Title: Healing Touch

Summary: Gojyo's got a problem.

Pairing: hints of Gojyo/Hakkai.

Timeline: Gensomaden.

A/N: I'm a world of special. Gomen.

As the Sanzo-ikkou walks through yet another frigid wasteland, their sandy-colored robes blowing in the freezing wind and their procession only slightly hampered by the stiff snow at their feet, the quiet that had knitted itself around the group is suddenly snipped into pieces by Gojyo's voice.

"Seriously, I think my nuts have frozen together."

"Eww," Goku says, not having expected the quiet to be broken by such a remark.

"This is no joke."

"Still eww," Goku says again, his nose scrunching up cutely under his hood as he watches his step.

"You're just angry chibi-monkey, you're not old enough, or big enough for that matter, to have this type of problem." Even through a semi-blizzard, Gojyo's voice is as clear as day -- unfortunately for everyone else concerned.

"Eww, Hakkai tell him to shut up," Goku pleads, his pace now quickening so he's breaking their somewhat even line formation and encroaching upon Hakkai's space.

"Gojyo, please stop," Hakkai says evenly, just to get the two to quiet down. It's been a tiring two-hour trudge through these mountains. He doesn't need anymore reason to be annoyed.

"Hakkai, man I'm disappointed in you," Gojyo whines pathetically at the back of the line, "I thought you'd be the last person to dismiss a patient like that."

Hakkai, feeling slightly exasperated and confused, questions the hanyou despite his gut telling him not to. "Patient?"

Gojyo with a smirk on his face answers back smarmily, "Yeah patient…for my condition."

"You mean, stupidity," Goku pipes up, and Gojyo, who is also now breaking lines, comes up behind the boy, pulls down his hood, and then proceeds to shove a handful of snow down the back of his shirt.

Goku yelps and is suddenly scurrying forward, abandoning his post between Hakkai and Gojyo, and running towards Sanzo at the front of the line.

Gojyo, without the obstacle of Goku in the way, walks up to Hakkai, slings an arm over the man's shoulders, leers at him and says with as much visible charm, "It's the healer's job to heal," and with that said, Gojyo points unabashedly at his crotch.

"Get to healing."

Even through the blizzard, the resounding sound of a gunshot can still be heard.