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It's a small world after all

Albus Dumbledore sat in the staff room preparing for the end of the year meeting with his heads of houses. Professor Pomonia Sprout glanced up from her magical gardening magazine. Minerva McGonagall and Fillius Flitwick were having a heated debate about a new article in Charms Today, as Severus Snape sulked in a chair by the fire. Dumbledore popped the last lemon drop from the box in his mouth and immediately pulled out a brand new box. That man was going to turn into a lemon drop one of these days.

"Does anyone have any new developments we need to discuss?" Dumbledore asked, as he opened the new box.

"Yes, Albus," replied Minerva, "I believe we need to talk about the appointment of Head Boy and Girl for next year. I wish to nominate Hermione Granger; I believe she would be PERFECT for head..." she paused as she noticed his attention was focused on the box in his lap... "Albus?"

Dumbledore had opened his new box of "Lemoniest-Lemony-Lemon Drops" to find a large "YOU WON!" paper fall into his lap. He turned it over and furrowed his eyebrows, "Well I'll be! I just won a trip for eight to a place called 'Walt Disney World' -they say it is the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

"Albus, what ARE you going on about?" Asked Minerva.

"I'm not sure, Minerva... but it says I must phone this number immediately... Oh dear! Where will I find a phone?" Albus wondered aloud. Severus rolled his eyes.

"Albus... the Head boy and girl position..." Reminded Minerva.

Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Yes, yes... I believe Ms. Granger will do, and to balance out having a Gryffindor, we'll appoint Mr. Malfoy as our Headboy. Yes, that will do nicely. We shall need them here by Sunday to help put things in motion for next year. Ah, well if there's no important business, I suppose I will go seek out our dear Muggle Studies professor to find out more about this World I won a trip to," he said as he popped three more lemon drops into his mouth. "I'll bet this place is Lemon-drop Heaven!"

"Blasted old fool," said McGonagall as she stood up and stalked out behind him.

"Well, so wraps up another year, Severus," said Fillius. "Pomonia and I are off to Aruba for a wonderful, long break. Have a nice summer," he continued as, Sprout nodded. They stepped into the fireplace and in a flash, they were gone.

Severus retreated back to his dank, dark dungeons, happy to be rid of annoying students and overly happy staff. He pulled out some of his research and began working. Yes, he loved the summer. It was peaceful and he could work in his lab undisturbed and unharassed.

Hermione was happy to be home. She had no big plans for the summer and that was fine with her. She just wanted a nice, relaxing summer to do research and read her books for next year's classes, perhaps a trip to Diagon Alley later in the summer to see her friends. She knew Harry was stuck at the Dursely's for a few weeks and she could just picture Ron and Ginny at the Burrow playing Quidditch under the watchful eye of Mrs. Weasely. She sat down in her favorite chair and started reading her potions book for next year. Yes, this was going to be a wonderful summer.

Back at Hogwarts, Severus Snape glanced at his pocket watch and decided it was time to make his way to the Great Hall for dinner. The head table had been transfigured into a small table for the few professors who remained. Dumbledore and McGonagall were already sipping their pumpkin juice, waiting for the meal to be served. He took one look at Dumbledore's big goofy grin and shuddered. This was not a good sign.

"Severus, my boy! Glad to see you out of those dungeons. You really need a bit of sun this summer," Said Dumbledore. Severus growled in reply, but Dumbledore ignored him. "Wonderful news!" He continued, "I DID, indeed, win a trip for myself and seven others to fly on an air-a-plane to the United States! WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD - Don't look at me like that!" He said, responding to the sneer that was now plastered to Severus's face. "You ARE going. It is NOT an option and you WILL have fun. Really Severus, you must learn to relax, my boy. I know I work you hard and expect many things out of you, but Summer is time to unwind and destress."

"Who else has been... blessed... with this... opportunity?" Sneered Snape.

"You, Minerva, and I will be going. As most of our other faculty have left for the summer, I believe we will incorporate a few of our students who could use a bit of distraction. Yes, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for a few students to partake in this educational adventure- with the approaching war I'm sure the escape would be most welcomed." He said.

If Dumbledore expected him to go to a place the muggle's deemed the "Happiest Place on Earth" with the golden trio, he really must have overdosed on those lemon drops this morning. No. He would put his foot down. He did not WANT to go to the States. He did not WANT to spend two weeks of his summer with the children he so desperately awaited for his summers away from. He wasn't going and no one could make him. He would rather spend two weeks at the Dark Lord's feet being crucio'ed to death.

"Shouldn't someone stay here and take care of the castle?" Asked Snape, hopefully.

"Madam Pomfrey will stay, she has committed to working at St. Mungo's this summer. Professor Trelawney will stay in her tower, unless you would rather have her accompany us," Dumbledore said smiling. Snape choked on his pumpkin juice and shook his head vehemently," ...and Hagrid will stay. He wishes to teach Grawp table manners this summer and I rather think he would stick out among the muggles."

"Oh Albus- a FIELD TRIP," Exclaimed McGonagall, "How fun! And the students can bond... they never seemed to accept little Mr. Malfoy, even after he took the Unbreakable Vow to help bring down the dark lord."

