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Summary: Cloud loves Vincent, but he has never been able to tell the black-haired man how he really feels. How far will he go to be with him? Cloud/Vincent. Please review!

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Dire Fascinations:


Chapter Five: The Awakening Rain:


Cloud stared at Vincent. His eyes kept traveling to the gunman's lips. And suddenly without thinking, he lunged forward, kissing the older male harshly on the lips. The ex-Turk was taken by complete surprise and could only hold the blonde in his arms, feeling the blonde slip his tongue inside of his mouth.

It seemed like time froze. The blonde's heart began racing, pounding hard in his chest. He felt like it would burst out of his chest. It took him long seconds before he recognized what he was doing.

'What in the hell am I doing? I'm...I'm k-kissing Vincent!', the blonde's thoughts exploded in his mind.

Meanwhile, the raven-haired man that he was kissing remained still. He didn't know what to think because this simple action has caused his mind to go blank. He felt his own tongue freeze in his mouth just as his body was frozen standing still. The blonde's coaxing tongue that was rubbing against his tasted purely of alcohol, mixing with the other alcohol-coated tongue, and the gunman found himself slowly responding to the blonde's actions.

As soon the blonde ceased his actions, the older male responded with his own, clutching the blonde tightly to him. He didn't know why but his body began to move on its own, but he figured that all the alcohol he consumed before was controlling the situation now. It didn't help that the blonde's scent was heavily and equally enticing as the alcohol flowing through his veins. Chaos had failed him tonight.

He could tell that he surprised the blonde with his actions by the way the blonde slightly jumped in his arms. He slowly shut his crimson eyes and moved his tongue against the blonde's tongue, uncaring of his previous barriers.

'H-He's-He's kissing me back!', was the only thing on the blonde's mind as he froze once again.

The blue-eyed male was truly surprised that the ex-Turk was actually kissing him back. He now noticed that he wasn't the only one intoxicated. He firmly placed his hands on the taller male's chest as he returned to rubbing his tongue back against the other male's tongue.

With time still on a standstill, it felt like the kiss lasted forever. The world around them seemed to melt, vaporizing into nothingness with every stroke of the tongue. Soon, the blonde's arms went over the black-haired man's shoulders, and the kiss grew more intense. The blonde's hands trailed upward to the thick black locks belonging to the gunman, while the older male's hands trailed upward to twist around the blonde's wavy locks of hair (unbeknownst to him that those wavy locks didn't belong to the blonde).

The duo refused to release each other from their tight embrace until the oxygen in their lungs rapidly depleted to little to nothing. The blonde was the first one to push away, leaving both of them dumbfounded and gasping for air.

The world around them seemed to turn from blackness to blurs to back to normal the more they inhaled sharply. Vincent was the first to recover, and when he looked at 'Claire', he began to stare and stare hard he did for he realized that there was a certain familiarity about this blonde. He couldn't figure out how a complete stranger could get him out on the dance floor, kiss him, and actually get him to kiss 'him' or 'her' back.

The blonde had leaned over so that he was supporting himself by his knees to retrieve air, not realizing how unlady-like that action was. He suddenly began laughing, and when he felt like he had enough strength to keep going, his laughing trickled down to small chuckles.

"That was the best kiss I ever had in a while now", he whispered breathily.

Cloud said it without applying his feminine voice, but how he said it could still pass as a female. He stopped laughing and sighed, glancing up at Vincent who he now saw was staring intently at him, making him shudder a bit.

Crimson eyes seemed to glow as if they had discovered something. The blonde didn't seem to notice as he stood erect with his arms stretched widely outward. He watched as the gunman's red eyes traveled down his body and stared at something, widening to saucers, but he couldn't figure out what. He looked down for himself and noticed that a 'little friend' of his was making his presence know through his clothing.

He looked back up at the shocked look on the ex-Turk's face. He was speechless, and the blood red blush that arose on his cheeks proved that he was truly embarrassed (probably more than he has ever been in his life). He knew now that the older male might now recognize him.

"C-Cloud…?", the raven-haired male stuttered in both disbelief and slight hurt.

"Vince-", was all the blonde was able to get out before the gunman abruptly began walking in the opposite direction, away from him as fast as possible.


Reno decided to take a break with dancing and stepped off the dance floor for a little bit. He went to the bar and leaned against a seat, peering out into the crowd. His light green eyes spotted Cloud far away. He was able to see the look of shock and hurt on the blonde's face, and as he looked a few feet over to the right, he saw a very angry Vincent quickly retreating from the blonde.

He shook his head, "I had a feeling that this would happen…".

He got up from his seat and hurriedly tried to make his way to see if his assistance was needed from the blonde.


Cloud reached out for the retreating Vincent for reasons unknown to him. He knew that what he did must've hurt the gunman severely. He felt like a complete bastard as he suddenly remembered the horrible past that the ex-Turk had went through and now this…

'What can I do?', the blonde asked himself as his arms fell flat to his sides.

Suddenly, his own emotions presented themselves, appearing to him as memories. He could remember back when he first started to feel the emotions of love and lust when he was with Tifa and then again with Sephiroth.

Liking Tifa was normal because he was a boy and she was girl, but liking Sephiroth was a completely different story. Both of them were males, and male-male relationships were viciously shunned in SOLDIER and the whole Shinra Corporation. Even with this in mind, Cloud still loved Sephiroth before the Nibelheim incident.

