Myths and Legends have come into our lives to bring clarity and entertainment to explain natural wonders of the wondrous universe. The heavens are filled with stars and galaxies which sparkle and dazzle our senses and our imagination. The Ancients wove stories and spoke of myths from Gods and Goddesses to Natural wonders and Spiritual enlightenment that captured us from the moment the words left their mouth. One the Ancients spoke of was Love. Love and her many, many forms. She who has brought us together, broke us apart, has existed throughout time along our lives, and ultimately, She travels with us from life to life. This is one of her many stories.

We start with an ancient myth from the in a galaxy to infinity and beyond.

A fair maiden fell into distress one day filling her water jug,

She was chased by a man of her tribe for pleasure.

A banished god had heard her cries, and rescued her in hunting the man.

The pair had formed a bond, a friendship entwining them for life,

Their secret hidden for fear of its discovery would cost them their lives.

One day the damned god pledged his love to the maiden, he a monster, feared rejection

She accepted, professing her love for him. They forever imprinted on the others' lives.

A child followed, a daughter of mortal and immortal parents.

The young maiden's heart gave out in childbirth, the damned god gave up immortality to see his love brought back to life. He chose mortality.

Death soon followed, the same man attacked greedily proclaiming the maiden his.

The damned god fought to save his family. He fought valliantly, but died of a fatal wound.

The young mother fled through the stars, heart broken to protect their child.

The child grew to adulthood, establishing a civilized planet kingdom.

Now the assassin's revenge has spread bad blood through out the galaxy, it threatens our existance with jealousy, greed, and maliace.

Only the pure courage of the Great Horned Demon can slay this evil, and restore balance and honor to the universe.

The Great Horned Demon will rise to victory or our universe will crumble in ashes of war.

Located in the Gamma Quadrant orbits a planet which centers the civilized galaxy; Captiol Planet. A mecca to the political world, Captiol Planet grew to become the centerfold of the Galatic Allience in politics, law, and trade. It shone brightly in the starry sky with passing star cruisers and trade ships traveling from outer ports in the nearby systems.

It was a beautiful winter morning on Capitol Planet. An early snowfall had just fallen moments earlier, covering Capitol City in a soft white blanket. The harsh winter wind blew like a whisper to the ear, gently brushing coldness through the city. It was beautiful the planet, its own natural beauty dazzled in the black heavens setting it apart from the other galaxies. In the spring and summer, the planet glowed with natural greens, browns, and brillant pinks from the vegetation. Autumn, the planet was painted different browns and golds with tints of reds. The beauty of nature at its artistic best. But Winter, winter was a different story, a different category of its own. Capitol Planet was at her best and at her worst. She dazzled in silver and sparkled with the millions of diamonds she captured in the sun's light. She was beautiful, she was at peace, she was vulnerable. She was his for the taking.

He looked out the window, staring at the glisening jewel in space. A small smile broke out on his lips. "One day she will be mine." He would have her. No matter the stakes, she would be under his control and into his empire. Once she was conquered, the rest of the Alliance would shatter giving him the opportunity to pick up the pieces. The Galaxy would be his to rule in the greatest empire the universe has ever seen. Worlds would tremble at his feet. The universe would be his! He allowed his smile to get bigger, as a warning to his subjects that he was conjuring a plan. One of his servants, a tourquoise insect alien species called Grubs, waddled to him timidly. He could see fright in the Grub's eyes for they widened when he turned to face the creature.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Our signals have detected a small ship flying near our vessel, my Evil Emperor. Shall we destroy it for security purposes?" The Emperor pondered for a moment. He stepped down from his throne and scanned the computer screens for the vessel. It was only a two-manned ship with three life-forms in it. Nothing that would detriment his misson.

"Leave it be." He finally spoke, turning away from them all. "Set our coordinates back to Planet Z. I have something else in mind to do."

"But… but sire…?" He turned sharply. His stance towered the Grub over five feet. A long dark gray and blood red cape fell from his shoulder blades and ran past the floor. Strong well built arms extended from the shoulders, followed by the metallic armor fitted for the arms and claw-like fingers. His internal skeleton was made up of the inner pipes that were used during his assemblage. Wires connecting to the main motherboard, he carried a few of those. The outer shell was constructed of the toughest and most durable metal used for battlefield experience. At times his lower minions could see the bolts the held the sheet metal together. Clothed in a dark purple robe with red streaks at the bottom, mostly metallic armor built his body. His head, purple like the robe, was perched on top of the sharp shoulder blades. His eyes glowed of crimson red and his mouth grille flashed of light green whenever he spoke. The eyes grew darker as his anger heightened.

