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The minivan pulled up to the parking lot of the swarming campground and ground to a stop. As soon as the three people inside, a 40ish woman with a curly blonde bob, a 14 year old girl with long, dirty, blonde hair and lots of make-up and a skinny 14 year old boy with spiked blonde hair and glasses, got out of the car they were immediately jumped by a bouncy redhead with a clipboard.

"Hi and welcome to Camp Wahoo!" she chirped, "My name is Stacey and I'm the head counselor here. Can I help you with anything? Do you still have to register? I could take you on a tour! Or…"

"We're good, thanks," the woman interrupted. Stacey's face fell slightly.

"Oh, well…" Suddenly another car pulled into the parking lot. An elderly man and a boy got out. The redhead's smile returned.

"Oops, gotta go! Give me a holler if you need anything!" And with that she bounced off.

"That girl is way too cheerful," the girl said inspecting a fingernail. The boy snorted in agreement and pulleda video camera out of his bag.The woman shushed her daughter. Clearing her throat she did her best to put on a convincing smile.

"You two are going to have so much fun!"

The other two just looked at her.

"Well it won't be so bad!" she tried again.

They kept looking at her. She sighed.

"It'll build character, deal with it."

The girl groaned. "I cannot believe you signed us up for this. As soon as I heard the name "Camp Wahoo" I knew this was going to be the worst summer of my life. Honestly, "Camp Wahoo"?"

"Hey," her mother countered, "He was a famous Indian."

"He's a red dog who plays for the Cleveland Indians."

Her brother looked puzzled. "Clifford plays for the Cleveland Indians?"

"Wrong red dog, moron. Put down the camera once and a while andwatch some sports once in a while you freak."

"Cindy! Don't talk to your brother that way! Now come on, lets go find your cabins." They headed off in the direction that everyone else seemed to be head. the boy kept craning his neck, trying to see through the crowds.

"Where's Maureen? She had better be coming!"

"Relax, Mark," Cindy said, "You talked to her this morning. She was all packed and ready to go. Chill!" He glared at her and adjusted the shoulder strap of his bag.

After a long wait they finally got through registration and both Cindy and Mark were given their cabin numbers.

"Let's go see Cindy's cabin first," their mother suggested and they set off for the girl's cabins on the north side of the campgrounds. Just as they reached the small cluster where her cabin was they heard a shriek.

"Pookie!" Mark turned around just in time to see his curly-headed girlfriend come flying at him before all his breath was squeezed out of him by her hug.

"Hey Maureen," he gasped. She released him and gave him a long kiss, right on the mouth. Then she turned around and flashed a smile at his mother. "Hiya Judy! What's happenin'?"

"Oh, hello Maureen," she replied with a slightly pained expression. She took in the girl's impossibly short shorts, and tight pink top. She had always thought her son's girlfriend was a bit…overenthusiastic, to put it kindly. Cindy, however, just looked jealous.

"You are so lucky, it's not even funny," she muttered sullenly. "When I mentioned this place to Danny he just laughed."

"Hey Cindy!" Maureen greeted her boyfriend's sister, "You're in that cabin over there." She pointed it out. "I'm in the one next to it. Another girl must have dropped her stuff off before and then left, because there are bags on one of the beds."

Cindy and their mother went in her cabinto set her bags down and Mark and Maureen stepped inside hers. There were two bunk beds in each one and Maureen had chosen the top of one of them.

Walking back outside they spotted two people walking toward the cabins; a black man in a business suit and tie and frizzy-haired girl who must have been his daughter.

"What kind of idiot wears a suit to take his daughter to camp?" Maureen whispered loudly. Mark hastily put his hand over her mouth. "Shut up, Maureen, they can probably hear you. OW! Did you just bite me?" The man and his daughter gave them a strange look as they passed but they didn't seem to have heard Maureen's remark

"Which cabin is yours Kitten?" the man asked.

"This one and don't call me that," she said. She was pointing to the cabin the couple had just stepped out of.

"Hey that's my cabin!" Maureen exclaimed, "Cool, she's going to be my other cabin buddy!"

"Why don't you say hi later, after we find my cabin" Mark said hastily, "This bag is killing my shoulder." Maureen reluctantly agreed. Mark's mother rejoined him and the group headed off, minus Cindy, who stayed behind to start unpacking.