With both love interests, he was relatively shy…very shy, in fact. Tifa was his childhood friend, so he was able to talk to her normally, never mentioning anything romantic or something of that type. However, Sephiroth was a stranger to him even though he was his idol. Every time the general was in the same room as him, he felt like retreating; his heart ready to burst out of his chest and his pores letting tons of sweat beads out.

Now it was Vincent that he had his heart and soul set on, but the raven-haired male was soon disappearing from his sights. He didn't know what to do. He had never been in this situation before. It wasn't everyday that he dressed like a woman and kissed a man he admired.

'I-I can't just let him leave. He won't ever talk to me again if I let him. I have to clear this up. Come on, Cloud, be a man again!', he fought with himself in his head.

He slowly closed his opened mouth and just as slowly, he began walking after the ex-Turk, whispering his name under his breath. His pace gradually sped up and soon he was running after the raven-haired man, yelling out his name and waving his arms to get the older male's attention.


Vincent heard Cloud calling his name and stopped periodically. His red eyes looked behind him and saw the blonde running after him with his whole 'Claire' attire still in tact. Shuddering, he rolled his eyes angrily and kept walking, pushing past the exit.


Reno ceased walking after Cloud when he saw that the blonde began running after Vincent. He now merely watched the blonde struggle with a long, sad sigh. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked down to his right, seeing a familiar face.

"Hey, Reno, the boy's gotten caught already?", Mika asked as she stood beside the red head with an equally worried expression on her face.

"Yup, 'Claire' has been found out", the red head sighed.


Cloud struggled running in heels and soon he yanked the damned things off and carried them in his hands as he pushed past the exit door. He would catch Vincent, and he refused to let the gunman go so easily.

"Vincent, wait!", the blonde cried continuously.

In the parking lot, he abruptly stopped when he saw that it was raining. The rain fell softly against his body, and if he wasn't on a mission, he would've stopped forever to stare at its beauty.

He looked forward and saw that the ex-Turk had stopped as well; his back still turned to him. His head was lifted to look up at the medium-blue sky, and his hands were held out. The tiny rain drops hit his hands as well as other places on his body. The blonde continued to look at the older male as his long black hair grew wet and flattened against his head.

The sight of the gunman like this made the blonde remember that his erection had not gone down at all since he went after the raven-haired male. But he would not let that stop him reconciling with his friend. Gulping, he made the first few, stiff steps towards the quiet gunman.

Spreading his arms out as a peaceful gesture, the blonde said, "Vincent…".

Vincent looked over his shoulder again at Cloud, and the peaceful expression on his face reverted back to one of anger. A frown appeared on the red-eyed male's face, making the blonde at loss for words. The blonde quickly recovered, however, taking even more steps towards the older male.

"Vincent, I know that you must be pissed at me. In fact, I deserve anything you can do or say to me, but for all of my life, I have been too shy to tell the people I'm closest to me how I feel. I've always shied away, using disguises to cover the real me. I may be drunk tonight, but I was fully aware of my decisions when I agreed to let Reno dress me up as a girl. None of this excuses me for deceiving you, Vincent, and forcing myself on you. If I truly loved you, then I wouldn't have acted like that. So, I'm asking you fo-", the blonde eloquently spoke before the gunman shook his head.

"Shut up, Cloud", the black-haired male said sternly with a small smile licking at the sides of his pale but moist lips.

The blonde gasped and silenced automatically. It took the ex-Turk mere seconds to position himself right in front of the blonde. The swordsman looked up at the older male with big mako-filled sapphire eyes, curious as to what the gunman would do.

"Cloud…", the red-eyed male breathed, "you don't have to ask for something that you already have".

Cloud felt an immense wave of relief once he heard that and saw the serene expression on Vincent's face. He closed the space between them and leaned up for another kiss. The gunman met the blonde in another slow, passionate kiss. This time, both were fully aware of whom the other was (and both parties had closed their eyes in the process).

The black-haired male held the slightly smaller male in his arms once again, trailing his hands upwards into the blonde's hair. He felt where the blonde's false hair was and slide it off the blonde's head, revealing wet blonde spikes and hair. The blonde wing hit the wet road, and the swordsman dropped his heels, adding another article of clothing to the soaking parking lot.

The rain gave off a clear, misty atmosphere that easily melted away once again as the males locked lips and tongues in the middle of the parking lot with the rain pouring continuously down upon them. They didn't care that their clothes were getting soaked neither did they care about cars coming and going. All they cared about was holding each other.

The crimson-eyed male held the swordsman in his arms as they kissed in the rain. He wasn't entirely sure what he felt for the blonde, but he felt that kissing him and holding him in his arms like now was entirely right. He had never felt this way with the long deceased love of his life, Lucrecia Crescent, and he truly believed that that wasn't the alcohol talking.

The blonde had never felt so free before. Here, the man he desired for so long was kissing him back and not rejecting him and/or attempting to kill him or harm him in anyway. He matched the other male's actions, rubbing his tongue across every corner of the gunman's mouth. His heart raced, but no longer held that aching within it like it did before. His mind was finally at peace because he had finally been able to voice his feelings to the one he loved.

The End.


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