Evil Emperor Zurg spoke in a dangerous tone,

"Leave it be." He watched the Grub scurry away back to the computer scanners. Turning towards the exit, Zurg took one last look at the planet before making his decision. "Set our coarse back to Planet Z, and get every able-bodied robot ready for invasion! Today's the day we destroy Star Command and invade Capitol Planet!" he heard the cheers from his subjects and the scurrying of feet around him. Zurg looked back at the gem in the sky. She glistened as the morning cycle began to set in play. He smirked at the site. "Today, my darling, you will be mine."

The ship disappeared into hyperspace.

Space Ranger Mira Nova waited impatiently for the ship to arrive. Her father, King of her home world Tangea, and her cousin, a senator, were arriving on Capitol Planet for an emergency council for a political issue. Madame President had issued an emergency council, the political issue was unknown to Mira, but whatever it was it had to be important for her father to be getting involved.

The ship arrived in Star Command's Docking bay. She landed. Mira felt her body tremble with excitement to finally see her cousin, Senator Christine. They had not seen each other for the past year since Mira started training at the Star Command Galactic Academy. When the girls were in their youth, Mira and Christine Nova were so inseparable that the royal family joked of them passing as twins. Christine began to show interest in Foreign affairs around the age of 15 and was sent away for private schooling. It devasted Mira, even though they kept in contact through out their schooling years, holonet mail and personal visits are on two different space bridges. Completing her studies and landing a job in the Galactic Senate, Christine came back to Tangea and the two again were joined at the hip. Just like twins.

"Boy, I'm really excited to finally meet this cousin of yours, Mira. Nice to meet someone else from your family." Booster looked down at her. Mira turned her blue eyes to look at the friendly red giant almost squealing.

"I know, and I'm very excited to see her too!"

"So… what does she look like? Vicki Vortex?" XR interrupted trying to see if he could get some humor into the moment. The other Rangers both rolled their eyes at him. "What? Can't a robot dream?"

The door to the pilot ship finally slid open. Out from the steam mist came the figure of her father, King Nova. She ran to him arms extended out. He joyfully shouted her name and embraced his daughter. He and Mira shared the same skin and hair color. They truly were father and daughter.

"Mira," her father pinched his nose and fanned the air with his hand. "You smell of sweat and heroics… I wish you would.."

"I'm not leaving Star Command!" the Tangean princess grumbled loudly. Her temper just starting to flair, just a bit. "And I do not smell…"

A second figure emerged from the mists, but in a petite woman's form. Walking down the ramp, she dropped her bags and ran right into Mira's arms squealing. The two women hugged each other as though they had been separated for life. Duchess Christine Nova was a petite young woman who was in her early twenties, 24 being exact. She wore a black turtle-neck, a skirt down past her knees, black boots and a pearl ring around her finger. She had blue skin like the native Tangean, and her waist-length hair was a light chestnut brown. Christine had light blue eyes and she was only an inch smaller than Mira. After Christine graduated from her private schooling, she went on into politics and studied foreign affairs. She held a high position in the senate as being Tangea's senator and representative in the Galactic Alliance. Regular visits to Capitol Planet were common but today Christine was called down for a State of Emergency.

The third figure was Buzz Lightyear. Buzz was just the same Zurg-obssessed Buzz, nothing new.

"I'm so glad you're here!" Mira embraced Christine one more time. "I can't wait till you see the station! It's amazing up here just like I wrote in all the hololetters. Oh, do I smell…at all?" her voice decreased in volume at the mention of her body odor.

"Mira," Christine's voice saddened. "I can't stay long." Mira gave her cousin a puzzeling look. "Madame President called while we were landing. She stated every senator must be down in Capitol City right away. They called a State of Emergency. Something bad is happening, Mira." her cousin's blue eyes widened.

"How come Star Command wasn't notified?"

"Because we just received word of it now." An old soldier's voice broke through the conversation. Commander Nebula walked across the bridge to the group. "King Nova, Senator Nova." He bowed and addressed them. "You two will come with me down to Capitol City Hall to address this 'issue'. Buzz, I'm puttin' you in charge of Star Command while I'm gone."

"What? Why can't I go to this conference?" Buzz said to him in a childish manner.

