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- - - - -

Gabriella saw Troy come in and Aundrea pull the other girls into Sharpay's room. She didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to do, heck she just sat there, looking at Sharpay's door, like she was waiting for the girls to come out, soon.

"Hey." Troy said walking towards her, with his hands in his front pocket.

"Hi." Gabriella said slowly looking back at him, like he would kill her or something.

"Can we talk?"

"Umm, I guess." Gabriella said slowly, not wanting to know what is going to happen next.

- - - - -

"Whats up Drea?" Taylor asked once the door was close.

"Troy wants Gabi back." Aundrea said trying to listen through the door.

"What?" The three girls yelled at once.

"Shh!" Aundrea scolded, "And yeah, he came to me today, and said that he wants Gabriella back, and that he still loves her."

"Aww!" Christine cooed.

"Whats going on?" Sharpay asked putting her ear to the door, like Aundrea, with the rest of the girls following.

- - - - -

When Troy didn't say anything, Aundrea started getting nervous, he knew what he was going to say, and do, then why wasn't he doing it?

"You said you wanted to talk," Gabriella started snapping Troy of his thoughts, "so talk."

"Oh, umm," Troy started looking around, "you moving?" Troy said getting up and walking over the the boxes.

Gabriella tilted her head back and sighed before walking to where he was.

"No, just cleaning up." Gabriella said putting her hands in her back pocket.

"Funny, they look like all the things I gave you." Troy said picking up a teddy bear.

"Well, time to move on." Gabriella whispered, but loud enough for Troy to hear.

"Well your forgetting something."

"Yeah? Whats that?"

"Your necklace." Troy said looking at the dangling thing on her neck.

"Fine." Gabriella said, took if off and put it in Troy's hands (A/N: You know in movies, you put it in their hands, and close it for them? That, lol) and walking into her room.

Once Troy heard Gabriella's door closed he heard another on open behind him, and braced himself for what was about to happen.

"What happened?" Aundrea said walking to where Gabriella was standing before.

All Troy did was put his closed fist over Aundrea's opened hand, and dropped the necklace.

"Oh no she didn't." Aundrea exclaimed.

"Oh yes she did." Troy mocked her.

"Troy, now is not the time to be joking around." Aundrea said, giving him 'the' look for the second time that day.

"Okay sorry."

- - - - -

Gabriella closed her door, and fell on her bed, and well, cried. She put on her radio, and Chris Brown's song Run It came on. She decided to listen to it, since it was pointless to listen to love songs at a time like this. She changed her mine, she wasn't going to stay in her room and just cry. So she got up, washed her face, and went into her walk-in closet, and came out in a silk like black halter top, denim skirt, and her Oriel Guess shoes her mom gave her for her birthday in hand. She went over to her full size mirror, and sat on the floor and started turning her hair from curly to straight. Once she was done with that, she put a fair amount of black eye-liner, and had smokey eye shadow on. She got up, and changed into her outfit, put on her lip gloss, and put on her sliver hoops and bangles. She made sure she got her purse, cell phone and sunglasses, which she put on top of her head, and headed out of her room, and almost out the door when Aundrea had to stop her.

"You better not be going to a club without me." Aundrea said, who knew a short asain girl liked to party this much. (A/N: Well my family is like known for that! Haha.)

"Well then, hurry up! I need to get a drink." Gabriella said walking back.

"Okay, come to my dorm with me then, Chris you coming?" Aundrea said linking arms with Gabriella.

"Umm, sure." Christine slowly said, because its like Aundrea forgot that Troy was still in the room.

"How about you girls?" Aundrea asked Taylor and Sharpay.

"Okay." They said and headed into their room.

Gabriella, Aundrea, and Christine headed out the door when Aundrea said she forgot her sunglasses, and went back in.

"Listen, meet us there, and come with the guys alright?" Aundrea whispered to Troy giving him the necklace.

Troy nodded and started making his way to the door.

"Wait until at lease two minutes until we leave." Aundrea said walking pass him.

- - - - -

Just as told, Troy waited and walked out and back to his dorm. When he got there all the guys were there talking about, who knows. He just passed them and back into his room, and forgot to close the front door, so he went back out to close that.

"We're going to the club tonight." Troy said passing him again.

"Well, okay then." Kevin said getting up and walking back to his dorm, with Ben following.

When Kevin and Ben left, Chad and Mark went into Troy's room, to find a shirt flying at them.

"What the hell? This isn't the first time your going to Club Ice, you know you don't have to dress all nice." Chad said.

"Yeah, yeah, what do you want?" Troy said picking a white tall-tee shirt, baggy jeans and white air force.

"Why did Drea come in like a billion times today?" Mark asked.

"We needed to talk."

"What, you guys going out or something?" Chad asked, which earned a shirt thrown at him.

"Shut up." Troy laughed, and told them to get out so he could change.

- - - - -

"How about this?" Aundrea asked holding up a short red, silk like dress that had a belt little above her wasit, and three quarter sleeves, denim skirt, and red heels.

"It looks great now come on." Gabriella said sitting down on her bed, while Christine was still picking out what to wear.

"Hey, Chris still hasn't found an outfit so, go bug her." Aundrea said pushing her out of her room.

