Harry Potter and the Unexpected Guest

Chapter 1

Harry climbed slowly into his bed. Pain wracked his entire body from the days work. Uncle Vernon made him sweep up all the autumn leaves in the front garden and then as well as that empty the rubbish cans and clean the garage. That wouldn't have been so much if he hadn't suggested to the local community Council that he do that for all of Privet Drive. Now every Tuesday for all summer and part of August he would be doing that. Only one more month thought Harry. One more month and I'm back too school. He sighed as the feeling of hunger growled in his chest like a tiger. Uncle Vernon had also imposed the rule that unless he finished the work within eating hours,he would have to live without food every Tuesday evening. He thought longingly about the lovely cakes and sweets his friends sent him every month but unfortunatly Harry had already scoffed those too and was hoping his friends would be inspired to send him more.

" Harry? Harry can you hear me?"

" Oh great " muttered Harry. " My stomach is talking to me. Sorry but there's nothing I can do. I must be going mad."

" You're not going mad you idiot. Now turn on this light."

Harry jumped up from his bed and yelled.

" Who's there?" He rushed over to the wall and fumbled around looking for a light switch/ Turning it on he glanced around but the room was empty.

" Jesus " he sighed and for a fleeting second felt disappointed there had been no one there.

Suddenly there was a loud crack and a girl appeared.

" Hermione " cried Harry. " But you were... I heard your..."

" Sorry Harry. I was only kidding you... I just disappeared as a joke."

" But I didn't hear you come in..."

" I apparated into your living room."

" Did anyone hear you?"

" I hope not... I was as quiet as I could be..."

" Well it's...er...ah...really great seeing you here and all... but why are...?"

" Why am I here? " said Hermione.

" Ah...yeah."

" I wanted to see how you were after..."

" After Cedric died " finished Harry.

Hermione shuffled her feet uncomfortably. " It's been a few weeks now."

" I didn't know the guy personally Hermione. Cho did...so maybe..."

" Harry I'm not Cho Changs best friend ... I came here to see how you were."

" I bet everyone's talking now Hermione..."

" Well yes... the fact is seeing you come out of the maze clutching...him. It was horrifying Harry."

" Yeah well I'm so sorry that everyone had to see that... maybe I should have just left his body there and let Voldemort laugh over it."

" Thats not what I meant Harry... I meant..."

" Look I know what you meant Hermione and I'm grateful for your help but for once... I just dont feel like discussing it."

Hermione nodded and looked slightly hurt.

" You better go back home... if my Uncle..."

" AHA " the door flung open and a huge figure blocked the door. Dudley gave a devilish grin.

" You're in for it now Potter. Bringing ahem "friends" into your room at night. Your going to be murdered when Mum and Dad find out."

" Dudley no..." cried Harry lunging for the door.

" Hermione you have to leave " cried Harry. " If my ..."

" Harry I cant leave you alone with them... not now."

" Dont be stupid..."

The door busrt open and Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia appeared looking livid.

" What the blazes do you think you are doing Potter? And who are you? ANSWER ME!"

Harry looked towards the window and a brillant idea filled his mind. The rain and wind pelted against the window

" I said answer me " bellowed Uncle Vernon.

Hermione quivered.

" Uncle Vernon " cried Harry. " This is my friend Hermione Granger. She got caught out in that awful storm we are having... she contacted me saying she was lost and needed help. When I doscovered where she was... I realised I was very close and I...ah... I brought her inside here because it was so awful outside."

Aunt Petunia looked questioningly at her husband. " But she is perfectly dry... it;s raining buckets of water out there."

" Aunt Petunia Hermione is a ...from my world."

Petunia froze.

" But her parents are muggles... just like you " said Harry. " They have no magic...Hermione used her powers to clean herself up."

Hermione nodded and said a meek hello to the Dursleys.

" I suppose you'll be wanting a bed then?" said Petunia.

" What?" cried Uncle Dursley to his wife.

" Vernon do you realise how riddiculous to the neighbours we would look if we turned a young girl out on the street in the middle of the night?"

" But Petunia."

" Just one night Vernon and then we can rid ourselves of her and if we are lucky " Petunia lowered her voice " of him too."

" Very well then " said Vernon. " You can stay for one night. Dudley's old room should do the trick."

" Second old room " corrected Dudley.

Hermione gave Harry a scathing look as she was led out by the Dursleys. Harry followed but was stopped at the door by Vernon.

" She's my friend " cried Harry.

Hermione looked over her shoulder and gave Harry a I'm okay look before the door was slammed shut.

Harry lay back on his bed but couldn't sleep. Knowing that Hermione was only a few paces away but could be under any form of torture was enough to keep him awake the whole night.