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Curiosity from the Past, surprise of the Present, help from the Future

I. Prologue/What the history books never told…

Three warriors were sitting in a forest clearing, chatting and laughing. They were walking for about two days and decided to make here a camp and rest.

"Well, that was a weary easy week for us." Said a man with shoulder length black hair.

"Hey, Chase don't tell us that you found our fights to hard." Said one other bald man grinning at his friend, the little green dragon on his shoulder only rolled his eyes.

"I would never say that Dashi, but after we defeated Wuya and hid the puzzle box, things got to easy."

"I agree with Chase in that Dashi." Said Guan, smiling warmly at his two friends.

"Well, we saved the world and now I'm a bit curious."

"About what?" asked the other two and leaned closer to the warrior.

"I got the idea, that before Dojo and I go to hide the Shen-Gong-Wu, we could use the Sand of Time and travel to the future and see what our work created."

"Wow, great idea old pal." Squalled Chase in delight, he was weary interested in that idea.

"But first we should rest and tomorrow we shall do what Dashi suggested." The two nodded and the four wished each other a good night and went to sleep. No one of the warriors knew that they will be in a weary big adventure when the Sun rises again and lets the darkness and the shadows of the night disappear.

To be continued…

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