"Strict orders, son. And because I said so!" the two Tangeans said there partings and left when Mira heard a voice inside her head say,

"Shall I give you the Sight to see the council?" Mira softly giggled to herself. Oh, that Christine was slick. Tangeans possessed a trait called the Mind Link or Sight, meaning the ability to communicate telepathically and connect to real time vision of the Tangean accepting the link. A notiable trait Tangeans possess along with their Ghosting powers. Ever since they were younglings in their playroom, they both learned to speak telepathically and give the other 'Sight' to see the other's world. The Sight would give Mira the chance to understand the meaning of the conference and see the events unfolding.

"Please and Thank you, Chrissy." Mira departed to a near by storage closet for privacy and began to meditate. The Sight would give her a clear vision onto what excatly was this State of Emergency.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please give me your undivided attention." The mallet slammed against the Samugun tree podium several times. "Now I have called this meeting as a State of Emergency. We have evidence to believe that Capitol Planet is in danger of a full scale invasion. The Culprit; Zurg." There were scattered hisses and some voices of alarm. "Now, people please!" Madame President slammed the mallet a few more times. "Zurg's ship was last seen near Capitol Planet at 14:00 hours, but it vanished with in a few minutes afterwards. On this evidence, we believe an attack is imident. Our spies over in that quadrant say something is brewing on Planet Z."

"That monster, always thinking of how to conquer the galaxy. It sickens me." Christine thought to herself. She suddenly remembered that Mira was sharing her mind with her.

"Hey, I think that's the only thing floatin' around in his head."

"I think that's why he's such an airhead." She retorted.


"We are putting all planets under the State of Emergency for their well being. If Zurg should strike, each planet will be notified and ready to defend. Commander Nebula," the President turned her attention along with the Senates' towards the old Ranger. "What is our line of defense?"

"If anything should happen," Commander Nebula looked back at the hundreds of eyes upon him. "Star Command will be ready to defend. I will have our best and our brightest readied and if the other star systems would like to contribute, that would bring the soldier rate higher. We need more able-bodies. The realization here is Zurg's army is all robotic beings. He can replace his fallen, and we can't. If it comes to it Cosmos forbid," the old Commander's voice seemed grim, "a draft might be issued in the Alliance's star systems." One senator, a green bug, stood from his seat and addressed the court,

"Why not sign a treaty with him?" there were murmurs through out the senate.

"Are you mad?" Christine felt her mouth move. "Doesn't he know what Zurg wants?" She stood up walking from her row down towards the man's seat. "Are you daft? Zurg would never sign a treaty! He'll trick us into something and it'll be in writing! Even if we can get him to sign a treaty, he'll find a way to bend the rules. He's not that stupid as he looks, barbaric as he is." There were some snickers floating through the air.

"And what if he agrees to sign a pact?" the Senator questioned back heatedly. "If he's not that stupid as he looks, he'd be smart enough to sign a peace treaty with half the galaxy's name on it."

"Look," Christine had ultimately dispised Slugs, espically ones who did not understand the mechanical monster loose in the cosmos. "On Tanegea there was a great pact between the Blue-bloods and the Brown-bloods many years ago. That pact states that no Blue-blood nor Brown-blood was to wander into the other's territory, and there was territory that was lost to both sides. If the Great Evil Emperor Zurg becomes smart enough to do something civilized and agrees to sign a pact, what do you all think he wants?" she waited for someone to answer. No one said anything, complete silence and attention. "The entire universe under his control! That's what he wants! Ruling an empire is his goal and he's doing it by galactic conquest." She turned towards Madame President and Commander Nebula. "Madame, Commander, if Zurg was to sign a pact, we could loose more than half of the universe. He already controls half of the galaxy, if he signs a treaty, he'll want the rest of it under his control. Believe me, I have dealt with him before."

"But since we sign it," the President thought aloud, "we get something in return."

"Oh, like what?" King Nova's voice boomed as he walked down towards the floor. "That he can have the entire universe under his control 4 days out of the solar week and he won't invade us for five months? My niece is right, a treaty won't solve anything."

"But action will." Christine looked back at her uncle. She turned back to address the two major political figures. "Commander Nebula, I think you are right to have Star Command on alert, and I also agree with you that we need more men if Capitol Planet is invaded."

"You think? You're just a Tangean and Tangeans don't fight." one senator remarked. The creature was a green, snot alien who seemed to have a cold. Christine froze, her whole body stiffened. She turned sharply to look at the Phlegian senator. He did not seem alarmed. She took long strides until she approached him, face to face.

"I would fight. I would give my life to save my planet, wouldn't you? Senator Phlegmex?" She walked away from him to return to the floor. A small smile spread across her lips at her little victory.

