew it, my heart broke for the first time that day. But then, he went away and me and you we got closer than ever before, and my feelings grew stronger, I loved you so much it hurt, and suddenly I was feeling that maybe there was something between us… maybe you felt something to. But then you walked away left me all alone and it was like you'd ripped my heart out and taken it away with you in the back of that cab. I'm not ashamed to say I cried that night. I cried for the first time since I was 8. I meant what I said that night, You were my best friend, but you were so much more.

So life continued, but it was so different it felt so bland and empty; life wasn't worth living without you. And you barely acknowledged me… It was so hard, I Loved you but I hated you to! I'm sure you realised what you were doing to me, could you not see the pain in my eyes, everyone else did even Morris! And when has Morris ever noticed anything about anyone's feelings!

And then it happened, seeing you break brought tears to my eyes it was like being stabbed through the heart, seeing your pain was to much to handle. I tried to help you but you pushed me away all I wanted to do was hold you and make your pain go away keep you safe. I rang so many times! Could you not of talked to me just once, just to let me know you were ok.

I thought to myself to give you time, I know you loved Michael and I knew it would take time for you to get over. Well so I thought, but apparently not! No you moved on pretty quick didn't you. It to a snug little relationship with GATES! You don't understand how much I want to punch that guy!

How could you be so cold hearted just to push me aside and completely block me out! I thought you at least valued my friendship to let me help you just a bit but apparently not!

I don't know what else to say. Although this letter is short its taken me over a week to write. And you know what I doubt you will ever even see this…. It was just some thing I had to write.

I will always love you. No matter how many times you hurt me.

I'm yours forever.

Your Roomie.

Ray placed the letter in an envelope with her name on with no really intention of ever giving it to her. In the envelope he also added a small sheet of paper with a small quote upon it from his latest song.

"Let me be you moon and guide you through your darkest hours"

"Let me be your sun and brighten up you gloomy days"

He grabbed the envelope looking at the clock realising that he was running late for work grabbed the envelope and for some reason stuffed it in his bag as he ran out the door.

Ray arrived late as predicted and rushed into the locker room, colliding with a shocked Morris as he did, spilling the contence of his bag on the floor, quickly he gathered up his things but leaving a small white envelope on the floor……