Severus couldn't help it, he choked on his pumpkin juice yet again; this time a bit came out of his nose. He grabbed his napkin and wondered how in the world McGonagall came up with the idea that Draco Malfoy would want to spend two weeks of his summer frolicking around with a load of Gryffindors. Oh this was going to end bad.

"Lucius would NEVER allow his son to step foot in a place crawling with muggles." Snape spat.

"Since Draco is Head Boy, he must come to the castle to help us out this summer. All of the past head boys and girls have dedicated their summers to helping us prepare for the next year. His family knows this is expected and required. Besides, his parents are in Aruba." Said Dumbledore with his blue eyes twinkling.

Snape sunk down in his chair as he listened to Dumbledore and McGonagall go over the growing list of people who would accompany them on their trip. Granger and Malfoy, as Head girl and boy, were first on the list. Potter and the Weasel were, of course, right up there. If you have the Weasel, you have to take his sister.

Severus slammed his head on the table repeatedly with loud thuds. Not... happening... not... happening...

"Oh honestly, Severus, you are so dramatic," Mocked McGonnagal.

He gave her his most evil stare in reply. Oh yes. There would be revenge for this. She wouldn't know where, she wouldn't know when, but there was something dreadful ahead with her name on it. Payback would certainly be... bugger- he was late to add lacewings to his potions. He shoved his chair back and stalked out of the Great Hall, robes billowing behind him.

Dear Ms. Granger:

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected Head Girl. As you know, there are many responsibilities that come with this honour. In that respect, we ask the Head Girl and Boy to spend the summer at Hogwarts to help in preparations for the upcoming school year. Someone will collect you from your home on Sunday at exactly 11:15 am.

Thank you-Minerva McGonagall

Hermione was so excited! She lived for this moment. She held the best marks and met all of the requirements necessary to hold this prized position. She did not realize this meant going back to school so soon; but she knew her parents would understand. She quickly wrote a note to Harry and one to Ron to share the wonderful news, then she took to gathering her things for summer and for the school year. She had a sinking feeling Draco Malfoy was selected Head Boy, he was also a prime candidate. Spending an entire summer at the castle with him was NOT her idea of fun, but she would cross that bridge when it came. For now, she was quiet content.

As if his luck couldn't get any worst, the headmaster had requested that he, Severus Snape, bat of the dungeons, fetch the Head Girl and Boy from their homes on Sunday. After a right tantrum, Dumbledore informed him that Minerva was going to fetch the Weaselys for the trip and he would see to Potter, unless Snape wanted to switch with one of them. He quickly agreed- after all, he would much rather his godson and the Know-It-All over the other bloody mess of them.

So Sunday morning, after he fetched Draco from Malfoy Manor, he found himself knocking on the front door of a large muggle home. Large indeed. The place was a mansion. He remembered that her parents were both something called dentists, and whatever that was, it was certainly profitable.

A short woman answered the door wearing a black dress and apron. "Hello. May I help you?" She inquired.

"Mrs. Granger, I presume." He gave a slight bow.

"Oh no. I'm the maid; please do come in. I will fetch her for you." She made haste to a box on the wall as he realized that muggles use people instead of house elves... S.P.E.W. indeed! At least they didn't use other humans to wait on them! "Mrs. Granger, the professor is here for "Mione."

"I'll send her right down," said the box.

Severus took a minute to look around. Most of his experiences in muggle homes were affiliated with death eater activities and were, therefore, less than honourable. Rarely did he have a chance to just look around.

The reception hall was quite grand with shiny marble floors, a chandelier, and a winding staircase. There was a large painted portrait of a little girl in an off-white dress with a white collar and a white rose in her hand; he supposed it was Hermione Granger at age four or five. The house made the Malfoy manner look old and dilapidated.

The maid signaled for him to follow her into the living room and offered him a seat on the sofa, as a tall, thin, beautiful woman entered from a door on the other side of the room. She was exquisite. Her brown hair was softly curled, her honey coloured eyes sparkled, her posture was perfect, her clothes were obviously expensive and her smile was radiant.

"Professor Snape! I'm Ana Granger." She greeted him with an outstretched hand, warm and friendly. "Please, do sit down. Hermione will be down momentarily."

He caught a glimpse of his student as she made her way down the winding staircase in the hall. She had certainly changed in the week she had been gone. She look well rested, her hair was in soft curls, much longer than her mother's, with a matching smile. She wore a green skirt with a matching top and jewelry. She looked quite pulled together, though Severus Snape was never one to give a compliment to a Gryffindor.

"Hello professor. Thank you for coming to get me, I'm sorry for any inconvenience," she said. He held in a snort.

"'Mione, are you sure you have everything, darling?" Her mother asked.

"Yes mum," her daughter replied (for what sounded like the hundredth time).

"Professor Snape, my husband should be here shortly, he had an emergency this morning at the office. A patient who had her wisdom teeth out... Just some dry sockets but they needed to be tended to immediately. I would really like Hermione to have the opportunity to say goodbye to her father. We did not get to spend much time together this summer." said.