"So, it's settled then. Commander Nebula will have Star Command's finest at hand, and the other planets will have to be in a State of Emergency, along with some space rangers at their side." Madame President stated her decision. With a smirk, she added, "And any senator who wants to join in." Christine felt herself beam. Her uncle put an arm around her.

"I'm proud of you for standing up for Tangea."

"Oh yes, very proud… But it's too bad that you won't be able to live to see it done." a low mechanical voice spoke. Everyone in the senate went silent. Christine felt her blood freeze. She knew that voice, that terrible mechanical voice. There was only one man who carried that tone; "Zurg." She turned to see him standing in the doorway, a hundred hornets behind him. Taking a few steps, Evil Emperor Zurg entered the great hall with the army blocking all exits. Most of the senators backed away, all of them except for Christine. She was afraid. She was deathly afraid of him, but she would not show it, not to him. She kept her feet as the dark emperor glided towards her. "Ah, Senator Nova, simple, stubborn Senator Nova," Zurg's hand clasped around Christine's chin and tilt it towards him. His glowing crimson eyes gazed mockingly into her blue ones. "You know me all too well." She wiggled her way from his grasp, the cold feeling seeping into her skin.

"Don't touch me, Zurg." Her reply to him was bitter.

"It's Evil Emperor Zurg to you, Senator." He lowered his face until he was eye level with Christine. "Don't you remember?" his tone was dark. Christine felt fear seize her body. Oh, she remembered. Their first meeting was when Zurg tried to take over Tangea. He held her hostage for two hours while he invaded the planet. He used her as bait for the planet's surrender. The only thing that stopped Zurg was Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and Mira coming to the rescue. Anger stared to bubble.

"I'm surprised that you have the gaul to show your face in public, Zurg. Ugly that it is." She mocked at him. He straightened himself up, an annoyed expression on his face. Was she always this childish in mocking games? And trying to be the female hero? Oh this was going to burn his toast.

"I grow tired of playing your childish games and your feministic heroic tactics. It annoys me." He gestured to one of the hornets. It crept up behind Christine and locked its arms around her body. She tried to 'ghost' through, failed. "Oh no! I'm captured!" Zurg's hand gestured for the hornet to extend its arms so Christine was again at eye level. A victorious smirk spread across the iron emperor's mouth grille as he watched Christine struggle."Try to 'ghost' through that… Duchess…"

Mira sat bolted up in bed. Sweat trickling down her brow. White hot fear swept through her entire body at the realization of what just occured. The City Hall was in trouble! Capitol Planet was in trouble! Christine was in trouble! Her father was in trouble! Dashing out of the room she ran towards the main control room, hoping to find Buzz. He stood there looking at some reports.

"The Senate's in trouble!" she blurted out. Buzz turned to look at her a blank confusing stare gazing back at her. "Buzz, Zurg's down there in Capitol City! He's got everything locked down! He even has the President!" Buzz stared at her with disbelief, the thought of calling for an appointment with Dr. Animus crossed his mind.

"Look, Mira, I know you want to go down there and find out what the meeting's all about. But I have strict orders from Commander Nebula not to interfere."

"But, Buzz!"

"No, rookie," he slammed the papers down on the table, "you cannot go down there. And besides, we haven't detected Zurg's space craft at all. And my Zurg senses haven't been tingling!" She grew frustrated.

"Buzz, Christine and I, we have this Tangean Mind link, we can both look through the other's eye and see the visions and events play out at the exact time. She let me into her mind to figure out the meaning of the conference, and all it was about was Zurg doing a full-scale invasion. I saw it through her eyes as it happened. Zurg snuck through and is now holding the senators hostage. He's there, I saw it with my own eyes, through the vision!" she was shouting at this point. Buzz still looked unconvinced. "Call the damn Senate if you want proof! You know Zurg will have a brain pod or two answering the phone lines!" She shoved her comlink into his hands. Buzz, fuming, dialed the number for the Senate.

"You better hope this works, Mira, otherwise this will be on my…"

"Yes?" A small raspy yet playful voice answered.

"This is Buzz Lightyear, I… Commander Nebula has an important phone call to answer immediately." Buzz said making it up as we went. "It's very urgent, It's about the Bucket head."

"Our Evil Emperor is NOT a Bucket head!" the little grub on the other line shouted. Buzz's eyes widened. "Umm…." The grub continued, "I mean… Don't tell him that I blew his cover… I don't like the Bubble of Torment chamber…" Buzz hung up the connection, tossing the comlink back to Mira.

"Get every Space Ranger on Star Command ready for battle stations! Get them all to Capitol City's Great City Hall! On the double!"

Team Lightyear raced towards ship 42.