Chapter One:

I'm Pregnant

(Chapter One in narrative by Roy Mustang.)

I stood, looking at my beautiful wife-to-be.

Her hair was a golden blond, her eyes an exquisite soil brown. Her white dress looking the best on her body.

I loved her, and I finally had her.

"Will you, Roy Mustang take Riza Hawkeye as your lawfully beloved wife?" asked the preacher.

(I'm...uh...skipping all of the boring parts for you. Y'know..."In sickness and in health..." Hey, I said I would.)

"I do." responded I. I haven't said something this truthful since the day that I said that I was sorry to Winry Rockbell.

"And do you, Riza Hawkeye, take Roy Mustang as your lawfully beloved Husband?"

(I'm not sure if this is right. I was to focused on staring at my love that I wasn't paying attention that much. I'm guessing this is right, though.)

"I do." she replied, staring deep into my eyes.

I raised my eyes a bit to match hers, since I was already looking in her direction.

"You may now kiss the bride." stated the preacher.

And that was the best order that I had ever been given.


Three months later, we both quit the military and got other jobs. Me working in a post office company, and my wife as a teacher. The Elrics had recently came back from beyond the gate, although Edward had already quit the military, seeing as he had already fulfilled his goal of getting Alphonse's body back.

It was when we were lying in bed together that she said it. Those words that I knew would come eventually.

"Um...Roy, dear..." she said, it looked like she was a bit nervous.

"Yes honey?" I asked.

"There's...something I've been meaning to say to you...I just haven't had the courage to bring it up..."

"Well, what is it?" I asked, "You know that you can tell me anything."

"I...I'm pregnant." she said.

I simple stared at her, mind standing still.

"You...are...p-p-p-p-preg..." I stammered, unsure how to get the word out.

"Yes, pregnant." she said.

"" I asked. A stupid question.

She frowned at me. "I...uh...don't think I have to explain that to you."

""B-but..." I was running out of questions to ask. "Wh-what the hell don't know how to raise a baby!"

Riza smiled. "Don't worry, we still have a few months to go."

"How many...exactly?" I asked.

"Well...I never actually got pregnant until two months that means months or so."

I turned over, facing towards the ceiling. I wasn't able to sleep. After all, I might have had nightmares.


Seven months later...

I heard the chaos in the room next door. I knew that it was a war in there. The only type of war that I would never even think about fighting. Delivering the baby.

Since I was scared for my life, (even more scared than I was during the war in Ishbal.) I refused to go into the room.

I could hear my beloved Riza's screams from that room, and my eye twitched.

Hell, I should do something! I thought, But I can't do anything but pace around in this room!

It was then that I heard a cheer. So I rushed into the room to see Riza, covered in sweat. But that's not All I saw.

I saw the doctors, holding a little child.

"It's a girl." he said, and I smiled.


"What should we name the child if it's a boy?" Riza asked me, and I thought about it for a second.

"Um...Edward?" I suggested, and Riza kissed me.

"Alright." said she, "And if it's a girl, we name it Jennifer. Alright?"

I smiled, loving her choice. "Agreed."


"So Mr. And Mrs. Mustang." said the doctor, "What will you name your baby?"

We looked at each other, and I gave a nod of my head.

"Jennifer Edward Mustang." she said.

I smiled then. I was as happy as any man could be. And I knew that nothing could ever break my happiness.

But seven years later, I realized how wrong I was.


Author's Note: Please tell me that you liked it...the idea came to me in a dream last night. Well, just to make things clear, the wedding took place four years after the events in the movie. So that means that Mustang is 35 years old! Well...he's certainly not a 40-year-old virgin...for more than one reason.

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