Chapter Fourteen:

Drunk Man's Feelings

Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc, dead. Bradley now captured. Now...the funeral...or after...

Jenny gazed at the grave, her eyes empty. She looked at the grave of Jean Havoc, and her eyes didn't blink. But there was a tear falling from them.

She turned to the left, and watched the grave there. It was marked 'Riza Mustang'. She was buried there. Another tear.

Then Jenny looked behind both of them, a few yards behind. This final grave was marked 'Roy Mustang'. And there was a lone rose on the grave.

A third tear fell.


Elric stood alone, watching Jenny. He frowned, and held back his own tears.

"Sorry." he said to no one. "I failed more of my friends, and now you're dead. I guess I'm a magnet to bad luck...or something..."

He let his mind drift away, thinking of all of the people that had been lost over the years. His father, Hohenheim. His mother, Trisha. His brother, Alphonse. Riza, Roy, and well as many others. Scar, Greed, Lust...all that had helped him and Alphonse...

Marta, the Slicers, and even crazy monsters like Barry the Chopper and Dante were dead...

All because they met Edward Elric.


"Edward Elric...I want you to..." Lust's claw broke the blood seal of the older Slicer brother, leaving Edward shocked.


"Give regards." Hohenheim then tried to pull Envy's jaws upon himself, but to no avail. Envy was too strong.

Envy, though, now sensed his chance. To get his revenge...he clamped down his jaws, bringing Hohenheim a bloody death.

Edward dropped to his knees as the blood fell.


"Don't be silly, we'll use it together." said a younger Edward Elric. He was standing at his mother's bedside, with Alphonse right next to him.

"Edward...would you be a dear and transmute something for you mother?" asked Trisha Elric. "Your father...he always..."

And then her eyes lost their colours, and her life faded away.


Alphonse coughed. He coughed and coughed. Blood came out.

"Alphonse!" exclaimed Edward. "Why the hell didn't you tell me that you were coughing up blood?"

"I didn't want to worry you...big brother..." said Alphonse. "Sorry, but...I guess it's my turn to leave now..."


Edward Elric stopped drifting in his memories, and noticed that Jenny was still staring at Roy's grave. He smiled sadly, remembering what she had asked him...and his answer.

"Well...if that's the case..." Elric sat down, "I suppose that people bring out their inner-most self when they're drunk. Some people act depressed, and some people act angry. Either way...that's how they truly feel, and therefor it comes out when they are drunk."

Again he smiled sadly...for he knew why Mustang acted that way.

"It, after because he loved you." said Elric, allowing Jenny to hear it. Although she gave no sign...

"He only hurt you because when he saw you, hurt you...he only saw himself. When he spoke to you he spoke to the way he would have wished to himself."

Still Jenny said nothing.

"He wanted to hurt himself, but he couldn't. He wanted to atone, and that was the only way he knew how to. To hurt himself. Possibly kill himself. But when he looked for himself, he saw you. His mind adapted to that idea and saw you as a target. You were the one that is him. He saw you as an embodiment of his own soul. You were, in a sense, him."

Jenny's silence didn't make Elric stop, for he kept on going.

"Jenny...he wanted to hurt himself because he wanted to atone...and what did he want to atone for? People would at first say 'Because he was sorry for the death of his wife!'. But then someone would eventually dig deeper...realizing that he knew that her death hurts you as well. So he, indirectly, is mad about the death of your mother...but he's mad because he was worried about you. Because he loves you."

Elric finished. He had nothing more to say.

Jenny turned to him, tears in her eyes.

"Do you really think that's true, Mr. Edward?" she asked, sniffling.

"Yeah." said Elric, and Jenny ran up to him.

He embraced her, and then they walked away from the cemetery.

When they left, there were two roses on the grave of Roy Mustang.


End of Story


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