"Chris im coming in!" Gabriella said walking across the apartment, and to Christine's room.

"Oh hey." Christine said walking out of her closet.

"Need help?"

"Sure." Gabriella said going into Christine's closet, and coming out with a baby blue, baby doll halter dress, dark jeans,and black 'Isis' sandals. "Here."

Christine grabbed her outfit and changed while Gabriella went to check on Aundrea.

- - - - -

"Come on, lets go!" Gabriella yelled, when Taylor and Sharpay came in about half an hour.

Taylor in faded jeans, a black tank, and black pumps. Sharpay in a denim skirt, red tube top, and red heels.

"Alright, alright, chill." Christine said coming out of her room.

The girls all got into Gabriella's black BMW, Gabriella driving, Aundrea in the front, and Christine, Sharpay and Taylor in the back.

"Turn on the radio!" Christine yelled from the back.

"Wait, 'til she starts the car!" Aundrea, Sharpay and Taylor yelled in unison.

"Okay, sorry."

Gabriella let out a small laugh, started the car, and for Christine, turned on the radio.

"What station?"

"102.7 Da Bomd!" Christine yelled.

"What she said." Aundrea said turning to that station.

- - - - -

Once they got there, they got out of the car, and walked over to the door, to find the guys already standing there.

"Hey." The guys said, hugging and, or kissing their girlfriends.

For about only two hours, they danced, drank, and had a good time. Gabriella danced with mostly every single guy there, with Taylor and Aundrea close by, that is. At the end of two hours, they all met outside.

"That was so much fun!" Gabriella yelled, who sounded little tipsy.

"Umm, how much did you drink?" Ben asked.

"What are you talking about? I didn't drink anything."


"Okay, I only had five, give me a break, the guy I love, left me, and now hes acting all nice to me. So Im allowed to drink, okay?" Gabriella said.

"Umm, okay?" Kevin said, looking at the girls for an answer.

"Hey don't look at us, it was her idea to come here." Aundrea said putting her hands up.

"Do you really expect us to believe, wait, did she say love?" Chad asked pointing to Gabriella.

"Yeah." The girls said softly.

"Oh, well im lost." Mark said.

"Your always lost." Sharpay commented.

"Hey, lets go, im tired. Off to the car!" Gabriella said marching to the car.

"Shes not driving." Chad said.

"Yeah, we know." Taylor said, going after her.

"Shes not really drunk." Troy said for the first time since they got out.

"Huh?" Mark asked.

"Shes not really drunk." Troy repeated.

"How do you know i'm not really drunk? You don't know me." Gabriella said walking back.

"You wanna know, how I know?" Troy asked, Gabriella nodded.

"You don't stay awake, once you get drunk you pass out." Troy said.

"Oh yeah, give me an example." Gabriella challenged.

"Chad's party, you had about six shots, you passed out, in the trunk of his truck. Your 21st birthday, you drank, passed out on the way back to your dorm. On.." Troy said, but got cut off.

"I said one." Gabriella said, sounding pissed off.

"So your really not drunk?" Chad asked.

"No, i'm not! Are you crazy? When have I ever did that when i'm drunk? I'm not drunk okay? All the things I said, I meant! You happy? Now LET'S GO!." Gabriella yelled, walking back to her car, but felt a grip on her arm, with looking at who it was she said, "Let go Troy."

"Not until we talk."

"Talk about what?" Gabriella said turning about to look at him.


"What 'us'? There is no 'us.' Your the one that broke up with me, remember." Gabriella said, trying to jog his memory.

"I remember."

"Didn't think you would."

"Little harsh don't you think." Troy said.

"A little? Yeah, enough? Nope."

"You have to talk to me sometime."

"No I don't." Gabriella said with her little attitude.

"Yes you do." Troy said.



- - - - -

"What are they fighting about?" Mark asked still standing on the sidewalk.

"Who knows." The girls wispered.

- - - - -

"Yes you do."

"No, I don't."

"Ye- this is so stupid! Why are we doing this?"

"I don't know." Gabriella said.

Silence came over them.

"You said you wanted to talk, so, talk." Gabriella said, for the second time that day.

" I know you think I don't care about you.." Troy started.

"Now why would I think that?" Gabriella asked coldly.

"Anyways, I care about you a lot, and your right, I did just go with Jessika for her looks, and I know that was stupid. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. Just give me another try, give us another try."

"What 'us'? There is no 'us.'" Gabriella said wiping a tear.

"There can be." Troy said putting her necklace around her neck, "So, are you willing to give it a try?"

"I guess." Gabriella said with no emotion at all.


"Okay, okay." Gabriella said smiling, and giving him a quick kiss.

- - - - -

"Whoa, is it just me, or is Gabriella kissing Troy." Ben asked.

"Ben don't be stupid, she would never...Oh, my, god. She is!" Christine yelled.

- - - - -

"Is that a yes?" Troy asked.

"I don't know," Gabriella said turing to the group and yelled, "Is that a yes?"

After about two seconds later you hear Aundrea, Taylor, Christine, and Sharpay yell, "DUH!"

Gabriella and Troy laughed, and kissed again.

"Its a yes, but don't mess up this time." Gabriella warned.

"I won't, don't worry." Troy said and kissed her back while twirling her around.

- - - - -

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