He wanted to bash his head against the marble fireplace. NO, it wasn't ok! He had potions to brew!

"Of course." He replied politely. Yes, few realized it, but he did come from a comfortable upbringing, trained with manners and as much as he hated being there, he was thankful to whatever gods were listening that he was not stuck at the Weasely's house being force fed by Molly.

"Why don't we move to the den, it is much more comfortable and we can have some tea." Mrs. Granger suggested.

He followed the two Grangers through another hall and into a tremendous comfortable room. The entire back wall was windowed and looked out onto a porch and landscaped backyard that contained a large pool and some sort of strange apparatus that he could not quite figure out.

Hermione saw him looking at the strange contraption, "Oh, that's my trampoline. I use it to practice tumbling and jumps."

"Our 'Mione was a junior Olympic gymnast," her mother said proudly. As she popped in a video and turned on the tellie.

"Mum!" She exclaimed, redness coming to her cheeks. "He doesn't want to see that!"

Mrs. Granger, apparently proud of her daughter, showed him a quick glimpse of the video that contained Hermione on the Parallel Bars. He was amazed- though he never let onto it. How could ANYONE do that with their bodies without magic!

Mrs. Granger left to fix tea as Severus walked around the large den admiring the decor. Photos of Hermione were everywhere. There was a photo of her when she was quite small, smiling with a hole in her mouth and holding a tooth in her hand. There was one of her older, standing on a podium with three medals hung around her neck and flowers in her arms. There was even one with her in a short skirt and top standing on other people's hands. Very strange.

Mrs. Granger returned with the tea just as the front door shut.

"Daddy!" Exclaimed Hermione. "I was so worried you would not make it in time," She squealed.

"Princess! I know, I had to treat Sophie Wilde's dry sockets. I tried to hurry but you know how that goes," He said, as Severus wondered what the heck dry sockets were and how one treats them.

"Are you all packed? Do you have everything?" He asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, Daddy," she said.

"Professor!" The man said, turning to Severus. "Pleasure to meet you, Alan Granger, Hermione has told us so much about you. Potions is her favorite class!" They turned to Hermione to see her turn three shades of red. He was quite surprised to find that the girl spoke of him in a positive manner to her family.

"Da-ad," she said.

"What, princess? I'm sure he knew that already," he looked back at Severus, "she has an impressive collection of potions books in her room and begged us to build her a small lab the summer after her first year of school. She got special permission through the Minister of Magic, thanks to her friend Ron's father. Couldn't keep her hands off of a cauldron after that. Why don't you show him your lab, princess?" He asked.

"He doesn't want to see that," she replied. "I need some help getting all of my things, though, sir. I can't shrink them since I'm not yet of age, can you please help me?"

He nodded, curious to take a peek at her lab, but he wouldn't admit to it. She led him up a back staircase down a hall with wooden floors and up yet another staircase to the third floor. She opened the double white doors and led him into a large soft sage green room with wooden floors and large gabled windows. To the left was a set of wooden stairs that led to a small loft-like landing.

"That's my study," she said pointing to the second floor landing that overlooked the room. Underneath the landing was a large shelf packed with books. This room looked like a sitting room. A window seat was decorated with fluffy pillows and on either side were shelves holding more books. There were several cream colored chairs and a chaise lounge near the fireplace. The room was cozy but not frilly. She led him through the door on the right into her bedroom. A large queen-sized four-poster bed with a dark sage striped silk comforter was the focus of the room. In the middle of the large room was a tremendous pile of luggage, a large trunk, and several boxes of books. He lifted an eyebrow and looked at her.

She shrugged and said, "I know. I am not a light traveler."

He took out his wand and shrunk the large pile. Together they stuffed her belongings into their pockets. She took one last look around her room and led him back to the sitting room.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" She said as she wandered over to the bookcase under her "study."

She pulled out a book Potions of the Past and the bookcase swung open- the girl had her own private secret passage! 'That must be her lab,' he thought to himself as he peeked in. He was shocked. The room was large and seemed to have several stations and a plethora of supplies. He was amazed, if not a bit jealous- even he didn't have anything like that when he was growing up. Many magical kids get a potions set for their birthday or Christmas, he was fortunate to get several. But this... this was extravagant! She picked up some bottles off of a shelf, wrapped them carefully and stuck them in her pockets.

"A few experiments I've been working on." She said at his questioning glance. "And a bit of hair potion I invented," she admitted.

She looked at him and sighed. "Well I certainly can't take THIS with me," she motioned to a bubbling cauldron. "Can you clear it away for me, please? I don't want to delay our departure any further with having to scrub my the cauldron."

With a wave of his wand, it was gone. She flinched and grimaced. He pretended not to notice.

As they made their way back down the stairs she said, "Thank you for being so patient, I know this is not how you wanted to spend your Sunday, fetching me and being stuck here for nearly an hour; But it really meant a lot to be able to say 'good bye' to my father."

He merely nodded. He would have much preferred spending his day in his own sitting room reading from his books, but the day did bring several surprises and he realized that it could have been worst.

With hugs and handshakes for her parents, he took hold of her arm and in a snap they were gone.