As they passed by the registration office once more they heard a commotion. Mark peered in and saw a woman arguing with the camp manager. Standing beside her were a smallish Hispanic girl and a taller, rather feminine looking Hispanic boy. The girl had her arm around the boy and looked as angry as the woman and the boy just looked uncomfortable. Mark couldn't only hear snippets of what the woman was yelling, but it seemed to have to do with the cabins.

When they reached the boys side Mark identified his cabin and they stepped inside. One boy had already been there and had left his stuff, a black bag and what looked like a guitar case, on the bottom of one of the bunks. Mark went to put his bags on the other, but Maureen insisted on the top of the other one.

"It's closer to the girl's side," she insisted. He rolled his eyes but knew better than to argue.

"So where to now?" he asked.

"I told your sister to meet us over by the mess hall. I have to sort out your allergy stuff," his mother replied. "By the time we're done it should be around 11:00. Then they'll summon you over to the flag and there'll be some kind of introduction." They set off.


"I'm sorry ma'am, but rules are rules," the camp manager was explaining. "We simply cannot allow your son to sleep in the girls' cabins. He'll have to stay in the boys' cabins."

"Do you really think that you will have more trouble if hestays with the girls? Really?" the woman exclaimed. But the man refused to budge. The boy hung his head.

"Mom, please, I'll be fine, just…"

"No Angel, I can handle this," she said. Turning back to the man, "How can he be expected to change in front of these boys? Shower?"

"We will make every effort to make your son feel comfortable. He can have his own shower and a private changing area. We also feel that it would be…wise of your son to not proclaim the fact that he is…" The boy's head snapped up and his eyes flashed.

"Gay?" he interrupted, his previous awkwardness vanishing, replaced with obvious anger. "What? Are you really concerned with my well-being or do you just not want parents complaining that their children have to go to camp with freaks like me? I can take care of myself, thank you very much. And I'll take that!" He snatched the cabin assignment sheet out of the man's hands, turned and strode out the door, the woman and girl following.

"Ang, that was brilliant!" the girl exclaimed. "You told him!"

The boy smiled. "Thanks, Mimi. Kind of sorry I yelled at him like that though. He just made me so mad!"

"Are you sure about this, though?" the woman asked anxiously. "That man might be right. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'll be fine Mom," Angel said reassuringly, "You know I was going to keep a low profile this week, but that man really ticked me off. And like I said, I can take care of myself. Isn't this what the kickboxing was for?"

"There's different kinds of harassment besides physical," she pointed out.

"She's right, Ang," Mimi said, "We don't have to go to camp, we could still go home."

"I'll be fine," he insisted. 'You heard the guy; I'll have private changing rooms and showers and stuff. I'll be fine. Not all people are homophobes." The woman didn't look convinced but she dropped it.

"Look, I'd love to see your cabin and stuff, but I need to get going. Call me if you need anything and if not I'll see you in two weeks." Angel gave his mom a hug and kiss and she left.

They had reached the cabins. "This ones mine," Angel pointed out. They stepped inside. One of the bunk beds was occupied, on the bottom bed lay the black bag and guitar case on the top was Mark's bag. Angel chose the top of the other one.

Just as they were about to turn around and head out once more the door of the cabin opened and a boy stepped in. Angel gasped.

He was tall with cocoa skin, warm brown eyes and a smile that made Angel feel like she was going to collapse right then and there.

"Hi," he said, extending a large hand. "I'm Tom Collins."

Angel stared dumbly at his hand unable to remember exactly what she was supposed to do with it. Mimi sighed and kicked her slightly. Angel snapped too and shook the boy's hand shyly, a blush creeping into her cheeks. Tom gazed into her eyes and felt his own heart skip a beat.

Damn, he thought, Maybe camp won't be as bad as I thought.

Damn, Angel thought, Why didn't I think of this aspect of living in the boy's cabins before?

Oh God, Mimi thought, Here we go.

Just then there was a loud piercing sound, like a bullhorn. All three of them jumped.

"What the hell is that?" Mimi shouted, her hands over her ears.

"I think it's the signal to go to the flagpole. Apparently there's some kind of opening assembly." The three of them left together.


Over in the mess hall Mark, Cindy, their mother and Maureen also jumped when they heard the call.

"That was a very loud noise," Judy said when it had ended. "Well I had better go now so you can get started. Bye guys, I love you. I'll miss you this week." Cindy and Mark gave their mom a hug and set off toward the flagpole.

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